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  1. Clearly you need to move here if you want it to be green all the time. ;)
  2. Hardly shocking. I think many people just like the idea of being man eaters. Although there is more to the Green Ajah then that. Fighting for people's rights and justice is a worthy goal as well. Keeping fighting fit for the last battle is also a good idea. Although I was annoyed with how the Greens fared in the Attack on the Wt I felt that was a bit of a slap in the face for an Ajah I loved. Still to be Green is more then just the men. Although I think that's where many people start. Just like to be Brown is more then taking care of a library.
  3. I am Green Ajah through and through. I do have a second with Brown but I"m not as Brown as Green
  4. Hey Ladria! I checked in for my warder and saw you so I thought I would say hi too. *waves and hugs*
  5. I wanna try the White Tower. *laughs* I love tea so I may have to fav this shop.
  6. She's Leala's sister actually. *shifty* LOL Also Mashi you beat me to posting the "Mashi and Rashi" picture. *laughs* I look super unthrilled with the world in our trivia picture.
  7. Yeah he is but my warder is still kicking. I talked to him last night.
  8. OOC: Set after this one http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/70428-a-time-to-hunt-again-atten-reki-and-arinth/ The return home and getting to know one another again. IC: Taia was glad to see the White Tower and her rooms would be no less welcome. She and her warder had been on the road or out of the tower for nearly three years now. She glanced over at Rekinu he was several years older, and hopefully he was wiser now. He had more battles under his belt, and she tried not to think too hard on the girls who had started to throw themselves at him. She waited till he gave her only a s
  9. Welcome to DM and Tolkien ftw! I'm not a fan of Faile or Egwene. LOL I don't like most of the women in the series actually. I only liked a few of them. Still welcome dont' worry if we all agreed about everything the world woudnt' be as unique.
  10. Rp is great fun, I've been involved in one RP or another in the Wheel verse since 1998, only on Dm since 2006. *laughs* Still a lot of my life has been devoted to the books. Welcome to DM if you want/need any help in the Rp side don't hesitate to ask. Although I deal mostly with the WT I can help you with bio creation. *laughs*
  11. Well if it would help I can tell you how I go about writing a novice bio if you like. :)
  12. This is an excellent take on things by a man no less http://www.upworthy.com/a-male-feminists-take-on-crying-pornography-and-miley-cyrus?g=2
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