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  1. I'll be away for a while. Work has gotten to me, and I don't know when it will let up.
  2. I have no words for humanity today. I can't even wrap my head around the grief.
  3. I will buy anything needed to watch this series, even if they decide to air it only on a TV that's 3D holograms and costs $1000. I CANNOT WAIT! (Of course, I also didn't mind "Winter Dragon" and I KNOW I'm in the minority on that one.....) :P Was that the hideous Red Eagle prologue? Nope! Harriett mentioned it without telling us what it was at JordanCon, then made the official announcement on the Google+ page and DM after the appropriate amount of time had passed. She didn't say which studio it was that picked it up, but I'm still excited!
  4. Leala - Aes Sedai of the White Ajah I will definitely be watching. And eagerly awaiting any news beforehand as well.
  5. Yup! I was there, too. :D I got excited when she started off with, "There's something I've been wanting to tell you, and I haven't been able to. And I still can't."
  6. Bouncing in excitement! The perfect way to start my weekend! <3
  7. I would LOVE to see you guys there!! <3 I'm taking a plane next year, though. Geez. Pain coming and going.
  8. Nope, she's my little sister. ^^ I brought her along, because I didn't want to make that gigantic road trip (9 hours on a good day) by myself, and even though she hasn't read the series, it's still kind of her thing. She had lots of fun, and she took to everyone really well. :)
  9. Congrats to Songstress and the Blues!! You'll like it there, Song. The Blues are awesome. <3
  10. Leala - Aes Sedai of the White Ajah I moved out of my parents' house last week. It's been awesome but scary at the same time. :)
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