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The Gathering Storm

A chapter-by-chapter recap of the twelvth book of The Wheel of Time.

Chapter Recaps of The Gathering Storm

Novel written by

Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

Chapter recaps by Jim Vogel. Edited by Joan Albright.

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The Gathering Storm: Chapter Summaries

Prologue: What the Storm Means

In the Bordlerlands, ordinary people head north to fight in Tarmon Gai’don. Rand sends Falendre, a sul’dam, to tell the Daughter of the Nine Moons about Semirhage’s impersonation and Rand’s desire for peace. Returning from the battle with the Shaido Aiel, Seanchan Banner-General Tylee Khirgan is ambushed by hundreds of Trollocs only a day’s march from Ebou Dar.

The Forsaken meet. Moridin refuses to rescue Semirhage and orders Graendal to ensure Rand does not bring peace to Arad Doman. Rodel Ituralde ambushes an army of 150,000 Seanchan at Darluna in southern Arad Doman. In Altara, forces led by Faile ambush and execute Masema and his remaining followers.

Chapter 1: Tears from Steel

In Arad Doman, Rand orders that Semirhage not be hurt or threatened. He worries even Egwene would turn against him and force him to kneel. Lews Therin reveals women would not help the Hundred Companions at Shayol Ghul. Rand yells at him aloud in front of Nynaeve and Cadsuane, among others.

Chapter 2: The Nature of Pain

Egwene receives a daily punishment from Elaida’s Mistress of Novices—Silviana Brehon—though both note how resistant to beating Egwene remains. She is dosed with forkroot, but takes the opportunity to discuss the declining state of the tower with her Red Ajah guards. Egwene witnesses Elaida arguing for a fourth oath of obedience to the Amyrlin, then finally manages to laugh at her punishment.

Chapter 3: The Ways of Honor

Rhuarc has taken control of Bandar Eban, but is forbidden to take the fifth. Aviendha is questioned about Rand by the Wise Ones and receives more pointless punishments, such as counting seeds.

Chapter 4: Nightfall

Gawyn and the Younglings scout the rebel Aes Sedai forces. He regrets having to fight his mentor—Gareth Bryne—and is annoyed when he cannot determine how supplies are moving into the rebel camp. He is convinced Elaida is trying to get him and his men killed.

Chapter 5: A Tale of Blood

Rand tells his Sea Folk advisor—Harine din Togara Two Winds—that men must no longer be forced to commit suicide when it is discovered they can channel, due to the cleansing of saidin. Cadsuana and Merise attempt to question Semirhage, but Cadsuane realizes pain will not break the Forsaken.

Chapter 6: When Iron Melts

General Rodel Ituralde has lost half his men (50,000) defending Darluna, but defeated a force three times as large with damane in their ranks. Ituralde admits to the captured Seanchan general Turan that he knows the Seanchan will win in the end. He beheads Turan.

Egwene visits the imprisoned Leane Sharif, but Leane is caught in a bubble of evil—the walls and floor turning to liquid. Leane is saved by her guards. On her way back to her room, Egwene realizes that parts of the Brown Ajah quarters have been swapped with the novice quarters.

Chapter 7: The Plan for Arad Doman

Nynaeve practices for her test for the shawl. Rand orders Rhuarc to capture the Merchant’s Council and bring them to Bandar Eban, both to protect them from the Forsaken and so they can choose a new king. Rand will deal with Ituralde personally.

Chapter 8: Clean Shirts

Siuan struggles to keep Lelaine from usurping power in Egwene’s absence, then admits to Gareth Bryne why she broke her oath. She uses a sleepweaver ter’angreal to meet with Egwene, and reveals Halima was channeling saidin and may have been one of the Forsaken. She reveals that Asha’man have bonded sisters. Egwene believes the taint may be gone, but wants confirmation. Egwene refuses to let Siuan rescue her.

Chapter 9: Leaving Malden

After the Battle of Malden, Perrin inspects carts while fielding requests from Arganda, Gallenne, and Sebban Balwer. He discusses banners with Tam and sends the refugees north, with his army to follow.

Chapter 10: The Last of the Tabac

Ituralde prepares to make his last stand against the Seanchan in a stedding. Rand enters the camp and introduces himself. He orders peace with the Seanchan, refusing to continue the conflict as there is no time before the Last Battle. Ituralde, pushed to agree by Rand’s ta’veren nature, agrees to help him secure the Borderlands.

Chapter 11: The Death of Adrin

A bubble of evil turns a Saldaean guard named Adrin into a mound of black magma, incinerating the entrance to Rand’s mansion in Arad Doman. Aviendha channels the nearby river to put the fire out with the help of an Asha’man, Naeff. Rand curses the Dark One. Aviendha is defended from the criticism of the Aes Sedai by Melaine, a Wise One. This combination of praise along with her punishments only confuses Aviendha more.

Chapter 12: Unexpected Encounters

Egwene receives lessons from various Aes Sedai. During one, she realizes Bennae Nalsad is actually asking her for advice in a roundabout way. Egwene solves the problem and calls Bennae by name without being punished. She also encourages a Sitter, Suana, to try and ease the tension between the Ajahs by eating and being seen with one another. Egwene meets with the Rebel spy Meidani, who leads her to the Black Ajah hunters. Seaine is forced to admit Elaida is not a legal Amyrlin—having been elected through the interference of the Black Ajah—and that they should help unite the tower. After her departure, Meidani admits that Egwene is a true Amyrlin Seat.

Chapter 13: An Offer and a Departure

Gawyn spars with a pair of Warders—Sleete and Marlesh—and defeats both. He is denied entry to a meeting of Aes Sedai, but nevertheless learns that Egwene is a captive in the White Tower. He leaves the Younglings’ camp, determined to find Bryne and mount a rescue. Sleete sees him leaving, but does not stop him.

Chapter 14: A Box Opens

Sorilea inspects Semirhage; Cadsuane notes that the Wise One gets a reaction from Semirhage by not treating the Forsaken as anything special. Cadsuane allows Sorilea to inspect the male a’dam. Both note that Rand must be taught to embrace his emotions or he will fail at the Last Battle.

Chapter 15: A Place to Begin

In the World of Dreams, Rand meets Moridin, who he finally recognizes as the reborn Ishamael. Moridin reveals the servants of the Shadow can be recalled to life unless killed by balefire. Min tells Rand she believes Herid Fel determined that the seals must be destroyed to “clear away the rubble” before the Bore can be repaired.

The Seanchan agree to meet Rand, but the Aiel learn that Shaido Wise Ones have been taken as damane. Though they will abide the prospective peace Rand negotiates, Amys promises war with the Seanchan after the Last Battle.

Chapter 16: In the White Tower

Egwene impresses two White Sisters with her logical arguments that the Tower should not attempt to control Rand, based on his nature. The Sisters offer her a place with the White, but Egwene states that as Amyrlin, she represents all Ajahs.

Egwene is told she will have no more lessons, and by Elaida’s order will perform only physical labor because she will not curtsy to Sisters. Despite the reduced opportunities to meet and speak with the Sisters, Egwene refuses an offer from Laras to be smuggled out of the city.

Egwene serves at a dinner for Elaida and a group of Sitters. Elaida insults the Sitters and questions Egwene, who berates Elaida for her mistakes, reveals her plan for a fourth oath of loyalty to the Sitters, and criticises her abduction of the Dragon Reborn. Elaida beats Egwene with the One Power, in violation of Tower Law. Egwene takes the punishment wordlessly; Elaida then orders her thrown in a cell, declaring Egwene a Darkfriend.

Chapter 17: Questions of Control

Cadsuane eavesdrops on an interrogation and realizes Semirhage is fueled by the fear that others have for the Forsaken. After Semirhage knocks over her meal, Cadsuane enters, knocks the Forsaken down and spanks her in front of Sisters as well as maids. Cadsuane ignores Semirhage’s threats and continues to abuse and humiliate her until Semirhage eats the beans directly off the floor.

In Altara, Perrin despairs over the logistics of moving the hundred thousand refuges home even once gateways are available to him again. He decides to stop avoiding his duties, and returns to the Wolf Dream.

Chapter 18: A Message in Haste

Sheriam reveals the Tower Aes Sedai know travelling now; Siuan alerts Gareth Bryne. An older novice, Sharina Melloy, tells Siuan that Lelaine allowed the information to be widely known to promote her own goals. Older novices fear anyone replacing Egwene as Amyrlin, as they would most likely be sent away and lose the chance to become Aes Sedai.

Chapter 19: Gambits

Tuon reviews her forces, declares Selucia as her Truthspeaker and requires an oath of loyalty from King Beslan of House Mitsobar.

Captain-General Lunal Galgan reports Rand’s request to meet Tuon and discusses the plans for a raid on the White Tower. In addition to their other forces, special assassins called Bloodknives will be left behind to murder those remaining after the raid. Khirgan enters and reveals that Trollocs and Shadowspawn are real and details her joint operation with Perrin, suggesting the people of the Westlands would be better allies than subjects. Tuon agrees to meet Rand and approves the raid on Tar Valon.

Chapter 20: On a Broken Road

In Murandy, Mat plans to lead the Band to Caemlyn, then proceed to the Tower of Ghenjei with Thom Merrilin. Vanin leads a party to scout ahead, thinking they are near a village called Hinderstap. Mat and Joline haggle over which supplies he will give the Aes Sedai. Mat decides to gamble in Hinderstap for food.

Chapter 21: Embers and Ash

Perrin runs with Hopper in the Wolf Dream, but frustrates the wolf. Hopper refuses to teach Perrin to move in the Wolf Dream and when Perrin tries to find other wolves to teach him, Hopper expels Perrin from Tel’aran’rhoid.

Perrin tells Faile that he did not sleep with Berelain and hints he would forgive her if she was unfaithful with her captor in Malden. Faile meets with other former captives; they burn items in remembrance of the Aiel who helped them.

Chapter 22: The Last That Could Be Done

Shaidar Haran informs Semirhage that the Dark One will give her one last chance, and frees her. Elza Penfell reveals that she is Black Ajah and gives Semirhage the Domination Band.

Rand, Bashere and Ituralde move 50,000 Domani troops to the Borderlands. Rand leaves Ituralde—who he doesn’t yet trust—in Saldaea. Rand cannot get more information about how to seal the Bore from Lews Therin.

Rand returns to his room with Min and is leashed with the Dominion Band by Semirhage. She forces him to cause Min pain with saidin, choking her. Rand grows desperate and discovers the True Power; despite Lews Therin’s objection, he seizes it to destroy the Domination Band, then Balefires Semirhage and Elza.

Chapter 23: A Warp in the Air

Cadsuane attempts to learn what happened to Rand, but he will not explain. He teaches Narishma the weave for Balefire, ignoring her strong condemnation. Cadsuane realizes that the access key for the male Choedan Kal (the world’s most powerful sa’angreal) is missing, but does not know who took it. Showing her what is left of the Domination Band—which was left in Cadsuane’s care—Rand exiles Cadsuane under penalty of death.

Chapter 24: A New Commitment

Gawyn is admitted to the rebel Aes Sedai camp and notices Shemerin—an Aes Sedai who ran away from the Tower after her demotion by Elaida—working as a washerwoman. Gawyn attempts to force his way through, wounding several guards. Bryne explains that Egwene has refused rescue, then takes Gawyn and Shemerin to the Aes Sedai camp.

Chapter 25: In Darkness

Sheriam is confronted by one of the Forsaken and ordered to steal the nineteen sleepweavers in the Rebel camp. In her cell in the tower, Egwene is kept apprised by Seaine Herimon: Elaida will face trial (with limited punishment likely) for beating Egwene with the Power, rooms are still being randomly switched, food spoils unexpectedly, and servants are dying. Egwene urges Seaine to pass along the message that the Dark One is active and the Tower must work in unity.

Chapter 26: A Crack in the Stone

Aviendha and Min become acquainted during one of the former’s latest pointless punishments. They worry about Rand growing distrustful of everyone, even Min. Inspired by Min’s criticism of her accepting these punishments, Aviendha confronts the Wise Ones. They tell her that she is accepted as a Wise One and send her to Rhuidean to complete her training. They allow her to Travel to Cold Rocks Hold and then run to the city.

In the rebel Aes Sedai camp, Shemerin resists the argument that she cannot be demoted. A bubble of evil summons a horde of cockroaches in Romanda’s tent, which they burn after exiting. Siuan obtains a map noting the secret gate Shemerin used to escape Tar Valon.

Chapter 27: The Tipsy Gelding

Mat, Talmanes, and Thom enter Hinderstap with the Aes Sedai and a few members of the Band. The town mayor, Barlden, insists they leave by sunset. At a tavern called the Tipsy Gelding, Mat begins wagering gold against silver and losing again and again intentionally. When the mayor comes to investigate, Mat wagers a chest of gold against food for the Band. The mayor accepts, but only if he is allowed to throw the dice for Mat. Reports that the Aes Sedai are still bathing in their inns as sunset approaches increases the Mayor’s anxiety. The mayor’s throw wins for Mat, but as the sun sets, the screaming begins.

Chapter 28: Night in Hinderstap

Unarmed villagers attack Mat and the Redarms, who abandon the gold and provisions and try to escape the mob. They find the Aes Sedai channeling fireballs; Mat convinces Joline to leave, and they escape.

Mat and Thom return to town and see that the men killed last night are alive again. Barlden explains that this happens every night. They go mad at sunset, kill and maim each other, but in the morning there are no bodies, no blood, and no memory of what happened. Drawings of Mat and Perrin are being circulated in Trustair, a nearby village.

Chapter 29: Into Bandar Eban

Rand rides into Bandar Eban. The city is starving, but Rand is told that Sea Folk rakers have arrived with food. Rand wonders whether Cadsuane knows that he now has the access key. He grants Rhuarc the fifth, but commands him to take only from the rich district. Rand questions Merchant Councilwoman Milisair Chadmar about the king’s status, and insists that a messenger from the king who she has in custody be brought to him.

Chapter 30: Old Advice

Gawyn is unable to convince the Rebel Aes Sedai to rescue Egwene; instead they question him about Elayne. He refuses to answer Bryne’s questions about the Younglings and insists he will rescue Egwene and take her to Andor. Bryne points out that Egwene may not want to go.

Chapter 31: A Promise to Lews Therin

A disguised Cadsuane sees Rand arriving at the docks to inspect the spoiled food. She goes to Sorilea to admit her failure and ask for assistance.

Rand decides to meet the Seanchan at Falme. He speaks with Nynaeve about Lan’s ride to Malkier. Rand considers using Lan’s attack as a distraction; Nynaeve is angry that Rand will not help Lan. Milisair informs Rand that the king’s messenger has died while imprisoned; Rand orders her thrown into the same prison she kept the messenger in. Rand grows angry at Nynaeve and storms off, thinking on his promise to Lews Therin that they only need to last a little longer until they can die.

Chapter 32: Rivers of Shadow

Nynaeve, Cadsuane, and other Aes Sedai watch a ghostly procession which has encircled the city every night since Rand’s arrival. Nynaeve heals a sick child, then takes some soldiers to find out where the king’s messenger was being held. Nynaeve heals Milisair Chadmar, who has been imprisoned in a secret room and poisoned. She learns that an apprentice named Kerb prepared the prisoner’s food, and has him apprehended.

Chapter 33: A Conversation with the Dragon

Nynaeve has the Maidens wake Rand. She explains who Kerb is and the block on his mind that she discovered. Rand confirms Compulsion and tells Nynaeve how to remove it. When she finishes, Rand asks Kerb where Graendal is hiding. Kerb whispers “Natrin’s Barrow”, and then dies. Nynaeve criticizes Rand’s methods; he replies that this is the only way to win.

Chapter 34: Legends

Mat studies maps of Trustair and deploys soldiers under cover in case of emergency. Mat asks Aludra about the dragons and they discuss supplies. The cost and materials are far beyond his means, but Mat plans to seek Rand’s help. Olver lets him know there are newcomers in camp—Verin, with her warder Tomas. Assuming she knows about Traveling, Mat discusses the terms for transporting the Band to Andor.

Chapter 35: A Halo of Blackness

Rand takes Nynaeve and several others with him to Falme to meet Tuon. They are surrounded by hundreds of damane and sul’dam; Rand seizes saidin through the Choeden Kal access key. Rand immediately demands a peace be declared to fight against the Shadow from a unified front. Tuon argues they should unite under the Seanchan banner, as their own prophecies state. Tuon brings up Mat, which surprises Rand and Nynaeve. Tuon insults Mat and Nynaeve argues that he is a hero. Rand demands the treaty again; Tuon struggles to resist his strange new force of will, but notes a halo of darkness around Rand and refuses. Rand storms off. Tuon authorizes the strike on Tar Valon and begins planning to attack Rand afterwards.

Chapter 36: The Death of Tuon

In Altara, Verin explains how Mat’s ta’veren pull stopped her from Traveling to Tar Valon, instead bouncing her around the area. She decided to search for either Mat or Perrin to determine why the Pattern wanted her there. Verin offers to take the Band directly to Caemlyn if Mat will open a letter from her ten days after arriving. They compromise that Mat will either open the letter in ten days or burn it unopened and remain in Caemlyn for 30 days.

Fortuona Paendrag becomes Empress of Seanchan, abandoning the name “Tuon”. She oversees the forces for the raid in Tar Valon, staging it well away from Ebou Dar and leaving after sunset to avoid being seen by enemies who can Travel.

Chapter 37: A Force of Light

Taking the Domani Lord Ramshalan and Nynaeve with him, Rand weaves a gateway to nearby Natrin’s Barrow and sends Ramshalan to Graendal with a supposed offer of alliance. When Ramshalan returns under a strong compulsion, Rand channels Balefire with the access key, destroying the entire palace and everyone inside. Nynaeve confirms that the compulsion weave is gone, leading Rand to believe that Graendal is dead. After returning to Bandar Eban, Nynaeve and Min consult Cadsuane, who orders Nynaeve to find Perrin.

Chapter 38: News in Tel’aran’rhiod

Egwene meets with Siuan in Tel’aran’rhiod and again refuses rescue. After she awakens, two Red Sisters arrive and shield Egwene to resume her punishments with the new Mistress of Novices, Katerine. The previous Mistress, Silviana, was dismissed when she demanded Egwene’s release, and Elaida sentenced her to stilling and execution. Egwene orders the Brown Sitter Saerin Asnobar to return to the Hall to stop Silviana’s punishment. She also convinces the Red Sisters to intervene and takes forkroot so they can leave. Egwene returns to her own room and finds Verin, who makes a false statement—violating the first oath.

Chapter 39: A Visit from Verin Sedai

After Egwene guesses Verin never held the Oath Rod, Verin counters that she had the oaths removed when she joined the Black Ajah. Verin thanks Egwene for her work in the Tower and expounds on the Dark One and the Forsaken’s flaws. She explains that she joined the Black Ajah to save herself, then decided to study them. Revealing that the Dark One’s oath requires loyalty until the hour of death, Verin admits she is drinking poisoned tea. She could not remove her oaths to the Dark One because she could not locate the Oath Rod. She gives Egwene two books—one encoded, the other for decoding it—containing the identity of hundreds of Black Ajah members. Before dying, Verin warns Egwene that Mesaana is hiding in the Tower.

Egwene works with the book and uncovers many names, but surprisingly not Elaida. When visited by Meidani, Egwene reveals that Verin is dead and was Black Ajah. Egwene sends Meidani away with orders to apprehend Alviarin. In Tel’aran’rhiod, she informs Siuan that Moria and Sheriam are Black Ajah, but orders them only observed. She is pulled from the dream and woken by Nicola, who says Shadowspawn are attacking. Egwene senses channeling and realizes it is the Seanchan.

Chapter 40: The Tower Shakes

Siuan believes Egwene was pulled away because she was in danger; she and Bryne realize the Seanchan are attacking. Egwene determines the Seanchan strategy and gathers the novices to fight, teaching them to form circles. They take items of power from a store room, including Vora’s fluted wand, a sa’angreal.

Siuan recruits Gawyn and Bryne to help her rescue Egwene. Bryne demands she take him as her Warder, plus one promise to be named later. The Seanchan shield and collar Adelorna Bastine, but Egwene arrives, killing sul’dam and releasing damane from their bonds. Adelorna submits to Egwene’s lead and acknowledges her as Amyrlin. Egwene weaves gateways to retrieve more angreal, revealing that she could have run away at any time, but did not.

Chapter 41: A Fount of Power

Siuan and her group sneak into Tar Valon and see the White Tower burning. Saerin and Captain Chubain are planning out the defense when they realise explosions from the novice quarters are actually attacks against the Seanchan forces. Saerin realizes the resistance is being led by Egwene.

Egwene uses the circle and sa’angreal to decimate the Seanchan forces. Siuan is saved from a Bloodknife by Bryne, she saves him in turn with Healing. After they find an exhausted Egwene, Siuan uses the rod to Travel to the Rebel encampment. Egwene is unable to resist.

Elaida has been captured by the Seanchan—awakening on a to’raken already collared—and is given the damane name of Suffa.

Chapter 42: Before the Stone of Tear

Rand is unable to name a new king or organize the merchant council. Ituralde reports large Trolloc forces gathering in the Blight. It is revealed that all the food in the warehouses and Sea Folk vessels has gone bad. Rand states he can do nothing and leaves Arad Doman in failure. In Tear, Rand tells Bashere that he expects the Seanchan to take Illian and Tear and for Ituralde to fail against the Blight, and orders him to find the Borderlander army. They will not go to Arad Doman, but to Shayol Ghul.

Chapter 43: Sealed to the Flame

Egwene awakens angry at Siuan and Gawyn for her “rescue”. She Travels to the Tower to retrieve the Oath Rod. In the White Tower, the Ajah heads make plans to bring the rebels back in the fold with Elaida gone. They debate possible new Amyrlins, but agree Egwene is the best choice. Bryne proposes marriage to Siuan.

In a meeting of the rebel Hall, Egwene reveals the Oath Rod, taking the three oaths of the Aes Sedai. She then states she is not a Darkfriend and insists everyone present will retake their oaths. Egwene shields Sheriam and tricks her into lying. Sheriam and Moria are subdued, and all the other Sitters retake the oaths. They make plans to purge the Black from their camp.

Chapter 44: Scents Unknown

Nynaeve tries again to convince Rand to help Lan. Rand meets the Borderland army’s representative, Hurin. He travels to outside Far Madding, where the army is, planning to use the access key against the army, but is dissuaded by Nynaeve. Rand refuses to meet the army’s leaders, orders them to return to the Borderlands or not partake in the Last Battle, and returns to Tear. Nynaeve convinces Rand to reveal Perrin’s location and takes the information to Cadsuane.

Chapter 45: The Tower Stands

In the rebel camp, the Black Ajah executions have just completed; Bryne prepares for an assault on Tar Valon. 50 Black Ajah were executed, 20 escaped. The delegation to the Black Tower has sent no word, and all the dream ter’angreal except Siuan’s ring were stolen by Sheriam before her capture and execution.

A delegation of Sitters arrives from Tar Valon, led by Andaya Forae. They announce they have chosen Egwene as the next Amyrlin, reveal Elaida’s capture, agree to the reinstatement of the Blue Ajah, and welcome Bryne’s army into the city.

Chapter 46: To Be Forged Again

Egwene is formally raised as Amyrlin—again. She summons Silviana and names her as Keeper, picking a Red to encourage reunification. Egwene meets the Rebels and chastises both sides, but encourages them to start over in the re-forged White Tower.

Chapter 47: The One He Lost

Rand walks through the Stone, wondering about the prophecies involving Callandor and wonders why the Choedan Kal is not mentioned. He rages against Borderlanders, Seanchan, and Aes Sedai alike, and considers using the Choedan Kal to clear away the Seanchan threat and drive them back out to sea. He then finds Tam in his room. After an awkward chat, Tam mentions Cadsuane. An enraged Rand almost kills Tam and everyone in the Stone, but seeing Tam’s fear stops him. He flees through a gateway.

Chapter 48: Reading the Commentary

Min decides Rand will need to use Callandor as part of a circle; Cadsuane confirms her hypothesis. Tam bursts in, asking what Cadsuane has done to Rand. Cadsuane uses the One Power to bind Tam, who says she is just a bully. They discover Rand went to Ebou Dar, most likely to destroy the Seanchan.

Chapter 49: Just Another Man

In Ebou Dar, Rand is impressed by the peace of the city, learning that some Tinkers are thinking about settling there. He plans to destroy Tarasin Palace, where Tuon lives, then the fleet in the harbor, followed by garrisons and supply depots. He then plans to do the same in the other lands claimed by the Seanchan. Rand seizes saidin, but falls over nauseous. A crowd gathers and he runs through a Gateway, Skimming instead of Traveling. He then travels to the top of Dragonmount.

Chapter 50: Veins of Gold

Rand screams at the heavens, wondering about the point of the Pattern with everyone reborn again and again to make the same mistakes. He continues drawing more of the Power through the Choedan Kal until he holds more than was used in the cleansing of saidin. He wants to burn the Pattern away to erase his mistakes.

Lews Therin’s voice sounds sane compared to Rand, and whispers that they live again to have a second chance. Rand stops and remembers all the people he has loved. Drawing all the Power that he can, Rand turns it back on the Choedan Kal and destroys it.

Rand knows he will never hear Lews Therin again and accepts they are the same man. As the sun breaks through the clouds, he smiles and laughs.

Epilogue: Bathed in Light

Egwene is working in the empty Amyrlin’s study. She has decided to train the freed damane as Aes Sedai. She recalls the purging of the Black Ajah from the Tower (another 60 escaped) and reviews the losses to the Seanchan. She realizes Mesaana must have been able to get around rules of the Oath Rod, and is still in the Tower. She sees the clouds break in a ring over Dragonmount and orders Silviana to mark the date, realizing that something important has happened.

The Wheel of Time

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