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  1. There's actually a pretty good site called SFBC.com. They have a good program where the first five books are one dollar each, no restrictions. The only catch after that is that you agree to buy two or four books over the next year, which you would obviously meet the requirements. It's not one of those monthly subscription types. Also the books are priced far lower than anywhere I've seen. A word of caution with this website. PAY ATTENTION. They have monthly picks that if you do not reject will be charged and shipped to you. You can easily avoid this by cancelling after you've gotten all of the books or by rejecting the monthly picks. I highly recommend them because I have been using them for about seven years,
  2. Someone get Mother her Kaf so she stops acting like a madwoman. /end spam
  3. 460. When there is a girl at work named Min who is a total tomboy and you randomly ask her if she knows someone named Rand.
  4. Welcome I also love ancient history. It fascinates me how people lived back then. Physics is fun, I kinda study it as a hobby. FFX is THE BEST GAME EVER :nods: it is known. We will get along great.
  5. Anyone have any favorite summer memories? I remember when I was about twelve, setting off about one thousand dollars worth of fireworks in the front lawn. Then a few years ago I rented a beach house with a couple of friends, best summer ever. I ended up finding some rare quarter from the early 20th century that ended up being worth a decent amount. That was the endless summer, we thought it would never end, but like all good things...
  6. I think I need this for dessert. No summer is complete without heart attack worthy ice cream.
  7. Heart's office is over there, feel free to do what you will with it. Beware of Snarly, he doesn't need a sword to kill. Stay away from my liquor cabinet, (unless invited of course) and we should be fine. Oh, and what is this game maiden's kiss I hear about???
  8. Going by appearance I would be Aiel. Going by beliefs and personality I would be a border lander, probably Shinaren.
  9. So now that everyone's here, or will be soon. What is everyone's favorite part of summer? Do love it, hate it, anything in between? I love road trips in the convertible and going to theme parks/water parks.
  10. Yeah, thanks for the game EP. Kefka, dammit I should have known that. Insane "laughing" clown.
  11. Welcome to the Gray Ajah's Midsummer Festival! Some of the best parts of summer are hanging out with friends, with good food, good music, and just having a good time. So grab a bite to eat! And drink, bar is around the other side for those of you old enough. Later, we can all go for a swim! Anyone refusing to have fun will be unceremoniously thrown into the pool and pounced upon. So let's all have fun here. Everyone has their favorite parts of summer, and favorite summer memories. What are some of yours? Everyone also has their token summer theme song. This one just represents summer to me. Feel free to share some of yours. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dtfBxUTXRY Lovely DM video embed feature, how I love you so.
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