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Knife of Dreams

A chapter-by-chapter recap of the eleventh book of The Wheel of Time.

Chapter Recaps of Knife of Dreams

Novel written by

Robert Jordan

Chapter recaps by Jim Vogel. Edited by Joan Albright.

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Kife of Dreams: Chapter Recaps

Prologue: Embers Falling on Dry Grass

Galad accuses Eamon Valda of murdering Queen Morgase. Galad defeats and kills Valda, becoming Lord Captain Commander of the Whitecloaks.

Rodel Ituralde leads one of numerous raids he has planned against the Seanchan, hoping to lead them into a trap on Almoth Plain. High Lady Suroth oversees plans to pursue Tuon and is confronted by Semirhage, who has murdered the Seanchan empress and the rest of the imperial family, excluding Tuon.

Pevara meets with other sisters of the Red Ajah and is given permission to proceed with her plan to bond Asha’man. Yukiri and her group continue the hunt in the Tower for the Black Ajah, while Alviarin begins to suspect them.

Galina is kidnapped by Gaul and Neald, and lies to Perrin about taking a message to Faile before returning to Therava for punishment.

Egwene is dosed with forkroot and returned to the Tower, where she is turned over to the Mistress of Novices, Silviana, who informs her she has been demoted to novice. Leane is also captured and Egwene attempts to warn them about her dream of a Seanchan attack on the Tower.

Chapter 1: When Last Sounds

Siuan reveals to the Rebel Hall that Egwene was captured and forbids rescue. They plan to meet in the Hall of the Tower in Tel’aran’rhoid.

Chapter 2: The Dark One’s Touch

Elaida meets with Mattin Stepaneos of Illian, having kidnapped the former king and planning to restore him to the throne. Elaida is angered at Tar Valon not being cleaned and failing to control Rand. Beonin returns to the Tower and reveals Traveling and reports the names of the Rebel spies in the Tower to Elaida.

Chapter 3: At the Gardens

The Forsaken meet in Tel’aran’rhoid. Moridin orders Rand to be left to him and Perrin and Mat to be found and killed.

Chapter 4: A Deal

Perrin’s forces meet with the Seanchan led by Banner-General Tylee Khirgan. They agree to work together to defeat the Shaido in Malden, planning to dose their Wise Ones with forkroot.

Chapter 5: Something … Strange

Faile serves in Sevanna’s tent. Over Therava’s objections, Sevanna declares the Shaido will stay in Malden. Two gai’shain who have pledged themselves to Faile give her the stolen Oath Rod, which she hides in the city. Rolan reveals plans to return to the Waste and take Faile with him.

Chapter 6: A Stave and a Razor

Valan Luca’s traveling circus performs at Jurador in Altara. Mat purchases a stave to make a longbow, and a razor (a horse bred in Arad Doman), and nicknames Tuon “Precious.” Noal tells Olver about Jain Farstrider when reports of nearby Seanchan soldiers arrive.

Chapter 7: A Cold Medallion

Mat discovers Joline channeling in a confrontation with Bethamin, who has discovered she can weave the One Power.

Chapter 8: Dragons’ Eggs

The traveling circus moves on to another town. Mat and Aludra discuss using a bellfounder to create launching tubes (dragons) and charges (dragons’ eggs) to use in battle against the Seanchan. Aludra agrees to go with Mat when he leaves the circus.

Egeanin and Domon marry. Mat gives Tuon the razor. They meet Tinkers heading for the safety of Seanchan rule in Ebou Dar.

Chapter 9: A Short Path

Mat learns about Tuon from Egeanin. Teslyn and Joline are bound by a’dam during a confrontation with Selucia and Tuon, who discovers the One Power can not touch Mat. Mat releases the Aes Sedai and buries the a’dam.

Chapter 10: A Village in Shiota

Mat continues to court Tuon, while avoiding a ghostly village. Thom reveals Moiraine’s letter and that she is not dead, but a prisoner of the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. Olver explains how to open the Tower of Ghenjei using a sign from the game of Snakes and Foxes. Mat, Thom, and Noal agree to rescue Moiraine.

Chapter 11: A Hell in Maderin

Tuon wants Mat to take her to a “hell” (the roughest tavern). Mat takes her to one that is “rough enough” and gambles to display his luck. Thom learns a Seanchan army is hunting for Tuon and they plan to leave the show. They battle and kill several swordsmen who attack them.

Chapter 12: A Manufactory

Perrin’s group and Tylee gather gear and forces (including raken) to confront the Shaido. Using a letter from Suroth, they acquire what they need, including all the forkroot from the manufactory. Perrin is wounded by an arrow in an assasination attempt.

Chapter 13: Siege

Elayne’s forces use Traveling to defend the siege of Caemlyn despite inferior numbers. The Kinswomen find Charlz Guybon and 10,000 loyal soldiers to bolster their ranks.

Chapter 14: Wet Things

Elayne meets with the Aes Sedai trying to teach the sul’dam, the mercenary captains, Reene Harfor, and the Sea Folk, many of whom comment that she should change her wet clothes.

Chapter 15: A Different Skill

Aviendha reveals her dull dagger can mask the user from the Shadow’s notice. Elayne has her examine other ter’angreal. Plans to continue are interrupted, as the Aiel are leaving Caemlyn.

Chapter 16: The New Follower

Samwil Hark, a thief, is recruited to follow Mellar, who they suspect is a traitor.

Chapter 17: A Bronze Bear

Palace corridors begin shifting and disappearing, causing unease in Caemlyn. An army of 200,000 Borderlanders and another of 60,000 unaffiliated Andorans approach the city.

Arymilla plans to take the city in an assault in a week.

Chapter 18: News for the Dragon

Rand discusses Loial’s book and is told by Logain that Asha’man have begun moving into a chaotic Arad Doman. Logain argues Taim is a Darkfriend, but Rand is unconvinced. Loial’s mother and Elder Haman arrive along with Erith.

Chapter 19: Vows

Loial and Erith marry. An army of 100,000 Trollocs attack the manor. Lews Therin takes control of Rand’s hold on saidin and devastates the army with many new and destructive weaves. Afterwards, Lews Therin only releases his hold when Rand promises they will die in the Last Battle.

Chapter 20: The Golden Crane

Verin departs, warning Rand against trusting any Aes Sedai. Loial departs to speak at the Great Stump, to determine if Ogier will fight in the Last Battle. Elder Haman accepts Rand’s mission to close all the other Waygates. Bashere reports the Daughter of the Nine Moons will meet Rand in three days.

Nynaeve agrees to use Traveling to take Lan to the Borderlands to attack the Blight if he goes through Tarwin’s Gap. He agrees and she takes him to World’s End in Saldea. She then begins recruiting Malkieri to join Lan on his journey and fight beneath the Golden Crane banner.

Chapter 21: Within the Stone

Rand Travels to a besieged Stone of Tear, where Darlin reports food spoiling and trouble with rebels. An agreement is made with the rebels that involves Darlin being made king.

Chapter 22: To Make an Anchor Weep

Harine arrives at a meeting of the the Atha’an Miere’s First Twelve. Logain meets them and invokes Rand’s bargain to carry supplies for a million people to Arad Doman. They also learn the Amayar have been commiting mass suicide after the Choedan Kal on Tremalking melted during the cleansing of saidin.

Chapter 23: Call to a Sitting

Narishma reveals to the Rebel Hall that there is a man channeling in the camp, and offers to allow 47 Aes Sedai to bond Asha’man Warders in compensation for those Sisters bonded at the Black Tower. Halima and Delana escape the camp before Romanda can have them arrested.

Chapter 24: Honey in the Tea

Egwene withstands multiple beatings as punishment for her disobedience and is dosed with forkroot. She earns the respect of novices, helping them with weaves, and refuses suggestions of escape from Alviarin. She also brings Beonin back in line, having her take messages to the exposed rebel spies.

Chapter 25: Attending Elaida

Numerous failures reported by Tarna anger Elaida, who decides to have Egwene attend her during dinner with Meidani. Mat kisses Tuon and is reunited with Talmanes and the Band of the Red Hand.

Chapter 26: As If the World Were Fog

Tuon is surprised at seeing Mat’s army as disciplined and well-equipped troops. Mat begins plans to engage the Seanchan to get Tuon safely back to Ebou Dar.

Perrin’s men pour forkroot into Malden’s aqueduct and an advance team heads into the city. Galina promises to help Faile escape in exchange for the Oath Rod.

Chapter 27: A Plain Wooden Box

Rand goes to meet the Daughter of the Nine Moons, but recognizes Semirhage when Cadsuane interferes with her disguise. Lews Therin battles him for control of saidin and Rand’s hand is burned off by Semirhage. She is taken prisoner and the damane and _sul’dam _with her are either captured or killed.

Chapter 28: In Malden

Faile and some of those sworn to her head into Malden, planning to escape with Galina’s help. Galina takes the Oath Rod and betrays Faile’s group, trapping them in the cellar of a burned-out house. She asks Maighdin to use her almost nonexistent channeling ability to hold a red scarf straight to attract attention.

Chapter 29: The Last Knot

Maighgan’s efforts attract attention and Rolan and his friends arrive to pull Faile’s group out safely. Perrin leads his army in the assault in the Battle of Malden.

Chapter 30: Outside the Gates

Rolan’s group plan to escape to the forest. Aram attempts to kill Perrin on Masema’s orders, but a Shaido arrow kills Aram instead. Perrin sees Faile’s group emerging from the town and attacks and kills Rolan. Faile and Lacile stab the other two in the back. After the battle, Tylee and Perrin depart as allies.

Galina is recaptured by Therava, who leads several hundred Shaido back to the Waste. Therava intends to keep a broken Galina as her Lina for the rest of her life.

Chapter 31: The House on Full Moon Street

Hark has successfully followed Mellar. Elayne goes to the house and attempts to capture them with only three other Aes Sedai over Birgitte’s objection. They are betrayed by Careane, who is then killed by Vandene to avenge her sister Adeleas. The other Aes Sedai are murdered and Elayne is taken captive.

Chapter 32: To Keep the Bargain

Birgitte realizes the Aes Sedai are dead when their Warders go wild and retreats to the palace. While ordering a defense from an assault outside the walls, Birgitte convinces the Windfinders to intervene. Despite the loss of many troops, Elayne is saved.

Chapter 33: Nine Out of Ten

After her rescue, Elayne uses the Windfinder gateways to attack Arymilla’s forces in the rear while they are assaulting the walls. Arymilla and her allies are mostly captured, after which nine houses support Elayne’s claim, allowing her to be proclaimed queen.

Chapter 34: A Cup of Kaf

Furyk Karede continues his search for Tuon amidst repeated defeats of the Ever Victorious Army by an unknown force. He reasons this group (which he suspects is led by Thom) is attempting to take Tuon out of Altara and heads north to try to catch them.

Chapter 35: The Importance of Dyelin

Elayne uses the presence of the Borderlander army as a negotiating tool with the unaligned Houses. Most of Andor now supports Elayne.

Chapter 36: Under an Oak

Karede finds the camp of the Band and goes in with a few Deathwatch Guards and damane. Mat agrees to hand Tuon over if Karede can get her to safety. Tuon reconnects with Karede and she declares Mat is her husband three times, completing the marriage ceremony.

Chapter 37: Prince of the Ravens

Mat leads the Band in battle against the Seanchan attempting to kill Tuon. Using Aludra’s weapons, the Aes Sedai, and numerous other tools, the Band defeat the Seanchan army. Mat is told his new title is the Prince of Ravens.

Epilogue: Remember the Old Saying

Suroth’s plans to ascend the Crystal Throne are destroyed when Tuon returns and takes command of the Return. Pevara and her group arrive at the Black Tower and presents her desire to have Red sisters bond Asha’man. Surprisingly, Taim agrees, mentioning the old saying, “Let the Lord of Chaos Rule.”

The Wheel of Time

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