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    It's pronounced.. ah, just call me Reo
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    Whatcha got for me?
  1. For your personal safety, we have included airbags on this outfit.
  2. Guess it was just me and Dar? Sounds like we're both safe
  3. Tallahassee, Florida here. Should be an interesting time. Will attempt to check back in when it's over and done with
  4. Waiting to see if you'll be skeined alive. That'll be a yarn to tell
  5. Yes, ladies, gentleman, and desecrated corpes of fiddlesticks "property-du-reyler" the newest scent from reyler industries. Brute force sadism never smelled so awe inspiringly deadly. Visit your local chemists to find a bottle today. reyler industries is not responsible for any chemical burns, blindness, or loss of skin and hair that will result from use of this product
  6. 11:58 waiting for the boardgamers to show
  7. Ewe. I mean.. choke sputter cough :dies:
  8. I was going to call your bluff on that, but then I remembered that your lack of desire to come in physical contact with other people becomes exponentially inverted when violence is involved. I tried a one ton elephant but there wasn't enough dipping sauce
  9. ugh. When I do that it sounds like a overly hydrated 2 ton elephant shaped jello mold falling down the side of Mount Etna, so I'm probably going to pass
  10. What can I say, reyler. My mind has grown rusty and dull through lack of use. And yes, considering the state it was in before that's saying something.
  11. I'm as weird as ever https://youtu.be/MMK7ufeBOmg
  12. They cause me to break out in Hives.
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