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A Memory of Light

The epic conclusion of The Wheel of Time, one of fantasy’s greatest masterpieces.

Summary of A Memory of Light

Novel written by

Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

Book summary by Jim Vogel. Edited by Angela Carter.

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A Memory of Light: Summary

Talmanes and the Band of the Red Hand save the dragons and help refugees escape Caemlyn. At the Fields of Merrilor, Moiraine returns and together with Rand, Egwene, the leaders of the Westland nations, and the Aiel, the Dragon’s Peace is negotiated.

The war begins on four fronts. Elayne and Bashere lead Andorans against the Trolloc army in Caemlyn. Agelmar and the Borderlander armies support Lan’s forces at Tarwin’s Gap. Gareth Bryne and Egwene face an army in Kandor. Ituralde and the Aiel will lead the forces at Shayol Ghul in defense of Rand. Faile is placed in charge of supplies and entrusted with the Horn of Valere.

At the Black Tower, Androl and Pevara bond one another and lead the infiltration in the Black Tower to save Logain, eventually driving out Taim and the Dreadlords that were being Turned to the Shadow.

The Trolloc army is forced out of Caemlyn into battle, but fights a drawn-out campaign through eastern Andor and eventually all the way to Cairhien. The Borderlanders fall back, burning Shienar as they go.

Perrin and Gaul have Rand help them travel to Tel’aran’rhiod in the flesh to hunt Slayer. They remove the dreamspike at the Black Tower (which helps Androl and Pevara in their battle against Taim) to lure Slayer to them. Mat sneaks into Ebou Dar and the palace, saving Tuon from a Gray Man. They spend the night together and in the morning Rand arrives. He and Mat convince Tuon to agree to the Dragon’s Peace.

Rand arrives at Shayol Ghul and enters the cave. Perrin and the wolves save him from Slayer. Perrin also discovers Compulsion is being used to manipulate the four great captains commanding the forces of the Light. Egwene and the Aes Sedai army in Kandor are overrun when Demandred arrives with all the forces of Shara. They are eventually reinforced by the arrival of the Seanchan. Similarly, Bashere leads Elayne’s army into a trap outside Cairhien, but they are saved by Logain, Androl, and the Black Tower.

Mat takes control of all the armies of the Light and prepares a final stand at the Fields of Merrilor. But Faile, Olver, and the Horn are lost in the Blight.

Rand duels Moridin, then faces the Dark One with conflicting possible futures outside of the Pattern while the Final Battle rages. During the prolonged battle, Demandred duels Gawyn and kills him, then wounds Galad, while dueling Mat’s army. Losses in battle also include Rhuarc, Siuan, Bryne, Birgitte, and more. Mat sends the Seanchan away in a feigned retreat. Egwene defeats Taim and the Dreadlords with a new weave, the Flame of Tar Valon, which saves the Pattern from the damage of balefire. Lan duels Demandred and finally kills the Forsaken commander. At the same time, the return of the Seanchan and Olver blowing the Horn of Valere turns the tide and they defeat the army of the Shadow and the Sharans.

Logain breaks the seals and Rand baits Moridin into using Callandor. Rand then uses saidin, saidar, and the True Power to build a new, perfect prison for the Dark One. In the final stage of battle, Perrin protect Rand by killing Slayer and Cyndane. Then Mat arrives and destroys Padan Fain.

Rand is believed to have died of his wounds after the battle and a funeral pyre is lit. Aviendha, Elayne, and Min know he survived in Moridin’s body as he rides away in secret, unable to channel but still affecting the Pattern directly.

The Wheel of Time

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