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  1. Congrats, Mishi!! I think you fit there perfectly :)
  2. 263. While visiting a truck factory with lots of truck parts reminding a big ring, you immediately start thinking "OMG, they're going to leash me!!!"
  3. Aww!! Austria really is like from a picture book. So amazing here :O

  4. LOA (or possibly LOLA) until the August 4th, at least :(
  5. Got sooo much school work that I won't be very active for a while.

  6. Hi and welcome to DM, Sephie! Glad you joined us :) I'm haven't read ToM yet, so I can't answer your question :P But I'll ask a one of my own: do you have a favorite WoT nation? Or a favorite character? Feel free to ask if you've got any questions. I hope you'll like it here!!
  7. Hi and welcome to DM, Gemini! Great that you decided to join :) Changing your name is a hard process (or so I've thought), but there should be advices for it somewhere in the Forums 101 board. For tequila people, the Wolfkin Social Group is highly recommended :P About that oldness, I don't have any idea. Do you have a favourite WoT character? If you have any questions about the site, feel free to ask them. There usually is somebody that can help. I hope you'll like it here!!
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