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  1. Shift cmd 3 is the whole screen, shft cmd 4 you can crop exactly the section you want, super convenient!
  2. It's hard to give pointers when I don't know exactly what you are after XD But here's some general tips. The command button on a mac, does the things a ctrl button on windows do. The command button is the ones next to the spacebar, they say cmd and have a little weird square on them. Press "alt" to find hidden symbols on the keyboard; [ for example is alt+8 and ] is alt+9. Several buttons have hidden signals. You'll rarely see a "settings" menu on the top toolbar when within a program. Everything you are used to finding in a settings-menu, will usually be found under the name o
  3. People will always fear what they cannot understand, and fear leads to distrust and hatred.
  4. What are you doing all the way down here Cory? XD
  5. I shared my favourites when I started out as Fan Art blogger You can see them here: http://www.dragonmount.com/index.php/News/fan-art-friday/fan-art-friday-introducing-mish-r707
  6. I want double chocolate with a caramel swirl and hot fudge on top thank you (omg I wish that existed)
  7. We don't travel a whole lot, well quite a lot between our town and the neighoburing town but that's a 15 minute busride, my doctor is in that town and basically it doesn't feel like traveling XD Usually we don't travel that far; mostly we go to Oslo wich is a 3 hour trainride or 2 hour busride, and that's managable (except for when I have to go there and back again the same day because I have hospital appointments, ugh). When we went to Copenhagen the second time last year, we took the ferry down, thinking that would be better than flying. Sadly it wasn't that much better; I slept horribly
  8. My main problem with travelling is the energy it takes and the amount of pain I know I'll have to endure. Especially since we don't have a car; we need to take the train to get to the airport, wich is a 3 1/2 hour trainride away. And to get to get to the train station we need to either take a bus or a taxi. So If our plane leaves at 5 in the afternoon, we'll need to leave home at about 10 in the morning usually. So by the time we even get to the airport, I'm tired and drained of energy, and my body is aching like mad. And it'll just get worse and worse by the time we finally arrive. Being on a
  9. Sorry for the multiposting Sooh, WOW girl you can play! Kronos, Rhea, this was a really good game for both of you! Alanna, it might not have been your best game ever reads-wise, but you never gave up, you kept on fighting for town, and that's the most important factor! Your case on Clov was a very important point, it made him have to defend himself with that rather lame (sorry Clov!) case on RTE and clinched the deal. Attagirl BFG, stop doubting yourself re:deadthread, you did great! And Tress Fantastic game and modding as always! Why you haven't gotten an EMPY yet f
  10. Seriously sitting here blushing like mad after reading the dead thread. Thank you, guys. That really helped on my decision if I'm back to mafia for good or not :) *snuggles everyone except for the filfthy scum*
  11. " corycurren 08-05-2015 09:48 AM ET (US) Your yearly reminder that Mish is just an excellent player all around and she's been sorely, sorely missed" Oh Cory :wub: I missed you too!
  12. ALL honour to Razen for this win! He was the one that made me look into Clov. Tab, I think you played as well as you could with the cards you were dealt this game! I'm sorry for making the lynch on you happen, but I needed to resolve you and Alanna, and I knew if Clov was the last mafia, I would need Alanna's casing skillzzzzz. I'm really happy I got to play in this game a little bit Tressgames <3 Thank you dear
  13. Clov I'm sorry but that post just reeks of self-preservation. RTE is the only one you logically could go after; Rhea is without a doubt town, going after Alanna would've mde you seem even more desperate, and you couldn't go after me after being so buddy with me yesterday. Also can't believe I forgot to do this with my first post at start of day [v] Clov [/v]
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