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  1. Totally missed April roll call oops ? Sunrise Lord - Aes Sedai - Yellow Ajah
  2. Sunrise Lord - Aes Sedai - Yellow Ajah Bela. Cause even a horse could do better than the Aelfinn (aka snake people) we have now.
  3. Sunrise Lord - Aes Sedai - Yellow Ajah One Power-powered laptop of course silly
  4. Sunrise Lord - Aes Sedai - Yellow Ajah Candy Corn! p.s. I forgot to sign in last month
  5. Sunrise Lord - Aes Sedai - Yellow Ajah I didn't vote... reason being is that the Forsaken all are terrible in their own way; it's impossible to put one above the rest. That being said, Graendal and Ishamael in particular disgust me. Granny for her use of mind-erased human puppets and Ishy for his utter lack of hope and desire to drag everyone else down with him.
  6. Forgot to mention that the nuns can use magic (the Abbess reminds me of Mother). :P
  7. Lol I posted a photo of the first book on facebook and you said you didn't like it. :P
  8. Dang it's kinda hard to give a summary without spoilers lol. Basically, the story centers around a character named "The Red Knight." We don't even know his name until the end of the first book. He leads a group of mercenaries (bad lot they are too; rapists, murderers, general nasty fellows) and is contracted into defending a nunnery (yeah just imagine the two groups in that scenario). Fast forward and he's fighting to save the world against evil forces.
  9. Has anyone else read these books? By Canadian author Miles Cameron. At first, I had a little difficulty with the author's style, but the story is interesting enough, and I adjusted by the midway point of the first book. Currently almost to the end of book 3 of 5.
  10. Perhaps it has to do with the age of her soul, and not the age of her physical body?
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