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Crossroads of Twilight

A chapter-by-chapter recap of the tenth book of The Wheel of Time.

Chapter Recaps of Crossroads of Twilight

Novel written by

Robert Jordan

Chapter recaps by Joan Albright. Edited by Angela Carter.

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Crossroads of Twilight: Chapter Summaries

PROLOGUE: Glimmers of the Pattern (Saban 17 - 18 N.E. 1000)

Rodel Ituralde chafes at the orders keeping him from restoring peace in Arad Doman. He meets in secret with the Dragonsworn he has been hunting, and rallies them against the Seanchan.

Eamon Valda meets with the surviving Lords Captain of the Children of the Light to consider their options.

Logain’s bonded Aes Sedai determine to join him on his next “recruiting” trip.

Black Ajah hunter Yukiri demands that the outed Salidar spy Meidani resume her prior relationship with Elaida. Yukiri and Saerin discuss an oddness in the choices of new Sitters after the rebels left.

Gawyn learns that Elayne is with the Salidar Aes Sedai, but continues in his loyalty to Elaida.

Chapter 1: Time to Be Gone (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Davram Bashere and clan chief Bael watch the rival claimants for the throne of Andor gather around Caemlyn, but have been forbidden from participating. Davram’s wife Deira is attacked by thieves, who are found dead moments later.

Loial arrives in Cairhien, looking for Rand. Lord Dobraine has also been attacked by a thief looking for something specific in his quarters.

Chapter 2: Two Captains (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Mat recalls the details of their escape from Ebou Dar, with the Aes Sedai disguised as damane and slipping past the gate guards. He and Egeanin pretend to be lovers.

Chapter 3: A Fan of Colors (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Mat and Egeanin vie for control of their party, which is hiding among Valan Luca’s now-expanded circus. A Seanchan soldier spooks Luca, who decides it is time to be moving away from the city. The dice start rolling in Mat’s head.

Mat visits Tuon in her wagon; she insists on calling him “Toy.” Tuon asks Mat whether he remembers Hawkwing’s face; he is too startled to lie convincingly. Mat promises to return Tuon safely home once the Aes Sedai are safe, and Tuon promises to not try to escape. The dice stop rolling as they shake on it.

Thom reports that Queen Tylin is dead, apparently killed by the gholam. The Aes Sedai squabble with each other and the sul’dam, on edge because they can sense Rand and Nynaeve cleansing the source all the way from Shadar Logoth.

Chapter 4: A Tale of a Doll (Saban 25-26 N.E. 1000)

Almurat Mor—the Seeker for Truth who has been tailing Egeanin since Tanchico—approaches Deathwatch Guardsman Furyk Karede. Mor believes Karede to be loyal, and reveals a rumor which he believes is aimed at Tuon. Karede sets out to find her.

Chapter 5: The Forging of a Hammer (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Twenty-two days after Faile’s capture by the Shaido, Perrin wakes from a disturbing dream about something the wolves fear worse than Myrddraal. Faile’s retainers believe the Prophet Masema has been meeting with both Seanchan and Aes Sedai in secret.

Chapter 6: The Scent of a Dream (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Perrin finds the tracks of Darkhounds encircling the camp, the source of his strange dream. Berelain brings him a document stolen from Masema—a warrant of protection signed by High Lady Suroth.

Chapter 7: Blacksmith’s Puzzle (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Masuri Sedai studies the Darkhound’s tracks and determines they have moved on. Masema appears, informing Perrin of a village where he can resupply.

Chapter 8: Whirlpools of Color (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Elyas returns with news of the Shaido camp—which outnumbers Perrin’s forces five to one. Arganda suggests offering a ransom to free the prisoners; Annoura recommends negotiation. Perrin refuses both. Elyas explains that Darkhounds were wolves once, twisted to the Shadow.

Perrin views the Shaido camp, which lies outside the city of Malden. He sees a vision of Rand and Nynaeve at the same time his Asha’man and Wise Ones feel a powerful weaving of the Power. Perrin orders Sulin to capture some Shaido prisoners.

Chapter 9: Traps (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Faile is interrogated by the Wise Ones for what she heard while waiting on Sevanna. On her way back to her tent, Faile is accosted by a Shaido and rescued by Rolan, the Aiel who captured her. Maighdin (aka Morgase) is caught trying to steal the Oath Rod for Galina. Maighdin can feel the weaves from the north, despite being barely able to channel. Lacile and Arrela, who had escaped three days previously, have been recaptured. Faile is punished for stealing a knife.

Chapter 10: A Blazing Beacon (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Elayne visits House Matherin, gathering support for her claim to the Lion Throne. Feeling the beacon of saidar, Elayne wants to go to Rand, but Aviendha cautions against it.

Chapter 11: A Talk of Debts (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Elayne returns to Caemlyn via gateway. Birgitte complains that Elayne has brought only boys and old men to join her armsmen, but the noble Houses have sent most of their soldiers to Caemlyn on foot. Vandene continues the search for her sister’s murderer, under the guise of training two Kin runaways. Elayne takes “Captain Mellar” down a peg for leading an unauthorized sortie outside the gates.

Chapter 12: A Bargain (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Elayne receives Birgitte’s report in her bath, where she is interrupted by Wavemistress Zaida. Zaida reports that the Mistress of Ships has been killed, and that she must leave to help choose a new one. Zaida leaves some of her Windfinders to help Elayne keep Caemlyn supplied, in exchange for a square mile of land on the river.

Chapter 13: High Seats (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Elayne convinces Aviendha to wear silk for their meeting with four newly arrived High Seats. Dyelin and Birgitte snipe at each other.

Chapter 14: What Wise Ones Know (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

Elayne arranges to set a double agent among the camp outside the walls. The High Seats who were ousted by Morgase (under Gaebril’s Compulsion) have returned from Murandy but have not declared their intentions toward Elayne. Elayne consults one of the Wise Ones regarding her pregnancy, and learns that she is expecting twins.

Chapter 15: Gathering Darkness (Saban 22 N.E. 1000)

In the camp outside Caemlyn, Arymilla’s supporters scheme among themselves.

Daved Hanlon (aka Doilan Mellar) kills a man trying to tail him and arrives at the house where the Black Ajah are staying, and gives his report to Shiaine.

Chapter 16: The Subject of Negotiations (Saban 27 N.E. 1000)

Egwene observes the ships entering Tar Valon and considers the problem of stopping them. Delana attempts to foment strife by informing Egwene that several Sitters want to negotiate with Elaida, but her plan backfires when Egwene grants permission for the negotiation attempt.

Chapter 17: Secrets (Saban 27 N.E. 1000)

Food supplies have started going bad or becoming infested with weevils at a faster rate than normal. Egwene has set Aes Sedai and even novices to the task of making cuendillar items for sale—using the weave that Egwene has recently discovered. Among them are Leane, Kairen Stang, Mat’s sister Bode, and Nicola, who has been making a nuisance of herself again.

Chapter 18: A Chat with Siuan (Saban 27 N.E. 1000)

Siuan notes that the Tower’s unusual choice of new Sitters mirrors a similar conundrum among the Salidar contingent. Egwene had developed headaches which only Halima seems able to cure. She reviews the reports from Siuan’s eyes and ears.

Chapter 19: Surprises (Saban 27 N.E. 1000)

Egwene’s Hall of the Tower meets to report the Sisters’ findings at Shadar Logoth, where they found a hole three miles wide, scooped out by enough of the Power to level Tar Valon. Blue Sitter Moria proposes approaching the Black Tower so they may incorporate men into their circles to make them large enough to face such a threat. The lesser consensus stands in support of the proposal.

Chapter 20: In the Night (Saban 27 - 28 N.E. 1000)

Egwene summons Elayne to Tel’aran’rhiod but is met by Aviendha instead. Egwene delivers her message, then has several prophetic dreams. She wakes to the news that Anaiya and her Warder have been murdered by someone using saidin.

Chapter 21: A Mark (Aine 1 N.E. 1000)

Alviarin returns from an errand set her by Mesaana and finds herself ousted, replaced by Tarna Feir as Elaida’s Keeper after her unexplained absence. Elaida gives the Sitters permission to negotiate with the Rebel faction, but remains unyielding in what terms she will accept. Alviarin panics, summoning Mesaana, then inadvertently witnesses Mesaana’s chastisement at the hands of Shaidar Haran. The Dark One places an invisible mark upon Alviarin.

Chapter 22: One Answer (Aine 1 N.E. 1000)

Tarna describes an encounter she had with Asha’man to Red Sitter Pevara. Tarna believes the Red Ajah must begin bonding the Asha’man as Warders.

Chapter 23: Ornaments (Aine 2 N.E. 1000)

Cadsuane questions the Aes Sedai who have bonded Asha’man as Warders, trying to determine whether saidin has really been cleansed. She and Rand discuss the Seanchan; the former damane Alivia claims their armies have never been defeated.

Chapter 24: A Strengthening Storm (Aine 2 N.E. 1000)

Bashere, Logain, and Loial track Rand down using the Warders left behind in Cairhien. Loial reports on his progress with the Waygates. Rand chews out Logain for bonding Aes Sedai; Logain tries to convince him that Mazrim Taim is not acting in Rand’s best interests. Rand has decided to make a truce with the Seanchan.

Chapter 25: When to Wear Jewels (Aine 4 N.E. 1000)

Perrin prepares to ride into So Habor for supplies.

Chapter 26: In So Habor (Aine 4 N.E. 1000)

Perrin and Berelain meet with the reluctant merchants of So Habor. They inspect the offered grain and find it infested with weevils. The streets and city are plagued with the ghosts of the dead.

Chapter 27: What Must Be Done (Aine 4 N.E. 1000)

Perrin oversees the winnowing of the grain, then returns to the camp to interrogate the Shaido prisoners. Not wanting to wait the days it will take to break them with torture, Perrin cuts off one of their hands, has Masuri Heal the stump, and threatens to leave the lot of them crippled and begging for the rest of their lives.

Disgusted and ashamed at his own cruelty, Perrin throws away his axe for good. In a twist of ta’veren luck, Tallanvor returns with news of a Seanchan army which may help Perrin confront the Shaido.

Chapter 28: A Cluster of Rosebuds (Saban 22 - Aine 13 N.E. 1000 N.E. 1000)

Mat chafes at the slow pace of Luca’s wagons. He confronts the Aes Sedai about visiting villages along their route, heedless of Seanchan patrols. Juilin tries to accustom the former Panarch Amathera to freedom again; Mat asks Noal to keep an eye on them. Mat convinces Egeanin to visit Tuon with him. Tuon rejects a jeweled necklace Mat gives her, then demotes Egeanin and decides the former ship captain’s new name will be Leilwin Shipless.

Mat decides upon a new strategy, bringing gifts for Selucia—Tuon’s so’jhin—instead. He and Tuon play stones, and appear to be evenly matched. Tuon demands to be allowed to leave her wagon; she and Mat take a nighttime stroll.

Mat learns that the words he spoke when he kidnapped Tuon in Ebou Dar constitute a Seanchan marriage proposal.

Chapter 29: Something Flickers (Aine 14 N.E. 1000)

Mat takes Tuon into Jurador to buy silks for a new wardrobe. They return to find the sul’dam Renna has fled, having stabbed Egeanin in the hopes that Renna’s secret would die with her. With Aes Sedai help, Egeanin recovers, and Mat rides off after Renna.

Mat, Vanin, and the Redarms catch up with Renna just before she reaches a Seanchan garrison. Mat is forced to shoot her. Mat returns to the wagons to find that Tuon has revealed her identity to Luca and granted his circus a warrant of protection.

Chapter 30: What the Oath Rod Can Do (Aine 14 N.E. 1000)

A second Aes Sedai—Kairen Stang—has been murdered with saidin, forcing Egwene to make a last-minute change to her plans for blocking the harbor. Nicola has run away. Romanda refuses to believe that some of the Kin are six hundred years old yet have not achieved the ageless look; Egwene believes the Oath Rod is responsible for the difference.

At the last minute, Egwene decides to take Bode Cauthon’s place at Northharbor, turning the chain to cuendillar. She is captured by the Tower.

Epilogue: An Answer (Aine 14 N.E. 1000)

Rand will be granted an audience with the Daughter of the Nine Moons.

The Wheel of Time

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