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You know you're maybe a bit TOO into the WoT when ...

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256. When you tug on your hair when you're angry, without realizing you've picked up this habit until someone points it out.


My hair is long enough to do this...and I realized recently that I do it.


It also happened to me. But now my hair is too short and I always remind it too late.

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264. When your family moans when you even say any word with an inkling of connection to WOT.


265. When you see one of your friends as a perfect image of Elayne, so instead of calling her her name you call her Elayne and wonder why she's ignoring you...


266. When your dog pees in the house you scream "Light BLIND You!!"


267. When you compare diseases to the curse of the Taint.

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268. When you start tugging on your hair when your annoyed.


By the way. *sprays Niel* You have been assassinated. Enjoy the rest of your evening :P


THAT DOESNT COUNT mainly because in the start we both had Million as a target.


Oh yes and I actually have that habit now...

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