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  1. ToM, because I love the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn part, and the forging of Perrin's hammer.
  2. Harriet, why did you want Bela to die? Would love an answer, if anyone knows!
  3. I just finished AMOL about 30 minutes ago. Words fail me, they truly do. Yet I feel the need to find the right words, much as Thom was doing. I've been reading WoT for 12 years. Not as long as some of you, true. But it helped to shape me, make me into who I am today. I felt such sadness that it was ending, that there would never be another Wheel of Time book. But then, there are no true endings, are there? For everyone who died, I cried. Having grown up with these characters, these friends, every death was painful (yes, even Gawyn's.) The only part I didn't like was Siuan's death, the way that it happened "off-camera", so to speak. I feel that she deserved a better ending than she got, but I also feel that she wouldn't have wanted her death to be distracting, somehow. And of course, Gareth charging the Trollocs in full battle mode was a fitting end for him. Bela. So she wasn't the Dark One, but she survived to carry Olver when he needed it. And of course Olver would be the Hornsounder; very fitting. Faile not dying was good. I know many have hated her, and while I never loved her, the hurt that would have caused Perrin would have been too much. Egwene's death, while sad, was perfect. The Amyrlin's Flame, turns the Shadow to Crystal. Beautiful. I can't begin to express how glad I am that Lan survived. Not only survived, but killed Demandred! Perfect. Tai'shar Malkier! Mat, Fortuona, Min, Aviendha, Elayne, Birgitte...I think they all were wonderful in this. So glad we have a name for Min's Talent now! I wish that we somehow could see Mat's child, and Elayne's, and Avi's (because I'm sure she's pregnant), see them grow up, and become the next generation of awesome...but I think that's probably best left to us, isn't it? Us, the generation of people who read the Wheel of Time, will never let it end. We, the fans, will keep it alive, introducing it to our children, who will grow up with it, and get to ask (for a while) "But what happens next??" with eyes of wonder and souls of adventure. For a while. Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.
  4. This made me cry. Bela came through the whole epic...to die to a Trolloc arrow
  5. Welcome Tsuki, glad to see we caught your interest! Come join us over at the White Tower if you haven't already; my PM box is always open if you have any questions
  6. Re'ara stood in the yard, waiting for all the other trainees to appear. As she waited, she thought of her travels over the last 3 years. "I've seen so much, and now here I am, training become a Warder. What a strange-- oh, here come the rest." One in particular stood out to her, a tall muscular boy with his black hair in a topknot. "I'll be damned." she thought. "A trainee from Shienar. Another Borderlander. Might be fun to spar with him...a bit of....friendly...Borderlander competition..."
  7. So glad you are back!!!!!
  8. Maybe I should have that done...my vision sucks.
  9. 313. When you realize your annual re-read of WoT is way overdue, and now won't be finished by the time AMOL comes out, and you have a minor panic attack. Kinda did this yesterday, lol
  10. Happy birthday, DM! Couldn't imagine life without my DM friends!
  11. HAHAHAHA You went with the 24 avi! :D

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