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  1. Randland Wrestling Federation is Proud to present: Tarmon Gai'don The wrestling event you have been waiting AGES for THREE WAY MATCH UP YOUNG BULL THE DRAGON REBORN LORD OF RAVENS vs. vs. vs. SLAYER SHAI'TAN BAO THE WYLD Musical Guests The Forsaken and Flame of the Amyrlin to perform between matches At the Shayol Ghul Amphitheater Advanced tickets now on sale!
  2. [Editor's note: the original song is "The Rare Auld Times" by Pete St. John.] Raised on songs and stories, legends oft declaimed The passing tales and glories that once was Caemlyn's Fame The shining walls and houses, where my boyhood I did spend That once was part of Caemlyn, when the Age came to an end How the days all pass by, like the turning of the page I remember Caemlyn City in the Third Age My name it is Duan Kariol, and this my tale of woe Born just in time for the Last Battle, though I wished it not be so By trade I was a farmer, and then the plants all died I was recruited in the army, to fight by the Dragon's side And I courted Falay Brisai, with brilliant shining eyes A channeler from Whitebridge, and of the rebel Aes Sedai's I lost her to a Asha'man, his coat as black as coal When he took her off to the Black Tower, well she took away my soul How the days all pass by, like the turning of the page I remember Caemlyn City in the Third Age The battle's made me bitter, the future scares me so 'Cause Caemlyn turned to ashes, and I've nowhere else to go The Band and Lord Mat have gone, the Royal Guard got beat down As the Trollocs hold the City, and make a graveyard of my town How the days all pass by, like the turning of the page I remember Caemlyn City in the Third Age How the days all pass by, like the turning of the page I remember Caemlyn City in the Third Age
  3. The Little Dragon that Could The Mat in the Hat Where the Aiel Are Moghedien's Web The Very Hungry Jumara The Dragon, the Amyrlin, and the Locked Chest The Complete Adventures of Curious Loial
  4. Nice! Always good to see other suggestions, and this is one that you can really have fun with..
  5. Maid sweeps under the rug Hand catching in the cookie jar Viper vipes the vindows Hammer strikes the thumb Coyote falling off the cliff
  6. [Editor's Note: Ireond, our Humor Blogger, is filling in the role of Rotating Features Blogger because he wanted to share a more in depth look at A Game of Stones with the Dragonmount community. He's been playing for awhile and has a better insight to the attractions of the game. Fnorrll will return next week with "The Wheel Turns."] A Game of Stones is a browser based multiplayer role playing game set in The Wheel of Time universe. Currently in its eleventh version, players can choose a nationality and class and then go explore, fight, and earn money to their hearts content, or at least until the Last Battle. The basic overview of the game: Character creation consists of choosing a nationality for your character, and then picking a basic class. As you gain levels, you open the opportunity to build estates in wilderness areas, gain profession points which can be used to buy businesses in town and gain other bonus, and eventually gain the option to add more classes to your character. Classes offer a skill tree with various bonus stats, and every level, you are given skill points to customize your character. Players are ranked by experience, alignment, and Ji. Experience is a pretty standard affair, you attack non-player characters (NPCs) or players, and gain experience accordingly. Alignment is how your actions have defined you in terms of leaning more towards the Shadow or the Light. Ji is an interesting factor, and affects a fair amount of game play. Each action you do brings you honor. As you rise in honor, your standing in the game rises as well, but the true benefit is when you're a member of a clan, as your gain in honor carries over to them, allowing them to take control of the local towns. Towns have shops where you can purchase gear and temporary bonus items, as well as restock your stamina; the clans can invest in upgrades, allowing you to gain bonuses from towns that your clan controls. Lose the town though, and you lose those bonuses. Combat is limited by each character only gaining two combat points an hour, but you are allowed to bank up to a hundred, allowing you to walk away from the game for long periods, if you desire, and not falling behind. However, movement is determined by stamina, which can be replenished by resting or using an inn at a city, allowing you to move freely completing non-combat quests if you wish. You can play with your stats, change equipment around, and hang out on the clan or world chat boards while waiting for combat points. The early game consists of securing towns for clans and leveling up your character. You can compete in tournaments, build a commercial empire, or just run around completing quests. Eventually the seven seals to the Dark One's prison will appear, and then they start breaking. This is the point the current game is at now, but that means the fun is just beginning. You see, the Last Battle is coming. Hordes of NPCs will be descending and doing their hardest to make sure the towns are wiped off the map. Then players will be divided by alignment and fight for all creation. Then, the Age ends. The next version comes out, where a new Age will unfold, and a new battle for creation will begin. Which side will you fight for? Swing by A Game of Stones and take a look. I spoke with Tim Jensen, current programmer and administrator for "A Game of Stones." Q: When did the game first start, and when did you take over? A: I'm not sure on exactly when the game first started. I first started playing in the Summer of 2003, which I believe was towards the beginning. After a releasing couple different versions of the game, the original Creator, Craig Harrison, decided he wanted to move on and posted the source code online in May of 2007. I took the code, made a few modifications I thought would be nice and launched my first version in September 2007. Q: What is the one aspect about the game you feel brings in the most players? A: Honestly I'd have to give credit to the Wheel of Time for that one. I'd estimate about 90% of the vocal users of the site are fans of the books that checked the game out due to their love of the series. Though even if you haven't read the books, the game is still accessible. It's really a pretty standard RPG game with a Wheel of Time skin on it, though I've tried to get as many details right as I can while keeping the game balanced. Q: What do you feel attracts first time players? A: Beyond the idea of playing a Wheel of Time game, I'd say that it's the fact that it's an online game that can suck up as much or a little of your time as you want and you can still be fairly competitive. That's something I've tried to strive for with how the game is set up. Some people complain about the limited turns players are allotted, but to make up for it each person can have 3-6 characters. Keeping up with that many characters and fully taking advantage of all the game has to offer with each of them can suck up a lot of time if you let it. Q: What do you feel keeps players coming back for each new version? A: This one I have to give to the GoS community. They've kept the atmosphere of the game friendly but competitive. It's always interesting to see how things play out each version. Alliances shift from Age to Age and the new players and clans that pop up add a wrinkle into existing dynamics. Another thing I've tried to do is be responsive to what the players want for the game (within reason). Most of the changes that I have made have been at the suggestion of the players. With each version has come something new and I hope it the thought of seeing what's next keeps players coming back. Q: If you had a tip for players that are new to the game, what would it be? A: Don't be afraid to ask questions. I openly admit that my weakest point is documenting how things work, so the game can be a bit overwhelming for new players. Luckily, the existing player base is quite friendly to new players and quick to answer questions. I suggest joining an existing clan your first time through rather than creating your own. That way you can learn the ropes from the more veteran players and hopefully make a few friends in the community along the way. Q: What made you decide to institute the last battle? A: Two reasons. One, I originally planned to launch V10 in February of this year, so that would have been within 1 month after AMoL released so that seemed fitting. More importantly was the need that each "Age" of the game needed a firm ending. In previous versions, people would play for a month or so, then gradually let their characters fade into neglect. By adding the Last Battle, there's a point that everything is working towards so people know what's coming and how much longer things will keep going. Hopefully it will keep players engaged to the end. Q: What do you see in the future for this game? A: I honestly don't know. I hope the game continues to thrive. This last version has been the most successful yet since I've taken over, so hopefully the trend continues. I still have plenty of ideas on where the game can improve. So as long as people keep playing and I have time to work on it (thanks to my wife for putting up with me!), I'll keep releasing new versions.
  7. Spoilers? Rand: I gave up a hand, got a wound in my side, and am slowly going mad from another man's memories in my head... Mat: Oh yeah? Well... I gave up an eye, got hanged from a tree, and am also going slightly mad, but from SEVERAL men's memories in my head and some dice rattling inside of it... Perrin: I... uh... gave up an axe, once ripped a few buttons off one of Faile's dresses by accident and... um... yeah. I yield on this one... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Random thoughts from the Tainted One: Honestly, when I think of the Snakes and Foxes, I really can't help but occasionally think of them as the Wheel's Waldorf and Statler: "Why do we even watch the weaving of the Pattern?" "Have you seen what else is on?" "There's something else on?" "My point exactly! Hohohohohoho!" This of course, brings to mind the thought that maybe, a hilarious sketch for The Wheel of Time series could be done a la the Muppets. Kermit as Rand, Gonzo as Mat, and Fozzie as Perrin: Fozzie: Hey Rand! I know how you can remove the taint... You just gotta change the channel! Wakka wakka!
  8. Got a Black Ajah Sister Got a Black Ajah Sister I got a Black Ajah Sister She's got me so blind I can't see But she's a Black Ajah Sister and She's trying to make a Darkfriend out of me Don't turn your bond on me, Sedai Don't turn your bond on me, Sedai Yes, don't turn your bond on me, Sedai Don't mess around with your weaves Don't turn your bond on me, Sedai 'Cause you might not like what you achieve (flute solo) You got your bond on me, Sedai You got your bond on me, Sedai Yes, you got your bond on me, Sedai Turnin' my heart into stone I need you so bad Black Ajah Sister I can't leave you alone
  9. Romeo and Juliet Elayne: Rand al'Thor, Rand al'Thor. Wherefore art thou Dragon Reborn? Deny thy madness and refuse thy fate, Or be but sworn my love, and I suppose I'll just have to get alone with those two other girls... Hamlet Matrim: To run, or not to run, that is the question. Whether 'tis easier to avoid the slings and arrows of those charging armed men, or to take flight against the sea of troubles, and by running away, delay them. Or to cheat, to cheat perchance to win. Ha, there's a laugh. Macbeth Rand: Is this Callandor I see before me, handle towards my hand?
  10. Does your breath smell like a Trolloc? Does playing Maiden's Kiss involve you getting poked until you leave? Is your mouth as dry as the Aiel Waste? Try New Rhuidean Gum Made from the leaves of the Avendesora tree, it's the gum that gives you peace of mind as well as fresh breath! Now Available West Of The Dragonwall!
  11. (Apologies to Don Ho) Evil Bubbles In the world Tear up the Pattern As it's unfurled Evil Bubbles Popping up all over Got me feeling sure that the Dark One wants to end all time So here's to the end of an Age And the sealing of the Bore But mostly I'm hoping that It won't kill me Evil Bubbles Across the land Have me quite fearful For what Shai'tan has planned Evil Bubbles Showing up all over Got me feeling sure that the Dark One wants to end all time So here's to the Dragon Reborn Who'll save us all some day Here's hoping when he does These Bubbles fade away
  12. Animalistic Unrestrained Dangerous Trolloc The newest fragrance from Caemlyn Climb For that darker you ________________________________________________________ A gentle breeze down a mountain side The smell of apples blooming Dragon From Caemlyn Climb Be reborn!
  13. Broken Cart Wheel? Dead Horse? No Worries Ji'e'Tow is here to provide you Emergency Road Side Service Our gai'shain are standing by A no obligation trial is available We'll run out to where you are and pull or carry your cart to your destination Fast and dependable Service Offer not available in the Blight or to Treekillers
  14. Hey, Rand, let me give you a hand with that. Well, Matrim, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. You're a real gem, Egwene. Hey, Slayer, looks like you got a little too hammered this weekend. Well, Graendal, sometimes karma just gets ugly.
  15. Trolloc Holmes This great consulting detective is well known for his sharp intellect and sharp claws. Not afraid to take on any case, or any foe, he's feared throughout the land as a force to be reckoned with. Never seen without his constant companion, the turned healer Wot'Shin, he's only surpassed in intelligence by his elder brother Myrddraalcroft Holmes. Some of his cases include: "The Problem of al'Thor's Bridge" "The Adventure of the Veiled Aielman" "The Adventure of the Caemlyn Draghkar" "A Study in Ebony" "The Darkhound of the Borderlands" "The Sign of the Thirteen" Friends of the Light should beware when Trolloc Holmes is on the case.
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