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    Tai'Shar Niel.
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    In Tear. Where else?
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    Dabbbbbling into writing. Easing into it like one would a nice blistering warm, steamy bath. (How was that?)
  1. o.O oooooohh yea also 5 points to TMD, cuz he's awesome like that.
  2. It should be coming out soon over there right?
  3. lololol okie dokies THX PANCHI TEN POINTS TOOOO YOUU
  4. Soooo, I want to read Allegiant BUT I'm lazy to reread the last two books cuz I didn't like them that much. LOL So anyways 10 pts to whomever can message me a quick summary of the last two books. THANKSSSS
  5. SNOWWWWWWW YOU'RE BACK!!!! The gang's almost all here. All we need is Random! Missed you.
  6. Haha, those guys seem awesome!!! I'm jealous!
  7. Long TIME no seee!!! Missed you palllllll.
  9. HERE Well down here in Texas, the most we ever get is like Hurricanes, but bad ones don't normally come around except every few years.
  10. Although his efforts were beginning to be futile Marco pressed on, he lashed out in retaliation with Water. Weave: Water Damage: 10 Niel: 35 Basel: 55
  11. Blinded by the dust and rocks in his eyes Niel jumped back and recklessly retaliated, throwing a weak Hurricane in his wake. Attack: Hurricane Damage: 6 Niel: 53 Basel: 65 (Okie dokie, that sucks, but thanks!)
  12. Niel took the rocks in stride, only hesitating a moment to lash back at Basel... with nothing... Attack: Cloud Dancing Damage: 0 (did I do something wrong or is this correct?) Niel: 67 Basel: 71
  13. Naively Marco ate the fish... They gave him indigestion, in spite he lashed out with a sharp weave of Water... it didn't do so well. Attack: Water Damage: 11 Niel: 76 Basel: 71
  14. Marco looked at the boulder, and then willed it to shrink. Eh, he thought, that didn't hurt too badly. He grinned, wickedly thinking of ways to manipulate the scalding water from Basel's cookfire... He had it! Niel took a strand of Air and then moved the Water all over Basel... He didn't even need to use Fire.. Beautiful. Attack: Hurricane Damage: 18 Niel: 89 Basel: 82
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