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Pokemon Mafia III: The Treasure of Heart Island--Sign Ups!

Aiel Heart

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After the detrimental end to Mistress Heart’s last pokemon challenge, Mistress Heart knew that in order to call trainers back to her island for another tournament, she might need a little more incentive in addition to the fame and glory that the winner would receive. So, Mistress Heart also added an additional prize to the winner--a chest of treasure.

The word has been sent out, and many interested trainers are signing up...

(In this mafia, you are each pokemon trainers with a single pokemon. Some of your pokemon will have moves which will be of use in this game. Your pokemon, its ability, and any other specifications will be in the role PM.)

(For those of you who care, it’s all Gen III pokemon, and I believe all of the moves used are as well...)






I’m pretty sure it’s fair/balanced, I tried to make it so but... It’s experimental--No promises :P I do promise that it will be interesting and fun!



1) The first day will not last any more than 7 real life days. After that, “days” will be 72 hours and “nights” will be 48 hours.
2) This is a hammer game. Lack of consensus in voting when deadline is reached will result in a random knockout.
3) Do not talk about this game outside this thread unless you have been granted access to a QT, in which case you may talk in the QT as well.
4) Do not quote anything in your role pm or in any QTs you might have access to.
5) Pokemon and role reveals are allowed
6) Do not game the Mod
7) If I feel something is outside the spirit of the game, it will result in restrictions or modkilling.
8) When you are knocked out, you are allowed one “blah” post which may not reveal any game-related information
9) Do not edit your posts
10) Votes must be bold and red. You must unvote before you revote.
11) I expect activity. Spam is welcome (to some extent), but there must be at least game related post per phase. If you suddenly drop off the map, you are subject to being modkilled or replaced
12) Submit actions in your role pm. If you need something about your role specified, also ask me in the pm. I know that I may have phrased a few things strangely. I do not guarentee anything beyond a PAFO however.

Note: I am ModGoddess of your Pokemon Universe. My word is final, and I'm not afraid of modkilling




1. Mawth

2. Kronos

3. Hallia

4. Ithi

5. Tina

6. Tigriane

7. Dav

8. Turin

9. Piano

10. berf

11. BG

12. Ley

13. RTE

14. WoT13

15. Darthe

16. Chuckles

17. Cloud

18. Cyan

19. Razen

20. maddness

21. Panchi

22. Krak

23. Despo

24. Hisoka


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