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  1. This is the truth. This is why I am such a strong supporter of Egwene but her death was pointless. I think that BS wanted to kill off some of the 2 Rivers crew for emphasis but this was stupid. Maybe Perrin and Faile dying together or Mat saving Olver death OR SOMETHING! But although I thought the book was good, I just didn't want to see her go... At the least she should've been burnt out and then she comes back still Amyrlin or something ...
  2. WOA! CRAZY THEORY!!!! What if Mog actually does like do that once she dies! :DDDD
  3. RUUUU :D Sorry for my inactivity, its due to schoooool D:
  4. Can you sub me? I don't wanna degrade the game because I'm unable to play cuz' o' school.
  5. Vote Rand Well thank you Mr.OBVIOUS!!!!! Now just to wait for the lynch post XD Yes I know the role PM's have not been sent...
  6. YOU'LL LOVE IT HERE!!!! (After you get over the fact that most of us are tainted!) XD!!! AnyWAYS you seem like you'd like the White Tower Social Group so head over there and get yourself in Novice White!!!! Welcome!!!!
  7. FINALLLLLLLLLLY ANOTHER EGWENE LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway WELCOME And enjoy your time HERE!!!
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