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  1. Just dropping by to invite you all to my Book Repository thread for the holidays, where we'll be reading Twelfth Night. Hope to see you all there! :D I'll start on the 13th. It should be fun! ^^
  2. *jumps in for rp questions* Welcome to DM, Meridian! :) Until about a month ago, I was the MoN for the White Tower RP group. :) The amount of time it takes to go from novice to Aes Sedai is totally dependent on you...well, 90%, anyway... I'd say if you're totally gung-ho, the minimum to finish the requirements is a month. That's usually when things are active. if they're kind of slow, maybe about two. My first character became an Aes Sedai after a month, but I was a little busier with my next one, and even more so with the third. lol I didn't have to go through all the requirements for all three, but I did. Things are kind of slow right now, but you can always ask an rper with an Aes Sedai character to help out, or even have a character be played in retro (Aes Sedai characters can be played as Accepted or novices through retro-active roleplaying. It's pretty handy.)
  3. Goodness. Didn't even know you had updated, dear! Sorry! You have clearance to post your Arches! :)
  4. Laure hadn't bothered to count days since she had left home. She wasn't even sure where she was going, what she was looking for, or why she had decided to leave at this point. It was something about her father not being able to help with her problem...wasn't it? She was reminded of this problem every day in different ways. She spotted her golden eyes in the reflection of puddles, streams, lakes, whatever she passed. She was reminded when she had a violent dream that made her feel like a wild dog. She was reminded when the few people she did pass would act as if she wanted to harm them. She was reminded when garbled images, feelings, or sensations would spring up in her mind. She didn't know what would happen if she pursued that, and she wasn't about to try either. About the only good thing that had come from this strange transformation was her senses were heightened. She could hear someone hunting before they knew she was there, and could therefore avoid them. She saw albeit slow-moving prey in the woods. She wasn't a master hunter by any means, but she could at least see small game while it slept. Even this advantage seemed to have a down side. She had to stop herself from ripping into the uncooked flesh of the animals she caught. Sometimes this rage blossomed when she felt threatened by a person, or if she was just frustrated. The sudden bloodlust would frighten her, and she would sprint away. She spent most of her time avoiding people, but sometimes, she needed supplies, and she'd have to venture out into civilization. She avoided hunting parties, walked clear around villages sometimes. If, by some strange coincidence, someone did see her, she could hear them talk to their friends like she was a ghost. She couldn't talk to people like she could normally, she didn't dare talk to the wolves, or whatever it was in her mind, and she was alone. Maybe she was a ghost. Her father hadn't followed her when she left, but she sorely wished he had sometimes. Maybe together they could have figured it out, found a solution. "Well," she said aloud to herself, "'maybe's aren't going to help." After long bouts without human contact, Laure's voice was the only one she heard most days. "Someone else with golden eyes could, though." Who else had golden eyes and all the strange symptoms she seemed to have? What on under the Light was she anymore? She let out a heavy sigh as she flopped onto the ground behind her. She closed her eyes and just breathed for a minute. She heard a rustling and knew what was coming before she felt the tugging on her hair. Opening her eyes, she saw the female wolf who had been following her lately. The wolf let go of her hair and sat on her haunches. "That's not what I meant." She hadn't named the wolf, and couldn't make head nor tails of her attempted communications that she had tried to start, but Laure had the distinct feeling this wolf had a name. She just couldn't figure it out yet. Even though this wolf was a mystery to her, with her brown and gray coat and eyes that wanted desperately to help somehow, she was glad for her company. The she-wolf waited for her to sit up, then headed south again, but only for a few steps. She stopped and turned her head toward Laure, waiting. "That does sound preferable to sitting around feeling sorry for myself." Standing up, she grabbed her pack and slung her cloak over her shoulder, following her enigmatic companion.
  5. Well, I'm caught up with what Viz has put out for Blue Exorcist, but then I realized that the hiatus I was on had made it to where I had forgotten how my own favorite character came into the plot, so I started a re-read. I refreshed my memory, but...now I want to finish the re-read. lol It's a good manga. :)
  6. I don't have any of the Sailor Moon anime, except for some old, old, old, old VHS tapes. I agree about the manga, though. :) Much better, less filler. I love those songs! xD Especially "Carry On." I can't wait until the new anime comes out. I think it already has, but until it's been subbed or dubbed, I can't watch it. lol
  7. After watching the weave closely and thinking about the implications and exactly what it meant, Ay'Lira decided she would practice this one likely the most. Not only was it an extremely complex weave, but it was also incredibly important. She would treat this one with reverence. After all this practice with Powers that she wasn't very strong with, and seeing the scope of this one, she knew she would need the angreal, just to get the small one right. Taking a deep breath, she reached for the One Power through the angreal and felt One Power rush into her. She was just a little fatigued before she started using it, so it was likely she'd be ready for a long break after this weave. She didn't pull on the One Power too much. As she layered the first three of the Five Powers for this one, she checked with Kathleen, glancing at her for approval, and sometimes asking for advice on how to make the weave more effective or ordered. Once she was satisfied, she added the knots of Earth to the other three, this time drawing a little more of the One Power, to make sure her use of Earth was enough. She took the threads of Fire and gingerly inserted them into the middle of the weave. The weave disappeared and shimmered like Kathleen's had done. As she had done with the other weaves, she redid this one a few times, and then a few times more, until she could do it more quickly than she had the first time. She knew these weaves were secret, that only the Green Ajah knew them. Why was this one in particular not shared among the other Ajahs? It seemed almost world changing. She didn't ask aloud, though. There was likely a reason she would learn later, after her initiation was finished.
  8. My best friend gave me her copies of the first two volumes of Ranma 1/2 the other day. Oh, man. Blast from the past. It's a great series with a ridiculously hilarious premise, and wonderful characters. I need to get the rest of the manga. One volume at a time, though. It's a bit lengthy. It'd be nice to have the anime, too. I've been going through a REALLY nostalgic anime kick lately. Wonder what that's about. Anyone for Sailor Moon? xD I need to read the rest of that series - I loved the first two books, but for some reason have never gotten the others. But I love Odd Thomas. He is such a great character. Isn't he, though?! I love his narrative style! It makes me feel like I can sit down and have a chat with him. Maybe give him a hug, too. Poor guy's been through a lot.
  9. Also guilty of that. *cough* Although, it has led to me getting addicted to a few series. So, apparently, we have good instincts. Welcome to DM, Harry! You should stop by the White Tower Social Group. We Blues are known as the "Harry Potter Ajah." It's because we host a Harry Potter week every July, but most of us are also professed Potterheads. ;) We have a lot of other awesome SGs as well. Also, the rp is pretty amazing as well. xD
  10. Ay'Lira departed the room to prepare for the evening, where she would meet with her sisters to make arrangements for the mission. She found files with eyes-and-ears reports. She sorted out the ones that she thought might even be slightly related to the matter at hand, ones that were made about the surrounding area at all. She wanted to include all reports made about Andor at all, but that would be over-doing it just a bit. She set about decoding the reports that she hadn't decoded, because she knew what they meant. When she had a pile of reports that she was satisfied with, she went about her day, making other preparations, packing, making lists. she had a lot of energy pent up because of how angry this woman, and the situation she had caused, was currently making her. She was just glad she could do something about it. She was glad that her Head of Ajah had selected her to be a part of the group to bring her down. When the sun began to go down, she made sure that her preparations were at a good stopping point before she went out into the hall. She walked the Green halls until she came to Loraine's quarters. She saw no one else in the hall but her. She knocked on the door and came in when she was admitted entrance. "Good evening, sister," she said, holding her reports, decoded and not, in her hands. "How are your preparations going?"
  11. I thought Alivia was the "guard." She was the one that "helped Rand die." I don't remember 100%, though, because I read it over a year ago.
  12. Ay'Lira remembered taking a small class with another Green before this. There was a similar weave to this, too. It wasn't nearly as destructive or dramatic. It was mostly just for tripping pursuing enemies. This had more potential to it, and could do more harm to enemies before it was even fully unleashed. Having dealt with Earth earlier, this weave came a little easier to her. She sent it out over the field, just like Kathleen had. She took a moment to ponder how far she had gotten to this point as well. She had gone from making a rose bloom as a novice to making the earth quake and break. It was humbling. Taking the weave, she sent it under the ground. After a moment, the earth moved and groaned. She could feel the vibrations from where she stood. She had from Kathleen's weave as well, but she had made this one happen, so it was different to her. She watched as the earth fell away. It was a good sized hole, but not a gaping maw. She felt satisfied with it, but she tried another one in another place. This one was bigger than the one she had made before, and it happened more naturally, too. Taking the angreal, she wanted to see how big a Pitfall she could make. She reached for the Source through the angreal and felt the One Power rush through her. Thick cords of Earth came to her now. She worked to make them smaller, but bigger than what she could do on her own. She found a fresh spot in the field and executed the weave again. She had to find her footing to keep from stumbling from the rumbling this one created. The hole that Kathleen had made was perhaps half the size of the hole she had made with the angreal. "Perhaps I should have made that one farther off." She glanced at the horses. They were rather well-trained. They only snorted and stamped their feet a few times. "Have you ever seen this one in action during a battle? It seems rather effective."
  13. Wonderful! I will notify Kat that you're ready for your Accepted Quiz. ^^ You'll get it in your email. :) Just update this thread with the completion of that req while you're waiting.
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