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Towers of Midnight

A chapter-by-chapter recap of the thirteenth book of The Wheel of Time.

Chapter Recaps of Towers of Midnight

Novel written by

Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

Chapter recaps by Erick Walter. Edited by Angela Carter.

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Towers of Midnight Chapter Summary

Prologue: Distinctions (Points of View: Lan, Perrin, Graendal, Galad, Fain, Malenarin Rai)

Lan rides alone in Saldaea. Bulen, his old retainer, asks to join him, having learned of Lan’s quest from Nynaeve. Lan relents.

Perrin dreams of hammering metal. Hopper wants to run with him but Perrin fears of losing himself to the wolf. His dream takes him back to Malden, where he kills Aram again, only this time as a wolf.

Graendal is in her palace with Aran’gar and Delana, who escaped from Salidar. Ramshalan arrives. As Rand had hoped, Graendal Compels him to get his story. She realizes that Rand has found her and has Aran’gar and Delana Compel him. From a dove’s eyes she sees Ramshalan report to Rand, who produces the access key. Graendal escapes as Rand’s balefire obliterates the other two women and all of Natrim’s Barrow.

Galad leads seven thousand Whitecloaks. They are met at a clearing by ten thousand Whitecloaks and Amidicians, led by Asunawa and his Questioners. Asunawa considers Galad a Darkfriend, murderer, and false Lord Captain Commander. They argue and Galad agrees to be arrested under the condition that his men are not punished.

Padan Fain walks through the Blight with the ruby dagger. He kills a Worm, which attracts a Myrddraal and Trollocs. A mist kills the Myrddraal and turns the Trollocs into zombies who will follow him.

A Kandori tower receives a signal flash from a tower in the Blight. They seek other signals but receive none. Malenarin Rai, the commander, gives his son the Borderlander oath and sword just before Draghkar and Trollocs attack.

Chapter 1: Apples First (POV: Almen Bunt)

A wind blows over Seanchan, which is in chaos with a murderer ruling in its capital. Near Dragonmount, farmer Almen Bunt wonders what to do with his dying crops. Rand appears, calm and confident. He urges Bunt to collect the apples, which have suddenly grown in the hundreds new and ripe on each of the previously withered apple trees.

Chapter 2: Questions of Leadership (POV: Perrin, Galad)

Perrin lets refugees join his camp. He worries about the Shaido and is still reluctant about being a leader. He had sent Basel Gill and a caravan north, but the road was reported impassable so they went east. Galad is freed from his captivity by Bornhald, Byar, Trom, and three Lords Captain who supported Asunawa. They were persuaded by Galad’s arguments and killed Asunawa. They swear to Galad, who now leads all the Whitecloaks.

Chapter 3: The Amyrlin’s Anger (POV: Egwene, Siuan)

Rand arrives in Tar Valon. He enters the Hall shielded by two Aes Sedai circles and guarded by Warders. Egwene is shocked by Rand’s calmness and wants to examine him for madness, but he refuses. He tells her he will break the seals on the Dark One’s prison and he wants her help. He turns to leave but Egwene’s anger is kindled. He proposes a meeting at the Field of Merrilor before he leaves for Shayol Ghul. Egwene thinks that she needs allies to dissuade him from his dangerous plan.

Chapter 4: The Pattern Groans (POV: Perrin, Galad)

In the wolf dream, Perrin agrees to be taught by Hopper. Galad explains to the Lords Captain his plan to ally with the Aes Sedai. Byar’s scouts capture Gill’s caravan. The prisoners confess to following Perrin’s army. Bornhald tells Galad that Perrin killed Bornhald’s father.

Chapter 5: Writings (POV: Gawyn, Egwene, Graendal)

Gawyn investigates the scene of a fourth murder in days in the White Tower. He believes it to be a Gray Man. He argues with Egwene, who believes it to be Mesaana. Moridin summons Graendal. She tries to convince him that allowing Aran’gar to die was part of her plan to cause Rand pain. She offers to kill Perrin. Moridin gives her a dreamspike and Slayer, and reads her some Dark Prophecy that they interpret to mean that Perrin will die at their hands.

Chapter 6: Questioning Intentions (POV: Morgase)

Perrin orders the wolf banners burned. He insists that Morgase and Tallanvor get married immediately! Morgase refuses. Scouts report a Whitecloak army in front of them.

Chapter 7: Lighter than a Feather (POV: Lan, Galad, Perrin)

Three men from an inn join Lan and Bulen as they ride. Byar tells Galad about Perrin’s murder of two Whitecloaks and Byar’s belief that Perrin is a Shadowspawn who brought the Trollocs to the Two Rivers. Galad declares that the Whitecloaks must bring justice to him. Gaul informs Perrin that the Whitecloaks hold Gill’s people captive, but have a smaller army with no channelers.

Chapter 8: The Seven-Striped Lass (POV: Mat)

Mat visits taverns in Caemlyn. He learns the gholam is in the city. Elayne has not responded to Mat’s letter. He meets with Thom, who has learned where the Tower of Ghenjei is. Mat returns to his tent and smells blood.

Chapter 9: Blood in the Air (POV: Mat)

Mat fights the gholam, who has killed Mat’s serving man and two Redarms. Teslyn helps fight it off by throwing furniture at it with the Power. It kills two more Redarms and escapes. Mat tells Thom and Noal that they need to hunt and kill the gholam before they leave for the Tower of Ghenjei. He also needs to talk to Elayne about Aludra’s dragons.

Chapter 10: After the Taint (POV: Perrin, Galad)

Perrin refuses to send his Asha’man in to rescue Gill and his people, fearing another Dumai’s Wells. Neald, Edarra, and Masuri practice working in a circle. Bornhald appears requesting informal parley with the Lord Captain Commander. Perrin brings Tam, Grady, Gaul, Sulin, and Edarra to the meeting. Perrin demands his people back and Galad refuses unless they meet in battle. Galad, still unsure if Perrin is Shadowspawn, is convinced that they must fight. Perrin has not yet heard the Whitecloak leader’s name.

Chapter 11: An Unexpected Letter (POV: Elayne)

Elayne has allowed mercenary bands to stay near Caemlyn as Tarmon Gai’don approaches. She’s given a letter from one of their leaders -- Mat. It is familiar, profane, and mentions a need for bellfounders, and Elayne and Birgitte share a laugh.

Chapter 12: An Empty Ink Bottle (POV: Min, Cadsuane)

In the Stone of Tear, Nynaeve is terrified because of Rand’s recent actions, but Min feels warmth from his bond. Alanna disappears from her room, leaving only an empty envelope (that contained a letter from Verin). Min senses Rand’s return.

Chapter 13: For What Has Been Wrought (POV: Min)

Min reunites with Rand and has new viewings of him: an open cavern, bloodstained rocks, two dead men, and a pipe. He senses that Alanna is in the Borderlands. He apologizes to the Aiel and Nynaeve, lifts Cadsuane’s exile, and reveals Egwene’s ascension to the Amyrlin Seat. He lines up the High Lords and Ladies of Tear and reveals Weiramon and Anaiyella as Darkfriends. The change in him surprises or unnerves many and pleases Min. Tam arrives and Rand embraces him, crying, then introduces him to Min.

Chapter 14: A Vow (POV: Egwene)

Egwene meets with Amys and Bair in Tel’aran’rhiod and suggests sending Accepted to study with the Wise Ones. She meets Nynaeve. They discuss difficulties of leadership, as well as Nynaeve’s trouble with following Egwene. Elayne arrives. Egwene insists that they return to the White Tower to swear on the Oath Rod. Elayne fears harming her unborn children, but Nynaeve agrees to return. Egwene reveals that Rand intends to break the seals; the other women do not agree with Egwene regarding the risk. Alviarin and Talva attack them. Alviarin’s blast of Fire aimed at Egwene kills Talva instead.

Chapter 15: Use a Pebble (POV: Nynaeve, Egwene)

A bubble of evil strikes a district of Tear. Nynaeve Delves Naeff, an Asha’man who sees phantom Myrddraal due to his madness. She Heals his madness! He no longer sees the Fades. Rand explains to Nynaeve why he must break the seals. She believes him and agrees to join him at Shayol Ghul. Nynaeve Delves Rand but cannot Heal his madness. She will Heal Flinn and Narishma before she leaves for the White Tower. Egwene meets with Saerin, Yukiri, and Seaine, who discuss Mesaana and how she may have defeated the Oath Rod to remain hidden during the Black Ajah purge.

Chapter 16: Shanna’har (POV: Faile, Perrin)

Faile and Perrin meet on a hilltop. He blames himself for Gill’s capture and considers himself a poor leader. She disagrees. It’s their one-year anniversary; servants appear with a blanket, food, and wine. As they eat, Perrin tells her about his history with the Whitecloaks, Noam, and Hopper. She tells him about Malden. Perrin feels closer to her than ever.

Chapter 17: Partings, and a Meeting (POV: Mat, Elayne)

The three Aes Sedai with Mat leave for Tar Valon with Juilin, Thera, Egeanin, and Bayle Domon. Elayne meets with Sumeko and Alise of the Kin. Both wish to go to Tar Valon to provide a home for retiring Aes Sedai. Elayne says they may do so in Andor. They reach an agreement.

Chapter 18: The Strength of This Place (POV: Perrin, Ituralde, Faile)

In the wolf dream, Perrin spies on the Whitecloak camp and trains with Hopper. They encounter a translucent violet wall. Hopper calls it “wrongness.” It disappears. Rodel Ituralde’s force has been fighting Trollocs near Maradon in Saldaea for many days. The Saldaeans will not help his foreign army, not even by opening Maradon’s gates to them. The Shadowspawn army launches dead Trollocs into camp from trebuchets. But many of the “bodies” are live Draghkar! The Asha’man help fight them. Faile challenges Berelain to a fight to the death unless Berelain can think of a way to end the rumors about her and Perrin. Berelain suggests that they pretend to be friends. Faile agrees.

Chapter 19: Talk of Dragons (POV: Mat)

Mat and Thom reunite with Elayne and Birgitte. Elayne is overjoyed to see Thom. Mat learns Elayne is pregnant with Rand’s twins and reveals his need for supplies to build Aludra’s dragons. Elayne wants the dragons for Andor but Mat refuses. They reach an agreement, which includes an Andoran commission for the Band of the Red Hand and Elayne borrowing Mat’s foxhead medallion for three days in an attempt to copy it.

Chapter 20: A Choice (POV: Nynaeve)

Nynaeve is prepared for her test for the shawl. Each time upon seeing a six-pointed star, she must make a specific weave: “One hundred times you will weave, in the order that you have been given and in perfect composure.” Nynaeve enters the ter’angreal. Many times she must leave injured or dying people to their fates in order to make the weave. She is often naked, bitten, or bleeding. Her braid is cut off. She channels Fire to save Perrin from Trollocs, and balefire to save Lan from Darkhounds. She exits the test, weeping and in pain. She is Healed. Saerin is furious at the challenges Nynaeve had to face. Several of the Aes Sedai present declare that Nynaeve has failed because did not remain calm and she used balefire. Nynaeve counters that she passed because she remembered the hundred weaves and saved lives. After discussion, she is passed, then she finds Myrelle near the Black Tower and forces her to pass Lan’s bond on to her.

Chapter 21: An Open Gate (POV: Perrin, Ituralde, Morgase)

Perrin receives reports and plans strategy. Rahvin’s impersonation of Lord Gaebril is mentioned. Morgase is serving tea and drops the tray, stunned. Ituralde’s army nears defeat until the gates of Maradon finally open and thousands of horsemen save the day, allowing Ituralde’s surviving men to enter the city.

Chapter 22: The End of a Legend (POV: Gawyn, Mat, Birgitte)

Egwene orders Gawyn away from guarding her door. He returns anyway and gets into a swordfight with someone dressed all in black. The assassin flees but leaves a knife behind. Gawyn opens Egwene’s unguarded door but is caught in her One Power trap. Mat, Thom, and Noal plan their trip to the Tower of Ghenjei. Mat meets with Birgitte, who warns him away from the Tower; she and Gaidal Cain were once killed by the Eelfinn. Birgitte feels Elayne in pain.

Chapter 23: Foxheads (POV: Elayne, Gawyn, Lan)

Elayne visits Chesmal in the dungeon and interrogates her, pretending to be a Forsaken. Chesmal tells her of a plan to invade Andor until other Black Ajah members enter and attack Elayne, who has Mat’s medallion and one copy. Their weaves fall off her but her shoulder is broken. Mellar appears and stabs Elayne to steal the medallions. He orders her Healed, then kills the Black Ajah. With the last of Elayne’s strength she gets the original medallion back. Mellar escapes just as Mat and Birgitte arrive.

Egwene is furious with Gawyn for disobeying her orders by springing her trap to capture Mesaana. He is angry that she won’t let him protect her. He decides to visit Elayne.

Lan’s party of five is joined by a caravan of dozens more who salute him. He says they can ride with him but he swears them to silence.

Chapter 24: To Make a Stand (POV: Elayne, Ituralde, Perrin)

Elayne is ordered to bed rest for one week. Elayne returns Mat’s medallion to him. They discuss the gholam. Yoeli, the leader of the Saldaeans who rescued Ituralde’s army, reveals Saldaean in-fighting. Torkumen, lord of Maradon, calls Ituralde a Dragonsworn and Rand a false Dragon. Ituralde names Torkumen a Darkfriend. Perrin runs with the wolves in the wolf dream until Slayer appears and kills one. They fight but Perrin barely survives. Perrin asks Hopper to teach him how to fight Slayer.

Chapter 25: Return to Bandar Eban (POV: Min)

Rand and Min arrive in Bandar Eban. The clouds break at Rand’s arrival. The city smells of refuse and waste and the people are sick, dirty, and hungry. Min has viewings of several of those people as future Aes Sedai or Last Battle heroes. Rand names a Captain and within an hour creates an army. He brings Aes Sedai to Heal the sick. Rand and Min board a Sea Folk vessel to inspect their supposedly spoiled foodstores. Every sack they open contains good food. Rand names Iralin Steward of the city.

Chapter 26: Parley (POV: Perrin, Galad)

Perrin’s army lines up against the Whitecloaks. He has the Wise Ones and Asha’man show their full strength without harming the Whitecloaks, then asks for parley. Galad agrees. He brings Bornhald, Byar, and fifty guards to the pavilion. He is confused because Perrin must be Shadowspawn, but Berelain, Alliandre, Faile, Aes Sedai, Aiel, and Two Rivers men all follow him. Galad and Berelain are instantly smitten. Perrin learns Galad’s name and they discuss Elayne. Perrin says his killing of the two Whitecloaks was provoked by Hopper’s death. He offers to stand trial, but Galad refuses as there is no one impartial to judge. Servants serve tea. Galad recognizes Morgase. They embrace. Perrin and the others are shocked to learn her true identity. Morgase defends Perrin to Galad. Both sides agree to have Morgase judge the trial, which will begin in three days.

Chapter 27: A Call to Stand (POV: Egwene)

Egwene reads a letter from King Darlin of Tear. He is loyal to Rand but shares her concern about breaking the seals. Egwene learns the Trollocs are invading the Borderlands. The Hall begins to meet without her, still sore that she bullied the Salidar Hall into declaring war on Elaida. Egwene agrees to give the Hall control of the White Tower army if she is given authority for dealing with monarchs. The motion carries and only then do the Sitters realize that they have given Egwene all authority in dealing with Rand. They also pass a motion that the Hall can no longer meet in secret. Egwene learns that Gawyn left for Caemlyn and orders a message sent for him to return.

Chapter 28: Oddities (POV: Faile, Perrin, Ituralde)

Perrin and Hopper encounter the violet dome of the dreamspike in the wolf dream. It prevents Traveling in the real world and shifting in the dream world. They battle Slayer. Perrin and Hopper will practice every night until Perrin is ready to face Slayer. Dreadlords blow a hole in Maradon’s wall. Ituralde’s army and Asha’man fight the Trollocs in the city, leading them into a trap. The Shadowspawn flee to regroup.

Chapter 29: A Terrible Feeling (POV: Faile, Morgase, Perrin, Elayne)

A bubble of evil in Perrin’s camp causes everyone’s weapons to turn on them. Contact with the ground stops them so they throw dirt at the weapons to save themselves, but thousands are wounded, including Gaul. Galad agrees to postpone the trial. Elayne has created three copies of the foxhead medallion. Aludra provides Elayne and Birgitte with an impressive dragon demonstration and gives an oath to Elayne to build them only for Andor.

Chapter 30: Men Dream Here (POV: Faile, Perrin)

Perrin trains with Hopper. He falls into a nightmare but escapes when he remembers that it isn’t real. Many wolves are moving toward Dragonmount so Perrin and Hopper go as well. Perrin witnesses Rand’s epiphany (from The Gathering Storm). The wolves bark in triumph: The Last Hunt has come.

Chapter 31: Into the Void (POV: Mat)

Mat wins a dice game he doesn’t even know the rules to. He walks the streets hunting the gholam with his medallion attached to his ashandarei. The gholam appears and Mat chases it into a burning building. Mat attacks it with two more medallions, forcing it through a gateway created by a Kinswoman. He kicks it off a Skimming platform into an endless void.

Chapter 32: A Storm of Light (POV: Ituralde, Min)

A Saldaean army led by Bashere saves Ituralde, although Maradon burns. An enormous force of Trollocs gathers on a hill outside the city. Rand arrives. He channels dozens of weaves at once and Shadowspawn die by the thousands. Torkumen is driven insane by Rand’s power, revealing himself as a Darkfriend. Rand returns to Min, who has been reading up on Callandor. She believes that it will leave Rand open to attack. Rand leads Ituralde to Cadsuane’s rooms. She has found the general’s King, Alsalam.

Chapter 33: A Good Soup (POV: Siuan, Perrin, Gawyn)

Egwene, Nynaeve, and Siuan discuss Rand and plot how to trap Mesaana. Perrin practices against nightmares in the wolf dream. Wolves there and in the real world run north. After talking with Elayne, Gawyn lets go of his anger at Rand. A former damane sees him toy with the assassin’s knife. She recognizes it as belonging to one of the Bloodknives. They wear ter’angreal rings to keep them in shadow. Gawyn receives Egwene’s letter ordering his return but instead sends back a note about the Bloodknives.

Chapter 34: Judgment (POV: Perrin, Faile)

Perrin’s trial begins. Faile has prepared Two Rivers men to rescue him if the trial goes awry. Byar testifies about the night the two Whitecloaks were killed. Perrin agrees that it mostly happened that way, then tells everyone about his link to wolves. Perrin swears to Bornhald that he did not kill Geofram at Falme. Morgase finds Perrin guilty of killing illegally, which is different from murder because the Whitecloaks were mercenaries. Morgase gives Galad the right to pass sentence. Perrin says he will not submit to judgment until after the Last Battle. Galad agrees to those terms and does not yet name Perrin’s sentence.

Chapter 35: The Right Thing (POV: Egwene, Perrin, Galad)

Bornhald realizes there is no evidence that Perrin killed Geofram. Perrin goes to the wolf dream to face Slayer and destroy the dreamspike. Slayer kills a wolf. He and Perrin fight. Perrin chases Slayer until he finds the dreamspike. He begins to shift away with it several leagues at a time to get the dome away from his camp.

Chapter 36: An Invitation (POV: Egwene, Perrin)

Egwene meets with Wise Ones and Windfinders in Tel’aran’rhiod. She proposes that each of the three groups sends apprentices to the others. The Windfinders leave to discuss it. Amys says that the Wise Ones will likely agree. Siuan arrives with news that the Black Ajah has attacked. Slayer chases Perrin to get the dreamspike back. Perrin shifts until he is near Tar Valon.

Chapter 37: Darkness in the Tower (POV: Gawyn, Egwene, Perrin, Mesaana)

Perrin and Slayer fight in the wolf dream. Slayer gets the dreamspike; Perrin and Hopper give chase through Tar Valon. Egwene and her group fight the Black Ajah in the dream world, killing several of the Darkfriends. The dreamspike prevents them from Traveling, angering a hidden Mesaana. Perrin and Egwene cross paths. He stuns her by dissolving a Darkfriend’s balefire weave. Gawyn returns to the White Tower in time to catch three Bloodknives in Egwene’s bedroom. He covers the lantern to take away the Bloodknives’ advantage and manages to kill all three before falling, gravely injured. Slayer stabs Perrin, then fires an arrow that hits both Perrin and Hopper. As Hopper lays dying, Perrin hurls himself and Slayer into a nightmare.

Chapter 38: Wounds (POV: Egwene, Perrin, Graendal)

Nicola joins the fight against the Black Ajah and is killed. Egwene pursues Mesaana and throws a spear, hitting the woman in the neck. It is actually Katerine in disguise. The real Mesaana fastens an a’dam around Egwene’s neck and orders Alviarin to call off the Black Ajah attack. Egwene is initially terrified but defies the a’dam’s power and it unlocks. Mesaana tries to will Egwene to break but Egwene declares that she is not Egwene but the Amyrlin. Something snaps and Mesaana drops, unconscious and drooling. Egwene finds Nynaeve and the Wise Ones, who have all survived. The Black Ajah have fled. Egwene awakens to find Gawyn and the Bloodknives lying on the floor around her bed. Gawyn is dying so she bonds him as her Warder, declaring her love.

Perrin stabs Slayer and throws the dreamspike into a river of lava. Slayer is still strong so Perrin flees. Just before Hopper dies, he instructs Perrin to seek the wolf named Boundless. Perrin wakes and is Healed. The dreamspike was destroyed so most of his army has Traveled away. Graendal listens to Slayer’s report and orders him to “spring the trap anyway.”

Chapter 39: In the Three-fold Land (POV: Aviendha)

Aviendha runs through the Waste on her way to Rhuidean to go through the glass columns. She stops for the night and an Aiel woman named Nakomi appears out of the darkness. They are friendly and share dinner. Nakomi asks difficult questions, including whether or not the Aiel should return to the Waste after the Last Battle. Nakomi leaves and does not return. Her belongings disappear as well. Aviendha goes to sleep troubled.

Chapter 40: A Making (POV: Perrin, Faile, Galad)

Perrin studies a map, finding an excellent place for an ambush near the Whitecloaks’ camp. Berelain worries to Faile that Perrin is planning to attack the Whitecloaks to escape judgment. Perrin hammers at a forge. Neald heats the metal with the One Power, soon asking the Wise Ones for aid. Perrin forges a large hammer that he names Mah’alleinir (“He Who Soars”). Now comfortable with leadership, Perrin accepts the peoples’ oaths and orders the lone remaining wolfhead banner raised above camp. Perrin’s army Travels to the heights above the Whitecloaks, who see them and expect to be ambushed. But an entire army of Trollocs and Myrddraal appears, and Perrin orders his army to attack them.

Chapter 41: An Unexpected Ally (POV: Galad, Perrin)

Perrin explains how he figured out the Shadow’s trap. His army kills many Trollocs but the Whitecloaks’ lines are breaking. Perrin leads a charge down from the heights to rescue the Whitecloaks. The gambit works. Galad names Perrin’s judgment: payment to the two dead Whitecloaks’ families and a promise to fight well in the Last Battle. Perrin agrees. Byar tries to kill him, but Bornhald kills Byar instead.

Chapter 42: Stronger than Blood (POV: Gawyn, Lan)

Egwene learns that Mesaana was masquerading as Danelle. The Forsaken’s mind is broken; she babbles like a child. Gawyn is recovering from his wounds. He promises to obey Egwene in everything if she lets him protect her. Gawyn plans to arrange for their wedding. He pockets the Bloodknives’ ter’angreal rings. Lan’s “caravan” reaches the Kandor/Arafel border. Thousands wait for Lan, including the grandsons of Queen Ethenielle and King Paitar. Lan, who can sense that Nynaeve holds his bond, finally gives in, saying, “The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai’don.” The crowd roars.

Chapter 43: Some Tea (POV: Galad, Alliandre)

Post-battle, Galad allows his men to be Healed by Aes Sedai and Wise Ones. He is starting to like Perrin, who offers to take the Whitecloaks to the Last Battle, but only if Galad swears to accept Perrin as his military commander. Galad is shocked but gives his oath.

Chapter 44: A Backhanded Request (POV: Morgase, Perrin)

Tallanvor proposes to Morgase and she accepts. Lini brings them to Perrin to marry them. Perrin sends a message to Elayne requesting a meeting. Morgase and Alliandre will go too. Mat surprises Perrin and they are reunited. Mat warns Perrin that assassins are after them. Perrin eases the badger Mat has captured.

Chapter 45: A Reunion (POV: Elayne, Aviendha)

Elayne is reunited with Morgase and Galad. They trade their stories. Elayne is furious with Perrin but Morgase defends him. Aviendha reaches Rhuidean and prepares to enter the glass columns.

Chapter 46: Working Leather (POV: Androl)

Androl, a Dedicated who was raised by Logain, meets other Dedicated, including some from the Two Rivers, who look to him as their leader. They worry about those who were raised to full Asha’man and take lessons from Taim. They plan to find evidence to give to Logain that Taim is up to no good.

Chapter 47: A Teaching Chamber (POV: Faile, Fortuona, Perrin)

Perrin, Faile, and Alliandre formally meet with Elayne and Morgase, ostensibly to receive the Crown’s thanks for returning Morgase safely and to offer a boon in return. Elayne is still angry with Perrin for inciting “rebellion” in the Two Rivers and the discussion is tense. Morgase suggests giving the Two Rivers to the Dragon and making Perrin its Steward. All agree and the conversation becomes friendlier. They talk of a potential pact between Andor, Cairhien, Ghealdan, Mayene, Saldaea, and the Two Rivers that could rival those of Rand’s lands and the Seanchan.

A damane named Suffa (formerly Elaida) is forced to create a gateway for Fortuona. The Seanchan are stunned. Fortuona orders that every damane be taught Traveling in preparation for a full-scale attack on the White Tower to leash every Aes Sedai.

Perrin, Mat, and Thom share their stories in a private room in an inn owned by Denezel. Perrin offers to go with them to rescue Moiraine but Mat only needs a gateway from one of Perrin’s Asha’man.

Chapter 48: Near Avendesora (POV: Aviendha)

Aviendha finishes her trip through the glass columns. She knew everything she would see and is somewhat disappointed. She touches one of the columns to see if she can read them like she can other ter’angreal. She has another vision where she is a scavenging Aiel teen preparing to kill men in their sleep for their food. She is killed instead. Aviendha wakes and enters the columns a second time despite the prohibition, disturbed at this part of the Aiel past that Rand did not seem to reveal. Another vision, however, includes a Seanchan attack. Aviendha realizes that this is the Aiel future.

Chapter 49: Court of the Sun (POV: Aviendha)

Aviendha’s visions continue. They work backwards; she sees through the eyes of an old woman whose only memories are of war with the Seanchan, who have just toppled the White Tower. She becomes Oncala, her granddaughter, a Maiden who plans to trick Andor into the war partly so Oncala can rule. Then Aviendha becomes Padra, her own daughter. She, her three siblings, and the clan chiefs lament that even though Rand was a great leader, he did not know what to do with the Aiel, even excluding them from his post-Last Battle plan for peace. They agree to attack the Seanchan for collaring Wise Ones, for war is what they know how to do. An exhausted Aviendha is determined to change this terrible future.

Chapter 50: Choosing Enemies (POV: Elayne)

Elayne strips the titles and estates from three of the Andoran nobles who vied with her for the throne. Next she meets with several important Cairhienin, including Bertome and Lorstrum, and offers them those lands. Elayne tells the Andorans that there may be lands available for them in Cairhien if the two countries unify. Elayne can now also watch her most dangerous Cairhienin enemies closer.

Chapter 51: A Testing (POV: Min, Cadsuane)

Min tells Rand that she fears that Callandor has a deeper flaw than they know. They, Cadsuane, Narishma, and some Maidens Travel to Far Madding to meet the Borderlander armies. The four monarchs approach, and each in turn hits Rand in the face. King Paitar asks Rand a question only Lews Therin would know the answer to. Rand answers correctly, and the Borderlanders back down. According to an old prophecy, they had to test Rand this way to ensure that he was worthy to lead them. Rand offers them gateways in exchange for their oaths. He also asks for Hurin so he can apologize for his earlier mistreatment of him.

Chapter 52: Boots (POV: Elayne, Mat)

Elayne and her honor guard ride into Cairhien. They proceed to the Sun Throne, also accompanied by Bertome and Lorstrum’s troops. An Aes Sedai announces that Rand cedes the throne to Elayne. Birgitte inspects the Sun Throne before Elayne sits and finds a poisoned needle. Elayne takes the throne and announces that the forces of Andor and Cairhien will march together to the Field of Merrilor to meet Rand.

Chapter 53: Gateways (POV: Pevara, Perrin, Mat)

At the Black Tower, Taim reminds Javindhra and Pevara that the Reds may not bond full Asha’man, and they must now ask permission to leave. Pevara informs her housemate, Tarna, of this, but Tarna’s eyes look different - cold and unnatural. She once thought as Pevara does but now agrees with Taim. Pevara tries to weave a gateway but fails. Perrin parts with Mat’s party, with Grady agreeing to open a gateway to the Tower each day at noon. Perrin’s armies Travel to the Field of Merrilor. Tear, Illian, and Cairhien have already arrived.

Mat, Thom, and Noal reach the Tower of Ghenjei. Thom draws the Snakes and Foxes symbol on the Tower with a knife, and the triangle becomes a glowing doorway. They enter the Tower. Each room has four hallways extending from it, one in each direction. They begin to move, but retracing their steps leads to different rooms. A fox-like Eelfinn tries to confuse them but Thom puts it to sleep with his flute. Mat decides to roll his dice to decide which way to go. Eventually they reach a room that Mat recognizes from his previous trip.

Chapter 54: The Light of the World (POV: Mat)

Mat, Thom, and Noal see a twisted red doorway melted on the floor. They are surrounded by Eelfinn, but Mat’s luck leads them to the Chamber of Bonds. Moiraine hovers in the air, surrounded by a hot white mist. Thom reaches in and pulls her out. The Eelfinn appear. Mat’s demands involve a clear and open exit without interference from the Eelfinn, who demand a price. Mat remembers “half the light of the world” and allows one to take out his left eye. The Eelfinn collapse as if drunk, so an agonized Mat and the others flee. They feel like they’re being watched and Noal realizes that Mat only asked for the Eelfinn to stay out of their way. Dozens of snake-like Aelfinn appear in a far corridor holding swords!

Chapter 55: The One Left Behind (POV: Mat)

The Aelfinn chase Mat, Noal, Thom, and Moiraine. The music and Mat’s luck are ineffective. Noal offers to stay behind and hold off the Aelfinn, revealing himself as Jain Farstrider. He gives a battle cry as the others run. They can’t find a way out. Mat doesn’t know how he got out last time. He realizes he never asked for the ashandarei. He thrusts it into a wall, makes the Snakes and Foxes symbol, and waves of light erupt. Mat and Thom (carrying Moiraine) leap through the doorway as the Aelfinn hiss in anger.

Chapter 56: Something Wrong (POV: Egwene, Androl)

Egwene and the Aes Sedai have arrived at the Field of Merrilor. She learns who else has arrived too. Egwene and Gawyn go to meet an arriving Elayne and see Morgase as well. At the Black Tower, Androl and his men try to open gateways but fail. One of their former allies is now in Taim’s group and doesn’t act like himself and somehow doesn’t look right either. He doesn’t seem quite alive. Androl visits Pevara, having heard that she wants to leave too. She’s suspicious at first but agrees to work with him.

Chapter 57: A Rabbit for Supper (POV: Mat)

Mat lands on the ground outside the Tower. Moiraine tells her story. She is weak in the One Power after being drained by the Aelfinn and Eelfinn, who said they killed Lanfear. One of her demands from the Eelfinn was the ivory bracelet angreal. Mat refuses her Healing for his eye. Moiraine says she needs to find Rand. Thom and Moiraine profess their love and agree to marry. He will also be her Warder.

Epilogue: And After (POV: Graendal, Perrin, Olver, Barriga, Rand, Lan)

Graendal begins to flee, blaming her failure on Slayer and Byar. Shaidar Haran appears, blaming her for the deaths of three Chosen, including Mesaana. Perrin finds Boundless in the decaying wolf dream and realizes that he is Noam. He did not lose himself; he found his balance by choosing to become a wolf. Olver wins a Snakes and Foxes game, then opens Mat’s letter from Verin. She says she’s dead and a huge army of Shadowspawn is coming through the Ways so the Caemlyn Waygate must be destroyed. Olver and Talmanes see Caemlyn on fire.

A merchant caravan led by Barriga flees Trollocs in the Blight, then encounters men dressed as Aiel, with red veils and teeth filed to points. Rand’s dream becomes a nightmare and he sees Cyndane, but knows she is Lanfear. She begs for his help and falls into a dark pit. Lan’s army of twelve thousand reaches Tarwin’s Gap. He claims his rightful title as Lord of the Seven Towers. They charge forward to face 150,000 Shadowspawn.

The Wheel of Time

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