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  1. Oh, Elgee, my love, I am so very very sorry to hear that. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers, and if there is ANYTHING I can do, please know that I would love to do it. *snuggles*
  2. I have. But only once they get baaaaaad never have I ever liked socks
  3. usually I'm ahead of that curve. never have I ever liked popped collars
  4. *is floated in struggling on Air weaves* *they drop her* *Charis adjusts her skirts* I will play. Apparently. :P
  5. aubergine is UK for eggplant! I like them! i've also never had caviar never have I ever looked good in pastels
  6. me either. Some day! never have I ever done drag
  7. I like a good steak now and then, but not like, all of the times. never have I ever been to Disneyworld
  8. I am pretty convinced I am a stranded mermaid... I love swimming and anything in the water. Never have I ever had a pina colada
  9. never have I ever done it...? never have I ever liked humidity.
  10. I do! Not huge on green bean casserole, although I usually have to make it for Christmas, lol never have I ever liked cucumbers
  11. well, if it's any consolation, we had some flooding, so it isn't all gravy either lol!
  12. me either! Or a bubble machine hehe! never have I ever finished a tube of chapstick
  13. don't know that I've ever had it, really... but that kind of thing isn't my cup of tea, really, haha. never have I ever been as bored as I am this Summer... I might need to find a job soon, y'all.
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