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  1. It'll need a complete renovation, but the owners think they'll get everything back on the insurance, so no financial loss :) We were down yesterday sorting what's ruined from what's ok, and today they game to fetch all the trash and to put everything useable in storage. Tomorrow the insurance company will be there and they'll get the final verdict, they can probably start to tear up the floors next week. As long as they're open again before the christmas party sets in! We're lucky this didn't happen two weeks later :)
  2. I think the setup was fantastic Kiv, I'm not good at judging balance and so, but from a players perspective it was great. I loved trying to figure out what was going on.
  3. Hah I knew Cory would know exactly wich word I was looking for btw XD
  4. You played a great game. And protecting BFG at the end there was HUGE. It didn't actually matter because Tab chose Leelou and Tress for the kill, but it shut off what I saw as her only path to victory: Killing BFG and claiming that night's watcher results (since nobody else would know results weren't distributed that night) to take herself out of the "No Results POE" Thank yoooou BFG was a complete spur of the moment thing, honestly. I just chose a person at random and hoped I would get a result to help me narrow down my PoE XD
  5. " Kivam 09-03-2015 11:43 AM ET (US) Dear Mish, for when you read this: I get such warm and fuzzy feelings when people actually figure out (or come close to) my mod mechanics and the thought process behind them. "Ragnarok means complete chaos, after all" - yep." Happy to oblige! Sorry I never got closer than that tho XD
  6. This was awesome and I'm so sad I couldn't give it all the attention it deserved. Still, town managed to win in spite of me! Woohooo! I'm quite stoked I sorta managed to guess my role; at the start of game I figured Freya would be a natural choice for Doc. That was of course before I realized it was based on the Marvel-verse. After N1 and seeing Cory and Key being the Doc I was more unsure, googled my character and read her wiki page, and decided at least there was no chance at all I had an aggresive role or investigative, it was either a weak type of protect or vanilla. Gonna go read dead thread now!
  7. Thanks for answering, that helped. I'm on board for Tab too. Wanna fight it out who gets to hammer Talya?
  8. But if it isn't. If she's just a bad and unlucky townie. What then? I want you, BFG and Talya to answer that for me please. On the chance it's not her I sitll want information out of this day. I'm not sure how I can answer this. Tabor claims to have submitted no name last night but I saw her visit Tress. I don't see any scenario here other than her flipping Loki. But hopethetically, who else would you look at?
  9. But if it isn't. If she's just a bad and unlucky townie. What then? I want you, BFG and Talya to answer that for me please. On the chance it's not her I sitll want information out of this day.
  10. Careful with the votes. We only need 3 so let's try to not accidentally lynch someone... Votes for pressure won't help much at this point. I targeted BFG last night. Didn't get anything this night either. It's down to BFG or Tab for me. I'll be more on tomorrow hopefully.
  11. Personal update: The water has retreated so tomorrow starts the process of cleaning up the restaurant. Doing inventory of everything damaged, put in storage everything that can still be used, clean up as much as possible and make it ready for the renovation crews. Gonna be hard work, so good thing I spent today resting! Errr. Or maybe I went for a walk for 11km/7miles walk. Smartass
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