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  1. Jaedan Edhel. Novice - wanting to keep my access open, but RL seriously getting me down :(
  2. Jaedan Edhel. Novice. Tough question. I hope to get back to DragonMount, soon, and had considered joining the Black Tower as well. I think it might be a bit early to amalgamate groups, although I would definitely keep the option open for the future.
  3. Jaedan Edhel - Novice. In fact, I've read the book twice! Sorry I'm not around much, but RL is interfering. Hope to be more active soon.
  4. Jaedan Edhel; Novice. Not exactly 'having trouble accessing', but DM seems very slow to load and links are taking a long time to come up.
  5. Just finished. Now I'm going to have a little cry. Then I'm going to start it over again.
  6. Amazon vouchers. These are great gifts for absolutely anyone - good and evil; rich and poor; realists, optimists and cynics. It must always be Amazon vouchers! (And I refuse to be given as a gift to that horrid Seanchan, Tuon! - so there, Hagazussa)
  7. Amazon vouchers. Amazon vouchers are always excellent gifts. I'd buy everyone Amazon vouchers!
  8. Jaedan Edhel - Novice Sorry I haven't been at all active recently. My mother has been in hospital and I only just remembered to sign in for November this morning. Sorry to everyone that I'm being terribly unsociable, but I hope to have more free time next year.
  9. Jaedan_edhel

    With The Artist

    This is a beautiful piece of artwok - Janna is clearly ever so talented, and I think you are so lucky!
  10. Jaedan Edhel - Novice Sorry I'm late, but I've been 4000 miles from my computer; is this an acceptable excuse ;) (Although I voted 'no' in both polls because I don't watch any sport, I have seen more of the paralympics than the main olympics, And if someone said 'watch one or die', it would definitely be the paralympics I'd choose).
  11. I think if I had seen the film, end of story, I would have really enjoyed it. As it is, I haven't sent the DVD to eBay or anything because in itself, it's not a bad film... actually - I think it's quite fun, so long as you pretend the books don't exist. And yes - I liked the 9th-Doctor-as-bad-guy. As I said - the cast was excellent! But as an adaptation, it's dreadful. Having read the books more than once, a long time since (actually, there are five, 'The Dark is Rising' was the series title, the most famous book and the second to be published), I found a lot of unnecessary hacking at the story. The rant is in spoiler space because it gives away a lot and I don't want to put people off either the books or the film. Rant over.
  12. Brilliant, Leala! And I'm so pleased to have been part of your class while you were Accepted! You so deserve this :) Congratulations!
  13. Possibly one of the worst adaptations I've seen was 'The Dark is Rising'. Actually, in itself the film wasn't all bad (and it had a very good cast, including Christopher Eccleston, who played the 9th Doctor), but having read the books, I found a lot of things to complain about. Maybe if they'd made a series, it would have been better. As for Gaiman, I first came across him as the author of the original 'Books of Magic', which became an excellent comic series, although I don't think he had anything to do after the original 4 episodes. (Actually, the novel adaptations of this series was pretty bad - never mind films). It was going to be filmed, but they made Harry Potter instead. Of course, I then read the Sandman series. I feel the best book he has written was 'Good Omens' with Terry Pratchett. The idea of the M25 put forward is one of the best ever! I strongly recommend this book to absolutely everyone, whether they like Gaiman or not! It's pure genius.
  14. Yeah - Wot13 Ninja'd me, too! :) Is all this an omen, do you think?
  15. Thank you to everyone who replied to questions and helped us get here. It was a really terrific class; informative and fun; and thanks again, Leala, for all your support. I would like to follow the Path of the Aes Sedai, please.
  16. Neil Gaiman, who wrote Stardust, also feels the film was better than the book. Edit - I need to work on my spelling!
  17. Having gone through the agonies of English and with a mother who started her career teaching English, I have bits and pieces that might be helpful. I have to disagree with the Shakespeare thing. I can't bloody stand him - mostly because of English class. However, I appreciate he may be required study, so yeah - Midsummer Night's Dream is probably the best option; it's quite an engaging story. However, I'll give this piece of advice; if you get students to read parts, make sure you mix them up plenty. When my teacher did this in Romeo and Juliet, she always made me read Romeo because I read well out-loud and of all the characters the guy wrote, I find Romeo so weak and flighty, which I despise. Doing this just made me hate him more, and Romeo more, and I wasn't crazy about my teacher by the end of it, either. I never studied Dickens, but I'm grateful because others who have studied him said he's torture. Try not to use novels that are too emotive; a girl I knew who had been assaulted found she couldn't read her required novel - The Handmaiden's Tale - and failed her exams as a result of her teacher's lack of compassion. From the statistics, girls are more willing to read across genres than boys, who consider some books as 'women's books'. But don't assign on the basis of gender and if it were me, I'd ensure there was a Jane Austen or similar in there somewhere. If you have to do poetry, avoid war poetry; it's demoralising to the class - we were all so miserable while studying it (especially as the Gulf War was in progress at the time). Although all my teachers taught me valuable things for Creative Writing, those who gave us most leeway tended to get the best out of us; also the ones who made the assignments sound like we could make them fun if we tried, and gave credit for sheer creativity as well as good grammer and spelling. Many of us also found that it was easier to learn speech punctuation by making mistakes and having them corrected and thoroughly explained. Personally, I found that practice rather than lectures made it easier. I don't know if any of this helps, because I know that the curriculum will be different in the US than the UK, but I'll be happy to put forward other suggestions if you want them, or if you want specific opinions/advice.
  18. I like 'what if' scenarios (both of the future and past); such as, what if Queen Boudicca had won? What if King Arthur returned? What if the Roman Empire never fell? What if Germany won WWII?
  19. I adore Georgette Heyer! Fortunately, I inherited my mother's collection, so I didn't have to go out and buy all the books (which would have cost me a fortune). I read them very quickly and really enjoyed them. I even converted the whole collection to eBook for a blind friend, so she could read them all too.
  20. That would be extremely strange, as the P-Celts and Q-Celts were quite separate by the time they reached Britain and Ireland, and were even sometimes enemies; the similarities stem from their shared origins before the Brythonic and Goidelic went off in their separate directions before reaching their final settling places. My sister is the one studying our family tree as it's far too expensive and time-consuming for me, and I'm more interested in Ancient Celtic history than my specific family history - but my father is Scots and my mum Irish (both Goidelic races). I think the Regency period, especially, was shallow in many ways. For some of the aristocricy, taking care of their tenants and family took a firm second place to having their own fun and often younger sons, daughters and tenants ended up destitute because of this; debts to tradespeople often went unpaid and this ruined businesses. The interest in appearance, reptuation and celebrity were comparible to our own time, although it was done with far better grace 200 years ago! The behaviour of people like Prince George and Beau Brummel, while entertaining, didn't stand as good examples. Having said that, there were also many good things about the period - the first tentative steps towards equality for women, the importance of a war that lasted over 20 years (strictly, they're a few shorter wars overlapping, but there was only a brief period of peace in the early 1800s). It was also a time when good service brought recognition and a comman man could be raised to the aristocracy through effort rather than birth (Lord Nelson is a good example). And, as I said - many of the flawed personalities were still entertaining. I really fell in love with the beautiful language and 'gentlemanly behaviour' of the time, which is what started my keener interest in the subject.
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