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  1. Best Wheel of Time resources?

    http://sites.ugcs.caltech.edu/~karlh/cgi-bin/wot.cgi This chronological spoiler-free character glossary has been saving my life every six pages in my first readthrough.
  2. Hi everyone! Took me long enough, but I finally stumbled onto Dragonmount! It'll be nice to finally have people to discuss the series with... I am currently about 200 pages into Crossroads of Twilight. I sped through Eye of the World through The Fires of Heaven in about six months before stalling out halfway through Lord of Chaos and leaving the series for three years. I think I was scared of the "slump". The books sat on my shelf for all that time collecting dust until, in September, I made a spreadsheet of "books I own and have yet to read" and decided to knock WoT off of the massive "to read" pile I had sitting around. Four months later, I've read four of five "slow" books, and have yet to really notice much of a slowdown... though I understand CoT is widely considered the slowest. Glad I finally found this place!