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A Memory of Light

A chapter-by-chapter recap of the fourteenth book of The Wheel of Time.

Chapter Recaps of A Memory of Light

Novel written by

Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

Chapter recaps by Jim Vogel. Edited by Angela Carter.

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A Memory of Light: Chapter Summaries

Prologue: By Grace and Banners Fallen

In Andor, Jarid Sarand blames a bubble of evil on Elayne, but a member of his personal guard recognizes it as a sign that the Last Battle is coming. Isam meets Cyndane in the town on the edge of Thakan’dar. Cyndane orders Isam to kill Rand and gives him two male Aiel Darkfriend channelers to help. Leilwin pledges her life to the White Tower.

Aviendha tells the Wise Ones of her Rhuidean vision of the future. They agree it must be fought. At the Black Tower, Androl and Pevara discuss the need to save themselves from Taim. Moridin introduces the other Chosen to Taim, who was raised to the Chosen and renamed M’Hael.

Talmanes brings the Band of the Red Hand to Caemlyn as refugees crowd the roads. Talmanes is wounded with a Thakan’dar blade but they escape the city with the dragons.

Chapter 1: Eastward the Wind Blew

Egwene and Elayne discuss concerns over Rand’s plan to break the seals. They receive word Caemlyn is under attack, as refugees are arriving. Nynaeve heals Talmanes and other survivors. Perrin and Rand send Asha’man to help with the evacuation and to keep the Trollocs in Caemlyn.

Chapter 2: The Choice of an Ajah

Androl and Pevara form a clumsy circle and they bond one another, creating a telepathic link between the two. Aviendha sneaks into Elayne’s tent and Elayne grants Aviendha permission to consummate her relationship with Rand before the battle.

Chapter 3: A Dangerous Place

Androl and Pevara are told the lie that Logain and Taim have overcome their differences. They resist capture. Aviendha finds Rand and tells him they are going to bed together, to the cheers of the Maidens.

Chapter 4: Advantages to a Bond

Pevara and Androl sneak into the Black Tower, killing the guards. They find Logain, but he is too weak to channel. Taim’s men stop them, collapsing the roof. Rand and Moridin meet in Moridin’s dreamshard. They taunt each other and Rand declares he is coming for the Dark One.

Chapter 5: To Require a Boon

Aviendha demands a boon of Rand that may change his plans at his summit with the world’s rulers. After determining that Murandy’s King Roedran is not Demandred, Rand requires three things for his life: for them to sign a document called the Dragon’s Peace, which will set borders as they are currently (with the establishment of schools and pacts of mutual defense); for Egwene to give him the seals to the Dark One’s prison (though he will try to kill him to protect the world forever); and for him to be commander of the world’s armies. The Borderlanders, Berelain, and Galad agree to sign the pact, but the others, especially Egwene, are furious. Rand has just declared the meeting a waste of time when Moiraine enters the tent.

Chapter 6: A Knack

Moiraine greets Rand and Egwene, then quotes prophesy effectively saying Rand must have his way since only he can fight this battle. Rand agrees the document will be void if he cannot convince the Seanchan to sign it. Aviendha demands a place for the Aiel in the Dragon’s Peace and Perrin suggests they be used to enforce the treaty. Moiraine convinces Rand someone else should command the armies since he will be at Shayol Ghul and he agrees to Elayne commanding. Egwene agrees it is the responsibility of the Amyrlin to break the seals.

Lan and his army are losing to Shadowspawn and are suddenly supported through a gateway with thousands of riders flying the flag of Arafel, followed by more Borderlanders and Asha’man.

Chapter 7: Into the Thick of It

Agelmar will lead the forces at Tarwin’s Gap; Bryne will lead in Kandor. Bashere will lead the battle at Caemlyn and Ituralde commands the army (including the Aiel) at Shayol Ghul. The Ogier arrive to join the fight. Perrin refuses specific duties, noting Rand will need him, so Faile is put in charge of food and supplies (she is also entrusted with the Horn of Valere and getting it to Mat).

Chapter 8: That Smoldering City

In Caemlyn, the city is set ablaze to draw out the Trolloc army. Elayne makes it known she is pregnant by Rand. Androl and Pevara’s group are captured and shielded at the Black Tower.

Chapter 9: To Die Well

Lan’s army is holding at the Gap, but expect to be pushed back eventually. In Kandor, Egwene and Gawyn have been married. Egwene accepts Leilwin to serve and protect her. Elayne receives a Seed used for creating angreal and she offers Rand a dagger _ter’angreal _that prevents the Shadow from seeing the holder.

Chapter 10: The Use of Dragons

Androl has been dosed with forkroot. Taim has a seal for the Dark One’s prison. Two dozen channelers engage the Borderlander forces at the Gap as the retreat begins. Perrin lures the Trollocs to Elayne’s army in the Braem Wood. Explosives, arrows, and the dragons are incredibly effective and Brigitte notes the dragons will change war forever.

Chapter 11: Just Another Sell-sword

Bryne is using gateways on the floor of his tent for overhead views of the battlefield and Egwene notes the Aes Sedai should not be a reserve force, but instead the main force to be unleashed on the Shadow.

Mat sneaks into Ebou Dar disguised as a wounded sell-sword and learns General Lunal Galgan is hiring assassins to target Tuon. Rand is in the Borderlands and engages Taim and the Dreadlords, but after a brief battle realizes it is not the time to face them and disengages.

Chapter 12: A Shard of a Moment

Rand meets Cyndane in Tel’aran’rhoid and tries to convince her to turn from the Shadow. In Andor, Elayne’s forces are succeeding, but are outnumbered. Perrin questions a Wise One, Edarra, on dreamwalking, and she cautions of the dangers going there in the flesh.

Chapter 13: What Must Be Done

Egwene wields Vora’s sa’angreal and along with 100 Aes Sedai, she decimates and drives back an enormous army of Trollocs. Elayne orders the cities of Shienar to be burnt and the people relocated to Tar Valon. Bashere plans to pull back across the River Erinin to fight against the walls of Cairhien. Elayne agrees but notes they must stop retreating and defeat the Shadow so they can help in the other battles. Perrin travels to Shayol Ghul. He convinces Rand to open a gateway so he can face Slayer in the World of Dreams in the flesh; Gaul accompanies him.

Chapter 14: Doses of Forkroot

Perrin shifts Gaul and himself away from Shayol Ghul as Tel’aran’rhoid is dying. They shift to the dreamspike barrier at the Black Tower and Perrin forces their way in. Perrin finds Turned Asha’man, but Cyndane appears and says she dosed them with forkroot, claiming she has turned from the Shadow. Cyndane gives him instructions on the dreamspike.

At the Black Tower, when Taim attacks him with balefire, Androl manages to make a tiny gateway to catch it. Two Rivers boys enter and attack the Dreadlords. They free Logain, though Taim and some others escape.

Chapter 15: Your Neck in a Cord

Mat climbs the exterior of the Tarasin Palace to Tuon’s room, though he is briefly attacked by Selucia. Mat discovers and attacks a Gray Man who would have killed Tuon. Tuon dismisses Galgan’s threat and instructs Karede to learn from Mat how to detect and deal with Gray Men. Mat and Tuon go to bed together.

Rand visits Elayne’s camp, speaks with his father, and, at Tam’s suggestion, they have a duel that helps Rand’s perspective.

Chapter 16: A Silence Like Screaming

Galad and his Whitecloaks watch as Loial and the Ogier attack a fist of Trollocs in the Braem Wood and begin singing a war song. Moiraine and Rand discuss their history and his plan to kill the Dark One and he makes plans to go to Ebou Dar. Lan kills two Myrddraal and is nearly killed by Taim.

Chapter 17: Older, More Weathered

Tuon and Mat wake up and Rand is brought before them. Rand and Mat catch up and compare accomplishments. They agree on their current borders and that the Seanchan will keep their current damane, but will not collar any more. Tuon signs the Dragon’s Peace.

Chapter 18: To Feel Wasted

After a week of fighting in Kandor, the Aes Sedai are killing Trollocs in shifts, but Gawyn feels wasted staying besides Egwene. Leilwin reveals the abilities and fatal cost of the Bloodknife rings to Gawyn.

Rand travels to Merrilor and reveals to Min it is time for him to go to Shayol Ghul. He asks Cadsuane to help Aviendha against the Forsaken and she tells him the Black Tower has freed themselves. In Shienar, concerns about Agelmar’s strategy are brought to Lan, who decides to trust Agelmar’s wisdom.

Chapter 19: The Choice of a Patch

Elayne and Bashere realize they have been trapped between the army from Andor and another coming from the south. Rand meets Egwene in the White Tower and renews their friendship, reveals to her and Gawyn that Galad is Rand’s half-brother, and discovers Egwene’s seals are fakes.

Mat is given ceremonial armor and his nails are lacquered to denote him as one of the Blood.

Chapter 20: Into Thakan’dar

Egwene and her forces continue destroying Trollocs when an enormous gateway opens to reveal a large army with hundreds of Sharan channelers. Aes Sedai holding the power are attacked and slaughtered. Egwene and Gawyn hide until his Warder cloak.

Rand warns Aviendha that the Forsaken will attack once he engages the Dark One. He announces he will go to Shayol Ghul tomorrow.

Chapter 21: Not a Mistake to Ignore

Bryne admits he should not have delayed his attacks against the Trollocs. Androl worries about Logain’s darker attitude and Pevara worries the Turning broke Logain.

Chapter 22: The Wyld

Egwene wakes and watches the Sharans sorting prisoners. Demandred arrives and introduces himself as Bao, the Wyld, and leader of the Sharan army. He sends a challenge to the Dragon. Perrin and Gaul track Hessalam to the command tent in Merrilor. Cyndane appears and tells Perrin he should learn to leave the World of Dreams at will and reveals Hessalam was invading Bashere’s dreams.

Chapter 23: At the Edge of Time

Gawyn leads Egwene out of hiding by using one of the Bloodknife rings. Egwene is saved by Leilwin. At Thakan’dar, Aviendha organizes circles and attack plans.

Rand begins climbing Shayol Ghul and Nynaeve notices his old wound has reopened as his blood stains the rocks. Thom guards the entrance to the cave and Rand forms a circle with Nynaeve and Moiraine. A voice thunders, “IT IS TIME. LET THE TASK BE UNDERTAKEN.”

Chapter 24: To Ignore the Omens

Mat convinces Tuon to move the army to support the Amyrlin’s. Elayne rallys her army in Cairhien. The Windfinders battle the Dark One with the Bowl of the Winds to prevent tempests from destroying them. Ituralde wins a battle against Trollocs, but knows more will attack.

Chapter 25: Quick Fragments

Egwene rejoins Siuan and Bryne at a camp in southeastern Kandor. When Rand enters the cave, the Dark One senses him despite the dagger. Moridin refuses turning back to the light and attacks Rand with his sword.

Lan notes more errors in strategy by Agelmar. Wolves tell Perrin Slayer is in the passage to the Pit of Doom and he arrives in time to save Rand. Perrin, Gaul and the wolves battle the red-veiled Aiel. Cyndane urges Perrin to kill them and she heals Gaul. Perrin puts the dreamspike here to cover the cavern and asks the wolves to guard the entrance.

Chapter 26: Considerations

Egwene challenges Tuon on terms of the Dragon’s Peace. Mat intercedes and declines Egwene’s offer to save him from Tuon.

Elayne and Brigitte withdraw from the front lines and learn of the unexpected arrival of a second army and false reports. Elayne concludes Bashere is a Darkfriend and has him placed under guard.

Chapter 27: Friendly Fire

Min relays a message from Bryne to Tuon requesting cavalry and Mat sends Tylee and her forces. Min describes a viewing of Tuon, who calls her a Doomseer and names Min as her Soe’feia.

Chapter 28: Too Many Men

Lan comes to believe Agelmar is sabotaging the army in subtle ways and countermands orders to prove the deception. While battling Trollocs, Loial sings a song of life, making plants grow green again. Mat plans to inspect the battlefield himself, and Tuon decides to accompany him.

Chapter 29: The Loss of a Hill

Egwene sees a hill overrun and plans to question Bryne how this could have happened. Lan relieves Agelmar of duty and places him under guard. Mat realizes something is wrong and takes command of Tylee, sending them into battle against Bryne’s order. Mat kills an Ayyad woman and demands control of the Seanchan army and sends word to Egwene that Bryne is a Darkfriend.

Chapter 30: The Way of the Predator

Perrin has returned to the cavern several times to run off Slayer. He sees Hessalam coming out of Bryne’s tent and one of the wolves reveals himself as Elyas. Perrin and Gaul return to face Slayer and Elyas goes to stop Ituralde.

Rand falls backward into the darkness in the center of the pit. Elayne has defeated the northern army, but the southern army has surrounded them. Logain arrives and announces the Black Tower stands with Andor. In a large circle, Androl opens an enormous gateway into Dragonmount and uses hundreds of feet of lava to destroy the Trolloc army.

Chapter 31: A Tempest of Water

Ituralde observes a massive Myrddraal attack and fights against a voice in his head demanding he call a retreat. Before he surrenders to the voice and gives the order, Elyas knocks him unconscious.

Egwene realizes he is under Compulsion. Worried Bryne’s commanders could be as well, she puts their armies under Mat’s command.

Chapter 32: A Yellow Flower-Spider

Mat determines they must abandon this battlefield. Tuon uses Min’s viewings in assigning duties. It is confirmed the four great captains are compromised and Mat announces a unified stand at Merrilor.

Chapter 33: The Prince’s Tabac

Perrin and Slayer battle and Perrin is injured by a crossbow. He shifts away from the fight.

As Faile’s crew plan to bring supplies to Merrilor, including the Horn of Valere, a bubble of evil strikes and sends them to the Blight. Faile suspects a traitor killed their channeler to prevent Traveling. Aviendha is attacked by the Samma N’Sei, but is saved by Cadsuane and together they drive away Hessalam.

Chapter 34: Drifting

Rand sits outside time as the Dark One engages him outside the Pattern. Cyndane finds an injured Perrin, but does not help him. In the Blight, Faile realizes Darkfriends may be among them and decides to wait a day before heading toward Shayol Ghul to find someone to make them a gateway to Merrilor. Aviendha’s circle is attacked by Hessalam.

Chapter 35: A Practiced Grin

Olver rides through the Blight. Days later, Faile attempts to trap the traitor and appears to uncover Vanin and Harnin, but an attack by monstrous beasts drives her party and the two men apart.

Chapter 36: Unchangeable Things

Nynaeve and Moiraine watch Rand and Moridin, who appear frozen, and discover Alanna, stabbed in the gut. Nynaeve tries to treat her, realizing her death will force Rand to go mad due to the Warder bond. Mat walks among his men, preparing them for battle, and speaks with Egwene.

In Tel’aran’rhoid, Perrin figures out how to wake from the dream and is found in Merrilor and taken for healing.

Chapter 37: The Last Battle

Lan leads some calvary in an attack against the Sharans. Elayne meets Mat, who says he has not revealed the real battle plan and will not even tell her for fear of being overheard. He quickly pulls his men off Polov Heights. Just as they move off, Demandred brings up a massive Sharan force that would have overwhelmed them.

Logain orders his forces to kill any male channeler and hunt Taim for the seals. Gawyn puts on the remaining Bloodknife rings. Mat sends reinforcements to Tam’s men at the River Mora with orders to hold their ground.

Mat resists questions from Galad and Elayne, sending orders throughout his forces, but realizes he needs to hold off on deploying the last of the dragons. In secret, he reveals to Elayne that he knows there is a spy in the room.

Rand is shown a future where the Blight has overrun the world, seeing his friends Turned or tortured.

Egwene notices Gawyn is missing. Bryne goes to find him and Siuan reports to Mat. Gawyn assaults Demandred, but he is noticed, defeated, and mortally wounded.

Faile’s group finds a village near Thakan’dar and hope to sneak through. Perrin is being cared for at Berelain’s palace in Mayene and he learns Faile is lost before he realizes he must sleep for real or die. Rhuarc kills several enemies, but is captured by Hessalam, who uses Compulsion to turn him into a slave.

Rand shows the Dark One a world where the Light is victorious, but the vision is attacked.

Egwene falters in battle when Gawyn is injured. Mat sends Galad a copy of his foxhead medallion with instructions to kill as many enemy channelers as he can. Mat and Tuon feign an argument about moving her to safety and sees a Gray Man enter as Ayyad attack. Min kills a male Ayyad and is saved from another by Siuan. Min saves Tuon and Siuan helps Mat, but she is killed in the process.

Egwene tries to fight toward Gawyn. Demandred considers Traveling to the command center of Dashar Knob, but fears it is a trap by Lews Therin. He thinks Mat is Lews Therin, but is a better general than he was in the Second Age.

The Dark One threatens to show Rand another future.

Androl and Pevara infiltrate the Darkfriends wearing inverted Mask of Mirrors. They are taken to Demandred, who relays Taim’s location. Galad is killing enemy channelers and his men find Gawyn. Gawyn says Galad and Rand share a mother, Tigraine, then he dies. The death causes Egwene to lash out.

Tuon refuses Healing and orders the Deathwatch Guards to attack the marath’damane directly, and raises Min to the Blood. Tuon argues with Mat, feigning a split and ordering the Seanchan to return to Ebou Dar.

The Dark One shows Rand a world free of the Blight, but where his corruption is inside of men and none has a conscience. Rand promises to show Shai’tan this world’s opposite.

Galad calls out Demandred and the two begin to fight. Mat has Teslyn make a gateway to the Heights so his troops can try to claim the northern slope.

Egwene wakes and takes Leilwin as a Warder and goes back to the battle. Galad injures Demandred, but Demandred severs Galad’s right arm. A disguised Androl reports to Taim. As Androl leaves he steals Taim’s pouch with the seals.

Rand creates a world without the Dark One, but sees that the Dark One is not the source of evil, but a manifestation of it. Without the Dark One there is no choice or freedom in the world. He realizes the world he is creating is terrible.

In the Blight, Aravine reveals herself as a Darkfriend and Faile’s group is captured, but Olver stabs Aravine in the back when she tries to take the Horn. Faile is saved by Vanin and Harnin and they attacks Trollocs, telling Olver to get the Horn to Mat.

Logain takes the seals and attacks Demandred, but fails and is forced to flee. Olver rides Bela through Merrilor, but she is hit but a Trolloc arrow and dies, while Olver squeezes into a rocky outcrop to escape.

Egwene tries to shield Taim, but his balefire attacks and retreats prevent her as Mat’s army begins to fail. Annoura burns herself out, but manages to save Galad and return him to Berelain.

Rand watches people dying for him and the Dark One prepares a final vision—oblivion.

Demandred gives Taim the Sakarnen to deal with Egwene so he can face Lews Therin on even footing. Hanlon kills Birgitte and captures Elayne, planning to cut out her babies. When Mat recalls the Seanchan, their leaders debate returning. Min finds and exposes a so’jhin who was using Compulsion on Yulan and Tuon orders them to prepare to return to Merrilor.

Egwene remembers Perrin’s words that balefire is “just a weave.” She counters Taim’s balefire with the own weave, the Flame of Tar Valon. She send Leilwin through a gateway, releasing the bond and instructing her to destroy the seals when they see the light. She draws more of the Power, killing herself and the Sharran channelers.

Galad gives Berelain the medallion, which she gets to Lan. As Mat tries to hold his army together, Lan rides toward Demandred, helped by Loial and the Ogier, as well as Tam’s archers. He dismounts to save Mandrab and attacks Demandred.

Rands sees Egwene die and Elayne captive, Rhuarc a slave, and Mat and Lan’s pain and fear.

Lan avoids rocks thrown by Demandred, but knows he is not as good of a swordsman as the Forsaken. Lan sheathes the sword and kills Demandred.

Chapter 38: The Place That Was Not

Rand releases his guilt, rising to battle the Dark One again. He shrugs off attacks and refuses to give in while the others still fight. As the Sharrans freeze after Demandred’s death, Mat leads another charge.

Chapter 39: Those Who Fight

Rand holds the world in his hand and the Dark One threatens to take Mat as he did Lan. Olver blows the Horn of Valere. Lan rises, holding Demandred’s head. Brigitte returns as a Hero and shoots Hanlon, saving Elayne. Hawkwing greets Mat and asks for the banner. Olver is pulled out by Trollocs, but they are killed by Noal, now a Hero of the Horn.

Chapter 40: Wolfbrother

Elyas and the wolves join the battle to attack Darkhounds. Aviendha, Cadsuane, and Amys attack Hessalam. Mat is joined by the Seanchan and directs them to support Elayne and drive the Trollocs from the rear. The dragons begin firing again. At dawn, Jur Grady opens a gateway to Hinderstap and the men who died yesterday march through, killing the Dreadlords and allowing Grady to destroy the dam and free the river.

Chapter 41: A Smile

Logain orders a search for the Sarkarnen. Moghedien attempts to replace Demandred with the Mask of Mirrors. A gateway opens before her and the dragons fire through the gateway.

Chapter 42: Impossibilities

The Windfinders at Shayol Ghul lose control of the storm. Mashadar arrives. Aviendha, Amys, and Cadsuane battle Hessalam while clouds form the symbol of the ancient Aes Sedai overhead. Aviendha kills Rhuarc and is injured. Pevara and Androl trick some of the Shadow’s channelers to follow them through gateways into steddings where they are captured.

Chapter 43: A Field of Glass

Logain receives Egwene’s message, but plans to ignore it. Androl begs him to give up the sa’angreal and save refugees from Trollocs. Mat rides with the Heroes and finds Elayne alive as the undammed river hits the Tolloc army and splits them in two. While Sharans and Trollocs flee, Mat feels Rand’s pull and leaves for Shayol Ghul after introducing Hawkwing to Tuon.

Rand continues to battle the Dark One, who is enraged as he sees the battle is lost. Aviendha wakes up on a ledge with Hessalam, too wounded to walk, opening a gateway and tying it off before she is shielded.

Chapter 44: Two Craftsmen

Perrin is healed and returns to the wolf dream. Thom sits guarding the opening of the cavern, composing a song, and kills Jeaine Caide, a Darkfriend disguised as Cadsuane.

Chapter 45: Tendrils of Mist

Mat arranges a gateway to the Seanchan scout camp near Shayol Ghul. There, Padan Fain kills both sides indiscriminately and hunts Rand. In_ Tel’aran’rhoid_, Gaul and wolves battle Slayer near the cavern entrance. Slayer injures Gaul, but Perrin arrives to fight Slayer again. Mat and Olver ride a raken above Thakan’dar and are shot down. Olver sounds the Horn again.

Chapter 46: To Awaken

Rand breaks free of the Dark One and Moridin kills Alanna, who has healed enough to release Rand’s bond before she dies. Moridin stabs his own hand, causing Rand to drop Callandor.

Perrin hunts Slayer through the dream and real worlds, finally catching and killing him. Perrin leads the spirits of wolves called by the Horn against the Darkhounds. He meets Mat, who then is attacked by Mashadar.

Chapter 47: Watching the Flow Writhe

Aviendha’s gateway explodes as Hessalam tries to weave Compulsion upon her. Fain comes across Mat, who pretends to be dead before strangling Fain, then stabbing him through the heart with his own dagger. Fain dies and melts away. Perrin rescues Gaul from the dream world.

Moridin realizes he can draw True Power through Callandor, and Nynaeve and Moiraine exploit the flaw to take control of Moridin and then link with Rand, who uses the True Power as a shield as he uses saidin and saidar to seize the Dark One. Light explodes from Rand.

Chapter 48: A Brilliant Lance

Everyone sees the shining light, including Aviendha, who now controls Hessalam, whose Compulsion backfired on her. Logain chose to save the refugees instead of claiming the Sakarnen and the people thank him. When he sees the light he breaks the seals.

Chapter 49: Light and Shadow

Perrin finds Cyndane and she tries to use Compulsion to have him kill Moiraine. His power in the dream and love for Faile allow him to resist and he breaks Cyndane’s neck.

Rand pulls the Dark One into the Pattern and weaves saidin, saidar, and the True Power together in their pure forms and reforges the prison that will not reopen. Moiraine pulls Nynaeve from the Pit of Doom and sees the blackness in front of Rand shrink and vanish.

Epilogue: To See the Answer

Rand, dying, slips on his blood and carries Moridin’s body. Mat tosses away Fain’s dagger and picks up his hat as the dice in his head stop. Perrin finds a tent in the camp to see Rand is dying. Loial finds Nynaeve upset that Rand is dying and Moridin is improving. Mat finds Tuon at Merrilor and is told she is pregnant and could kill Mat now. Perrin passes out from exhaustion.

Nynaeve pronounces Rand dead. Aviendha says he has woken from the dream and a pyre is prepared. In the dream, Perrin hears a falcon cry and there finds Faile and takes her for healing. Brigitte and the Heroes return to the World of Dreams, but not before she tells Elayne she sent Olver away to hide the Horn where nobody could find it. Tam lights Rand’s pyre. Min, Elayne, and Aveindha decide they must ensure everyone thinks Rand is gone as they feel the Warder bond grow stronger.

Rand wakes in Moridin’s body. He finds Laman’s sword, clothes, and coins left by Alivia. He sneaks away as the pyre burns, but sees Cadsuane notice him.She is then cornered by several Aes Sedai who argue she must become the new Amyrlin Seat.

Rand rides off, unable to feel or use either saidin or the True Power. He then thinks of his pipe being lit and it is.

The Wheel of Time

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