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  1. Aekold stood quietly as the two Warders verbally tested each other with neither wishing to offend. Aekold was a little confused and worried about what he had heard. In the borderlands each soldier knew the chain of command so the next in line could swiftly take up the lead without giving an inch to panic. It seemed that the Tower was less formal and each Warder was like a unit all to themselves. Although alien to him Aekold had no choice but to adapt, men who did not learn and change rarely survived long close to the Blight. After the new Master of Arms took her seat, Aekold took his own once
  2. "Well met, Aekold al'Cadez, and may peace favour your sword as well," Visar replied politely. "I'm sure we can fit you into our ranks in training without a problem. And I'm sure we will have good use for one who already has training with the Fal Moran guard. This is a good place to learn from the best and fight the shadow, supporting the beacon of the White Tower's Flame. Come, have a seat Aekold al'Cadez. Would you like refreshments? Tell me a little bit more about yourself." Aekold nodded then unstrapped his broadsword from his back before taking the seat on the other side of the desk. H
  3. Damon listened as Kyle spoke of times when his emotions got the better of him. It was very common amongst young men and often led to either banditry or soldiery. Violence was in the blood and it takes training and tempering in order to channel it properly. “Well that will do us for today lad, you did well and show promise. If you would like to talk more about the Army of Light or to continue your lessons come see me in my office in the Captain’s quarters on the morrow. If I am free from commitments I will be happy to illuminate your path.” Damon turned to leave but hesitated. Kyle would be a
  4. Aekold waited patiently at the office door. It was becoming more and more obvious that the Master at Arms wasn’t within but seeing no other option he decided to wait, this appeared to be the administration centre of the Warders. Someone of note would come by this way eventually. Aekold used his time to think of what he was doing and the home he was abandoning. He had even grown his hair out, allowing the sides of his head to match the length of his previous top-knot. He knew it was warmer in the south but he was still unused to how warm his head felt with the extra hair. However he was no lon
  5. Blood covered the ground of this twisted land, guttural screams echoed around the hills while new ones joined them. The fighting became more and more ferocious as the blood lust filled each and every trolloc treading on this reddened ground. Wits and restraint were replaced by only the need to kill. Even the dieing and wounded wielded what weapons they could reach lopping off hooves and hamstringing what didn’t come off. Scortch loved it. Only the steel men were as fun to fight as other trolloc. Not caring if it was friend or foe Scortch grabbed whomever was in front of him by both arms andpla
  6. Damon nodded appreciatively, the lad learned fast and took instruction well. He also noted the lack of emotion within the Recruit. It seemed he had already achieved some semblance of ‘the Oneness’. Damon decided that instead of duelling Kyle it would be best to show him some of the forms and train him properly. Damon assumed the stance Apple Blossom in the Wind, his blade is held low but in a relaxed grip. “This form is Apple Blossom in the Wind you move slowly, as if being gently guided by the breeze. The blade may move up or down as you do, but it is still held in a low guard. Now have
  7. Welcome to the site hope you have a great time and you surely will enjoy the rest of the series.
  8. The recruit drew his blade almost hesitantly, in normal instances it was an offense to bare live steel to an officer, but this was training and Damon wanted to see how the recruit would act when blood could be spilled. Once he knew the extent of the lad’s skill and they would switch to dull weapons so that he could test the lad without risk of injury. Kyle’s reluctance did him credit, it meant that he was no fool to rush in and knew that what he carried was death and did not want to use it freely. If the boy had leapt at the opportunity Damon would have disarmed him and kept a watch on his a
  9. The merchants he travelled with were very polite and grateful to have another armed man among them but Aekold kept his distance. They appeared to be decent fellows and under normal circumstances he would have liked to join in with their revelry but Aekold knew if he was to be a Warder he must be disciplined. “Simply knowing blade or spear is never enough” his uncle’s words echoed, “your mind must be just as deadly. And, lad you must keep it sharp and ready as you would on watch for a raid.” Aekold thought often of his uncle on this trip allowing Aethan free reign. The black horse was not t
  10. Heron takes flight, Whirlwind on the Mountain and Heron Spreads its wings, Damon danced as if he was faced on all sides his eyes caught sight of the young recruit he met in the mess hall, and as suddenly as death comes so did the end of the dance as hiss blade flashed in the arc of Spreading the fan, only to return to its sheath. He stood still as the young man approached. "Sir, I was wondering if you would be willing to help me with my sword forms?" Kyle asked with nervousness in his voice. Damon smiled, he knew this one had determination. “Are you not happy...” He looked towards the ot
  11. Narg, what is the correct seating plan for 3 couples at a dinner party?
  12. Name: Liam Age: 19 Appearance: Five foot ten inches tall. He has green eyes and shoulder length black hair that frames an always smiling face. Like all tinkers he wears brightly coloured outfits but usually prefers red to any other. With a slim and agile build he is always the first choice for a dance, if he is not singing or playing the fiddle Background: Son to Broda Mahdi, the seeker for the band and his wife Colly. He has been brought up with the Way of the Leaf . Unlike most Tuatha’an Liam has no problem dealing with strangers, much like his father. Since the Aiel war, their numbers ha
  13. His friend seemed to ponder the question before answering. “At our current rate of travel, we can expect to arrive in 7 weeks, 5 days and about 14 hours.” Some of the other around him gaped. Cedon did not call them down he only smiled. His colleague had never had much difficulty discerning distances and the fact that he would do it as if it was nothing out of the ordinary, often left those who did not know him dumbfounded. “Mind you, that’s to the boarder. The capital might take some more time. Mind, I can’t be sure we’ll keep up this rate, or that we won’t run into trouble…”He cut off from
  14. Damon watched his companions as he ate, their faces told different stories. Eoghann looked uncomfortable and unsure if he wanted to remain at the table, Evelyn seemed amused by the situation and the boy, Kyle seemed a little unsure. The two Hands, showed no intention to answer first if at all, the Questioners found the truth from others but rarely gave it if they could avoid it. Damon silently admonished himself for the thought. A moment ago he was disgusted with the divide within the Children and here he was thinking thoughts which if spoken could ignite all those present and rightly so. He w
  15. I was thinking that my sister may not have returned from the test for accepted and this would be something that could be RP'd as the Sisters would rarely admit to loosing an initiate and could be interesting if a family member turned up.
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