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  1. Guess it was just me and Dar? Sounds like we're both safe
  2. Tallahassee, Florida here. Should be an interesting time. Will attempt to check back in when it's over and done with
  3. That would purely be dependent upon which island where. Exotic locations mean travel deals which lead to vacation packages (Atha'an Miere Cruise line. Leave the shirts at home). The overall marketing scheme could be heightened by an island location. You'd go from transients to people coming in for an extended stay, and that would mean they'd bring along more money for purchases like spas, rentals, and classes. You'd not have to worry about filling up the hotel day to day because you'd book them for a reservation months in advance. It'd be a destination, rather than just a stop. And
  4. Build it on an island somewhere then? Shore of a lake and have lionfish? So, Chicago, is it? Or Washington DC. San Francisco. London. Rome.
  5. Is having the entrance to the south and the desk to the north for a particular reason? Or mainly just to let them soak in the surroundings as they walk across the lobby?
  6. There have ALWAYS been sexy vampires. For some odd reason, there's seems to be a group of people every generation that think that painful ways to die look hot. (Succubi, Vampires, Dryads and Nymphs, for Zeus's sake.) Take the Maeneds. If you didn't party with them, you'd be ripped apart by a horde of drunk and screaming women. If you did party with them, I think odds were death by, um, exhaustion. Gothic fiction when done right is one of the few things that can give me the hebbiejibblies though. Penny Dreadful is on my watch list, I'll probably get to it about a month from now
  7. My sister matched Christina Ricca when she was in middle and high school. Got called Wednesday Addams by her friends because of it
  8. Graendal's Palace would probably also have a showroom for Luca's Circus, I'd imagine
  9. *jaw drops* Excellent.... most excellent. (Second Thought. Huh. Must be something about Florida that brings out the hospitality in people.*grin*)
  10. Wait.. so the children of guests might be novices? That'd save money on the hired help, sure enough. (Mind you, I've had parents joke about if they can get a price drop if they have their kids do laundry)
  11. Instead of presidential suites, suites for Amyrlin, Ajah Heads, and "Visiting Dignitaries" for each of the kingdoms?
  12. So the staff would be dressed as novices, a gleeman for dinner entertainment.. What would the building and grounds look like?
  13. So I now work at a hotel, checking people in and other sundry tasks at the front desk, and with today being a slightly slow day at work my mind started wandering. How would you run a theme hotel based off of the White Tower? What rooms would you include, how would you set up the building, and so forth. Keep in mind that as a resort hotel, there could be dinner theater, grounds for housing, and a variety of events that guests could sign up for. Yellow Ajah spa, Warder training facilities for the gym, nightly dinner theater consisting of meetings of the hall or fights against the
  14. There was once a Gray that went far away She crossed the ocean quite blue but the boat it was tossed until her complexion was mossed, yes that Gray started looking quite green
  15. Bah. Takes a lot for someone to catch me. Just a matter of starting a new job in the Hospitality industry, that's all
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