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Towers of Midnight

The world unravels in the final days before Tarmon Gai'don. Mat and Perrin must align their followers, and fulfil their destinies.

Summary of Towers of Midnight

Novel written by

Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

Book summary by Joan Albright. Edited by Angela Carter.

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Towers of Midnight: Summary

Lan rides toward Malkier, bound by his oath to Nynaeve to allow anyone who asks to march with him. Galad is arrested by Questioner Asunawa, then freed by several Lord Captains loyal to him. An army of Trollocs spills out of the Blight.

Rand comes down from Dragonmount, changed. His presence makes trees bloom and bear fruit, and unveils Darkfriends. He visits Egwene and announces his intention to break the last of the seals at the Field of Merrilor; Egwene believes he has gone mad, and summons armies with the intent to stop him.

Egwene and Gawyn butt heads over Seanchan assassins and Mesaana’s suspected presence in Tar Valon. Graendal, having escaped Natrin’s Barrow by sacrificing Aran’gar, is rebuked, then tasked with killing Perrin.

Mat has arrived in Caemlyn, but has difficulty reaching Elayne. He fights the gholam and drives it off temporarily. Finally Elayne grants Mat an audience, and convinces him to let her study his foxhead ter’angreal in exchange for help with Aludra’s dragons. Birgitte provides Mat with clues he needs to rescue Moiraine from the Tower of Ghenjei.

Perrin begins training with Hopper in Tel’aran’rhiod; they discover a strange wall around the camp and play cat and mouse with Slayer. Nynaeve heals madness, passes her test for the shawl, and takes Lan’s bond from Myrelle.

Elayne attempts to trick her Black Ajah prisoners into revealing their secrets, but is interrupted by a rescue attempt and injured. Rand apologizes to his friends in Tear, restores order to Bandar Eban, and arrives in Maradon in time to help Bashere and Ituralde turn back the wave of Trollocs. King Alsalam is found alive.

Perrin’s army is forced into a confrontation with Galad’s Whitecloaks. Morgase’s true identity is revealed; she vouches for Perrin and is appointed to judge between him and Bornhald, who believes Perrin killed his father. Perrin and Hopper discover the dreamspike which is preventing them from Traveling, and battle Slayer.

Aludra demonstrates her completed dragons for Elayne. Mat finally dispatches the gholam with the help of Elayne’s copied medallions and a gateway. Gawyn visits Elayne and is convinced that Rand did not kill Morgase.

Morgase finds Perrin guilty of manslaughter but innocent of killing Bornhald’s father. Galad agrees to hold off sentencing until after the Last Battle. In Tel’aran’rhiod, Perrin and Hopper steal the dreamspike and are pursued by Slayer. They end up in the reflection of Tar Valon just as Egwene faces Mesaana and the Black Ajah there. The dreamspike is destroyed, Hopper is killed, and Egwene shatters Mesaana’s mind in a battle of wills.

Egwene wakes to find Gawyn nearly dead at her bedside, surrounded by dead Seanchan assassins. Egwene bonds Gawyn as her Warder.

Perrin learns not to fear the wolf inside him when he reunites with Noam, the feral wolfbrother. He crafts a new hammer with the help of his Asha’man and Wise Ones, then rescues Galad’s army from a Trolloc ambush. Galad decides Perrin’s sentence, granting mercy in gratitude for his aid, and joins his army to Perrin’s.

Morgase marries Tallanvor and is reunited with Elayne. Perrin is made steward over the Two Rivers.

At the Black Tower, Aes Sedai and Asha’man alike are being secretly turned to the Shadow. Those loyal to Logain prepare to face Taim’s forces. The Seanchan have learned Traveling. Aviendha enters the glass columns a second time, and sees the future of the Aiel. While Rand meets with the Borderland monarchs, Elayne assumes the throne of Cairhien.

Mat enters the Tower of Ghenjei with Thom and Noal. They use Mat’s luck to reach the chamber where Moiraine is held prisoner, and Mat trades an eye for her freedom. He misses a detail in his bargain, however, and they are forced to fight their way out. Noal—aka Jain Farstrider—is left behind. The others escape, using Mat’s ashandarei to cut open a doorway.

The forces of the light assemble at the Field of Merrilor. Moiraine has been weakened in the Power by her imprisonment. Thom proposes to Moiraine, who bonds him as her Warder.

Graendal, whose failure to kill Perrin also resulted in Mesaana’s death, is punished by Shaidar Haran. Olver wins a game of Snakes and Foxes, and Caemlyn is beset by an army of Shadowspawn from the Ways. Lan reaches Malkier with an army of twelve thousand Borderland soldiers, who charge into battle against the Blight.

The Wheel of Time

This book is available from the Dragonmount DRM-free ebook store as well as from Amazon.com or your local independent book retailer.

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