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  1. Re: the blood clots increase. I think it's about the same chance as for women who use birth control (that is, after all, an oral estrogen and/or progesterone supplement), that the risk is enchanced right away, but then it stays that way for as long as you are on pills (some women think the risk will keep rising the longer you are on the pills). Unless the chance for you is significantly higher than for a woman taking birth control, my advice would be to choose what is most practical for you.
  2. Heya! I signed up. But I can't login. This link: http://thecrockery.org/login-4/ just gives me a 404. PS: Having the whole password show in the signupmail isn't a very good idea, for safety reasons. I try to have unique passwords everywhere, but if someone is able to hack into my mail account, they will then also get ahold of my Crockery account. PPS: You guys should set up a mafia forum Is it Day 3 yet?
  3. People will always fear what they cannot understand, and fear leads to distrust and hatred.
  4. The usually get a stern talking-to from me. I can't even halfway understand how it feels to be born in the wrong body, but I do know how it feels like to be trapped in a sick body, and how frustarting that is when your body keeps you from living the life you wish. It's not the same, but it's enough that I am very protective about trans rights and respect. I'm also queer myself to those two together has made me a loud trans advocate.
  5. Thank you :) I prefer to ask, I think that's the respectful thing to do. I get so mad when people refer to the guy I earlier mentioned as "she" and calls him by his old name (on purpose); that's just rude and unforgiveable!
  6. Yes I use metformin now to try to help me loose weight; PCOS has led to me having insulin problems as well, my body doesn't burn fat on it's own, it stores everything (I've gained 30 kilos over 2 years). The BC pills only makes that worse, so I take metformin on top to try to help my body first stop gaining weight, and then hopefully be able to loose some eventually. I've tried metformin only and no BC pills and that didn't help on the other symptoms though.
  7. Also yay: hormones. I actually need to always be on birth control pills because I have too little estrogen (PCOS). If I'm off birth control pills I start getting black body hair, especially in places a girl isn't supposed to have hair (I had to shave my thighs every day when I went out, and I had a moustache if I didn't remove hair), I also got bad acne (wich also is gone now that I'm on pills). I went almost two years without pills, so starting on them again was harsh on the body. I can't even imagine how it feels like for a body that's not used to those hormones at all.
  8. Hiarth, thank you so much for sharing your story, you are so brave and I really hope it will end up with you being able to live the life you want and that feels like you, if that makes sense. I am glad your mother took it gracefully, even with the comment about dressing down arund family ( ) but it could have been much worse. Also YAY Joy Division shirt! Do you prefer she or they pronouns? Just good to know :) Someone I know has just gone through a FtM transition; he had a stroke at 32 and figured life was too short to live as the wrong gender. He looks so extremely happy now, he works as a personal trainer at the gym my husband uses. I haven't seen him in person for a while, but before he came out we used to talk every now and then and I got the impression several times he wasn't happy with his life, his body and his lifechoices. According to my husband now he's glowing everytime he sees him. I'm really happy for him, and I hope you can reach that feeling too.
  9. My all-time favourite orchids are brown, I wish I could buy them here!
  10. Thing is, you risk hurting yourself with the ones in front of your eyes. One small overbalance and you cut your own face.
  11. They are. But it's still gonna take the channelers time to figure out how to use them in battle (and, with the Dragons Peace, hopefully no-one will for a long time). You see how Androl is using them, and the reactions to his use; he's the one with most undrstanding of them and so realizes how they can be used as weapons. Similar to how someone figured out to make one in the ground that gave you an aerial view of the enemy. They are still learning. But yes, some day will probably come when someone figure out how to use them as weapons like you mention. But we also know there existed weaves in AOL that "stopped" a gateway until the weaver gave permission for it (sort of like knocking on a door), and someone will probably figure out how to do that again, and find a way for it to also protect the body of a person.
  12. I gotta stop reading these long books. Messes with my book count! Just finished Jacquline Carey's nine books about Terre D'Ange, and I've used over two months on them. And then I compensated by reading all three Hunger games books in three days XD Been thinking about doing a page count next year. Figure otu how many pages I've read this year and then try to beat that.
  13. Psst, you've got a typo in your thread title there BFG ;) I'm so in.
  14. A freshly shaved head is indeed shiny and glossy, and Tuon is described as having hers shaved anew every morning if I don't remembe wrong. And she has short curly hair after Mat kidnaps her, because he wants her to grow it out to hide her better. I picture Moiraine with strikingly blue eyes, for some reason. It always throws me off to remember she has dark brown eyes. And this isn't exactly what the OP asked, but it bothers me how big the boys are drawn sometimes. I know Rand and Perrin are muscular, but the size most drawings make Perrin... He looks bigger than the Rock, wich I really doubt is what RJ ment. I imagine Matt as a quite normal-buildt guy, Rand a bit slimmer than Alexander Skarsgaard, and Perrin a bit bigger, but since he's not as tall as Rand, he kinda looks "wider" if that makes sense.
  15. I was reminded by this month's book review on the frontpage that I'd read about the Kushiel-books before and ment to check them out, so I got the first one, and I really liked it! Reminds me a bit of Song of ice and Fire, in that it's not so much obivous magic, and very little traditiional fantasy, and let's face it, Phedre isn't a typical main character in any way... Finished with Kushiel's Dart yesterday, going to pick up the second one today.
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