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    Reading (books, comics, mangas), running, history, listening to music (Damien Rice, Djordje Balašević).
  1. Snow crash seems like something I would like. I'll try to find and read it.
  2. I just wanted to know what is your favourite book (beside books from WOT series). Mine is Arch of triumph by Erich Maria Remarque.
  3. You are right about Avi Moldham, but being with her would be ... exciting! But I have to admit that Min looks most rational to me... BB I hope you know that saying that about Siuan made me really curious. You just made a itch in the middle of my back that I can't reach because I really like Siuan.
  4. The last book I read was Norwegian wood by Haruki Murakami. Currently I'm reading Winter's heart by Robert Jordan and Templar salvation by Raymond Khoury. After I finish those I will read Crossroads of Twilight and Azincourt by Bernad Cornwell.
  5. Hi Moldham and Kaylahn. I also don't hate Egwene or Gawyn, but I don't like Nynaeve very much. I can't tell exactly why but she can really go on my nerves and I just want to . Talmanes is also very cool! Funny fact: In book eight there is a man among the Seanchan called Jadranka (he was killed after two pages though). The thing is, Jadranka is Serbian name for a girl.
  6. Hi BB. :) I'm looking forward to new adventures of the main characters. I actually read first seven parts twice and I still can't believe the vision of Robert Jordan and that level of inspiration that are required for book this large... Anyway it's really hard to decide for just one character, but if I would have to choose I would say Perrin. It's just that there is so much in him that others do not see (also i werewolfs intrigue me). What is your favourite character? Regarding the social groups, I believe that they are pretty cool and I will check them out. Thanks for the
  7. Winter's heart - chapter one here I come :)

  8. Hello everybody. My name is Ivan, I'm coming from Serbia and I can honestly say that WOT series influenced my preferences for books and my personality altogether. I'm currently reading book 9 - Winter's heart and I can't wait to read the whole thing and then to start reading it again. Of course I have to wait till January 8th which is the date when Tor will publish the final book - Memories of light (I really hope that they will not postpone it). It was a coincidence that I started to read WOT. My best friend bought Eye of the world in book fair. He bought that book because his friend
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