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    Reading, writing, crafting (mostly sewing), chillin' with the hubs and the cats, trying to dismantle systems of oppression in dietetics.
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  1. So well put!!!! I agree completely. I also LOVED the three quick images of overhead shots of circles. The dancing circle cuts to the circle of apparent dead Sisters which cuts to an overhead shot of the circular room in the Tower. I just loved ALL OF IT SO MUCH!!!!!! OMG I cannot WAIT!!!!
  2. The link for reaction videos doesn't work for me. Is the link posted anywhere else? OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG. I. cannot. even. handle. it. I love it so so so so much!!!
  3. I just bought the magazine and was NOT prepared for seeing the big main image even though I'd seen it online already. GAHHHHHHHHH It is finally starting to feel real to me and I am FREAKING out. Such a great article. I NEED a huge print of that first image for my office like ASAP!!!
  4. Mavin

    April/May Mystery Crafting

    Pics of my mystery craft. :D
  5. Yay! I'm very excited to do this reread. To be honest I haven't quite finished the series so it's probably not technically a reread. I think my very favorite part of the series that I've read (up to CoT) the prologue is my favorite. I've read EotW two or three times and nothing feels like the beginning like that prologue and then Rand and Tam walking. It sends me to a very happy place reading it and I don't think that starting with Ravens would feel the same. :)
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