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    Wheel of Time (obviously). Bellydancing. UK history (1790-1830 & particularly seamanship). History of the Ancient Celts. Handicrafts. Star Trek, Dr Who (+ various others). Reading (mostly fantasy & historical). Writing. Aikido. Mythology (mostly Celtic, often Nordic, but I'll take anything).
  1. Jaedan Edhel. Novice - wanting to keep my access open, but RL seriously getting me down :(
  2. Jaedan Edhel. Novice. Tough question. I hope to get back to DragonMount, soon, and had considered joining the Black Tower as well. I think it might be a bit early to amalgamate groups, although I would definitely keep the option open for the future.
  3. Jaedan Edhel - Novice. In fact, I've read the book twice! Sorry I'm not around much, but RL is interfering. Hope to be more active soon.
  4. Jaedan Edhel; Novice. Not exactly 'having trouble accessing', but DM seems very slow to load and links are taking a long time to come up.
  5. Just finished. Now I'm going to have a little cry. Then I'm going to start it over again.
  6. Amazon vouchers. These are great gifts for absolutely anyone - good and evil; rich and poor; realists, optimists and cynics. It must always be Amazon vouchers! (And I refuse to be given as a gift to that horrid Seanchan, Tuon! - so there, Hagazussa)
  7. Amazon vouchers. Amazon vouchers are always excellent gifts. I'd buy everyone Amazon vouchers!
  8. Jaedan Edhel - Novice Sorry I haven't been at all active recently. My mother has been in hospital and I only just remembered to sign in for November this morning. Sorry to everyone that I'm being terribly unsociable, but I hope to have more free time next year.
  9. This is a beautiful piece of artwok - Janna is clearly ever so talented, and I think you are so lucky!
  10. Jaedan Edhel - Novice Sorry I'm late, but I've been 4000 miles from my computer; is this an acceptable excuse ;) (Although I voted 'no' in both polls because I don't watch any sport, I have seen more of the paralympics than the main olympics, And if someone said 'watch one or die', it would definitely be the paralympics I'd choose).
  11. I think if I had seen the film, end of story, I would have really enjoyed it. As it is, I haven't sent the DVD to eBay or anything because in itself, it's not a bad film... actually - I think it's quite fun, so long as you pretend the books don't exist. And yes - I liked the 9th-Doctor-as-bad-guy. As I said - the cast was excellent! But as an adaptation, it's dreadful. Having read the books more than once, a long time since (actually, there are five, 'The Dark is Rising' was the series title, the most famous book and the second to be published), I found a lot of unnecessary hacking at the
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