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  1. Congrats you two *hugs both* A beautiful friendship!
  2. I'm so sorry I was sure I had posted <.< Misheru, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah I have no idea since I don't care the least about football XD
  3. Re: the blood clots increase. I think it's about the same chance as for women who use birth control (that is, after all, an oral estrogen and/or progesterone supplement), that the risk is enchanced right away, but then it stays that way for as long as you are on pills (some women think the risk will keep rising the longer you are on the pills). Unless the chance for you is significantly higher than for a woman taking birth control, my advice would be to choose what is most practical for you.
  4. Heya! I signed up. But I can't login. This link: http://thecrockery.org/login-4/ just gives me a 404. PS: Having the whole password show in the signupmail isn't a very good idea, for safety reasons. I try to have unique passwords everywhere, but if someone is able to hack into my mail account, they will then also get ahold of my Crockery account. PPS: You guys should set up a mafia forum Is it Day 3 yet?
  5. Shift cmd 3 is the whole screen, shft cmd 4 you can crop exactly the section you want, super convenient!
  6. It's hard to give pointers when I don't know exactly what you are after XD But here's some general tips. The command button on a mac, does the things a ctrl button on windows do. The command button is the ones next to the spacebar, they say cmd and have a little weird square on them. Press "alt" to find hidden symbols on the keyboard; [ for example is alt+8 and ] is alt+9. Several buttons have hidden signals. You'll rarely see a "settings" menu on the top toolbar when within a program. Everything you are used to finding in a settings-menu, will usually be found under the name o
  7. People will always fear what they cannot understand, and fear leads to distrust and hatred.
  8. Welcome home dear brother *hugs* We've waited long for you! And are so happy to have you! :)
  9. The usually get a stern talking-to from me. I can't even halfway understand how it feels to be born in the wrong body, but I do know how it feels like to be trapped in a sick body, and how frustarting that is when your body keeps you from living the life you wish. It's not the same, but it's enough that I am very protective about trans rights and respect. I'm also queer myself to those two together has made me a loud trans advocate.
  10. Thank you :) I prefer to ask, I think that's the respectful thing to do. I get so mad when people refer to the guy I earlier mentioned as "she" and calls him by his old name (on purpose); that's just rude and unforgiveable!
  11. Yes I use metformin now to try to help me loose weight; PCOS has led to me having insulin problems as well, my body doesn't burn fat on it's own, it stores everything (I've gained 30 kilos over 2 years). The BC pills only makes that worse, so I take metformin on top to try to help my body first stop gaining weight, and then hopefully be able to loose some eventually. I've tried metformin only and no BC pills and that didn't help on the other symptoms though.
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