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    April/May Mystery Crafting

    Pics of my mystery craft. :D
  2. I've met Sanderson at quite a few events an he he is AMAZING!! He's super nice and approachable. We had a bunch of authors come to our local comicon so that was kind of a meet. James Owen was super super nice and Melanie Rawn was a bit odd. Lol. I'm super excited to meet Charlaine Harris at this years comicon and Diana Gabaldon (can't remember how she spells her last name) is doing a signing soon. :)
  3. Ayn Rand is my favorite non-fantasy author. She's just absolutely amazing. Also gotta grin that she choose Rand as a last name. :) It's a bit of a girly book but What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty kind of changed my life. East of Eden by Steinbeck was another one that always stuck with me. Oddly enough those are the only ones I can think of at the moment. :( Need caffeine!! ~Mavin
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    Has anyone read Fruits Basket? It is AMAZING!!! It's a tiny bit girly but its got so many great life lessons. lol. It always makes me want to be a better person. :)
  5. Yay! I'm very excited to do this reread. To be honest I haven't quite finished the series so it's probably not technically a reread. I think my very favorite part of the series that I've read (up to CoT) the prologue is my favorite. I've read EotW two or three times and nothing feels like the beginning like that prologue and then Rand and Tam walking. It sends me to a very happy place reading it and I don't think that starting with Ravens would feel the same. :)
  6. Hi Mr. Ahmed! I LOVED the novel! Can't wait to read your next one! :D I think the thing that struck me most, trying not to do too many spoilers, was how true to themselves Zamia and Raseed stayed. Was it hard to leave lose ends and kind of forgo the more typical ending? I also really liked that we joined the story near the end of Adoulla's career. Do you think we will ever see any prequels that tell more of his beginnings?
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