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  1. I'd also represent the WT again, if you have room!
  2. I will take two of the questions. 5. What must you do to join the BT? You post in their thread titled WELCOME TO THE BLACK TOWER (Your First Stop Here) and announce that you would like to join the group. Bonus: Who is the leader of the BT and what is their title? The leader of the BT is Panchi, and her title is Lady Dragon.
  3. Do we answer the questions here?
  4. I'll play for the White Tower.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that, Pral. You and your family have my condolences.
  6. He hasn't said a whole lot really, so there's not tons for me to go on. Just about the only thing that stuck out to me about him was the fact that he didn't agree with Shad's post on the Dice/Sili interaction. I put him in the null pile before, and I still have him there now.
  7. There isn't much for me to claim, really. I'm Marshmallow, vanilla town.
  8. He's right. Maybe Kaylee skimmed it, because she's already scumreading me, I don't know. Maybe it's a result me being wordier than I should have - I can see how it can be simplified. But she blatantly twisted what I said about AJ. I wouldn't have put him up in my slight town list if I felt he was trying to push an agenda. So if I take that part away, the only thing that Kaylee disagrees with is my read on her?
  9. I posted that at 8:47pm, first mention comes from AJ at about 10:30ish pm my time. I mean, yeah, it is nice to see what people think, but I have other things to do, ya know. I can't F5 for two hours just see what people think about a list. It'd be here in the morning, or whenever I got the time to come back and read it. If you drop the second part of that, about the Arizona Cardinals, I actually wouldn't mind being lynched today, haha. HIs read list is well thought out. Seems he spent a lot of time crafting it. His read of pralaya can easily be scum scum though. By crafting do you mean you think he made it up, or are you saying you like his reads? Just trying to understand what you're saying. I think they're 'safe' reads besides a couple outliers. I think we craft long readslist like that for consumption.To persuade people you are town is why you make em'. All right, so, which ones do you think are the outliers, if you think some of them aren't safe?
  10. I don't want to forget anyone. I was going to post this earlier, but Zander came in and started his catch up, and then I got distracted by my stomach. Lean town: Shad - I like his analysis of the Dice/Sili situation. It seems genuine to me, like he is trying to take in what people say and then factor that in to what he's posted so far. Zander - His catch-up posts have a good tone to them. I liked his read list as well - he organized it differently than I do, but the only places that I really disagree with are Kaylee, Sili, and myself. I like how he's trying to bring in what other people have thought about Sili to help him make a better read. Slight town: Sooh - This is mostly a tone read, to be honest. Content-wise, she's mostly adopted a wait-and-see approach, but she has voted, which I think is a point in her favor. AJ - I didn't like his unexplained vote on Sili coming right as he posted at the beginning of the game. But since then, I feel like he is trying to make an effort to examine interactions and figure out who is scum and who is town. I obviously don't agree with his read on me, seeing that I'm town. But I don't get the feeling he is trying to push an agenda. Thane - Having never played with him before, I don't know what to expect here. I'm seeing a few good points from him - I like the way he told Sili to calm down and approach the thread with a clear head. That's something I would expect from a town-aligned player. That said, he seems to be taking more of a wait-and-see approach to things in general, which I'm not the biggest fan of. Null (w/content): Verbal - I haven't really seen enough from him to decide either way. I liked the point he raised about Dice tying Sili and me together. But other than that, there hasn't been much to comment on. He can get a slight null +, but not very much. Dice - I would have him higher if he didn't seem to be tunneling on Sili. I feel like he is letting his exchange with Sili before get in the way of being truly objective. He's said contradictory things regarding Pralaya - I can never really read him well. I don't agree with him regarding Shad. But other than that, I don't really see anything that tips me one way or the other on him. Sili - This is a genuine I don't know what is going on here. I liked the point he made initially against Dice. And I also like the way he's looking outside of what people are focusing on. But he has been getting very hung up about people not interpreting it the way he intended it. I don't see why he keeps hammering that point home, even if it's something that I think was just a misunderstanding. He's admitted that he's been caught up in the heat of the moment, which would explain things a bit. This is a case of I see things I like and see things I don't, which balance out to land him here. He can also have a slight null +. Null (w/o content): Kronos - but he's asked to be replaced. Hallia - only thing I've seen really is her not being able to read Dice very well. Slight scum: Kaylee - I like the effort she's been putting in so far. But I don't like some of what she's said. I feel like she's tunneling on me and not taking other opinions into account. I feel like she's contradicted herself a couple of times in pushing against me - I pointed it out with her take on the Dice situation. After going through, I'm going to Unvote, vote: Kaylee. She is the best suspect I have at this point.
  11. thats pretty much what i was assuming. i figured you just followed my gut. as far as Razen he is the only one other then sili im willing to vote. He pinged me as soon as he started posting re me and sili. heres the thing tho my thinking? Razen and sili are tied together. My preferred order is sili then razen. Sili flips scum as i think he does that confirms razen for me Why are they tied together? Razen came in and essentially gave more credence to Zander than Sili. How does that equate to pairing them? This is the issue I have here as well. He sounds like he wants to make my flip conditional on Sili's. The purple - you state that Sili and I are not tied together when you address Dice's comment. That's fine - I agree with that point no problems and don't like the way he tried to do that. My problem comes when you address the point I raised on his read lists, you tie me to Sili by saying I provided him with an explanation over his reads list.. How can you tell Dice that we're not tied together but then tie us together yourself?
  12. And yup! Thought so - Hallia didn't post at all between Sili's first list on pg. 7 and the one I quoted above on pg. 10. So how does that flip in his read on her work, baring that in mind? I can understand if it's the thought of re-evaluation, but it does contradict itself at first glance without explanation. There wasn't new information from her that would prompt this, so I'd kind of like to see that expanded upon.
  13. From the last list to this one, there are a couple of things I noticed. The first - Hallia goes from a yellow read to a gun to head town read, even though I don't think she posted very much in the meantime? How does that change so suddenly? From what I've seen of AJ in other games, I wouldn't call him apathetic. But that is a very small sample size, however. Your read of him fits from your earlier list.
  14. The bold is what I was thinking as well. So I'm confused why people are seeing it that way? If this is about me - where did I read you scum? I don't think I've listed what I thought about anyone yet. I didn't like AJ's unexplained vote yesterday, and I said as much. This is the point I was trying to get at when I posted about this initially. But he did confirm it - I need to look back and see if it was before he made this post or after. This is the list I was looking for before. Note to self: don't ever use yellow on this site, it makes your eyes bleed. But the point comes across - at this point, suspecting Hallia, AJ, and Thane. He updated this a bit later with better explanations.
  15. thats pretty much what i was assuming. i figured you just followed my gut. as far as Razen he is the only one other then sili im willing to vote. He pinged me as soon as he started posting re me and sili. heres the thing tho my thinking? Razen and sili are tied together. My preferred order is sili then razen. Sili flips scum as i think he does that confirms razen for me How are we tied together? I don't think I've said anything regarding Sili outside of how the two of you interacted and asking Kaylee what she thought about him at the moment. I don't like how you're tying my flip to how he flips. I can't speak to what Sili does as town and as scum. Only game I've played with him is TUS, and that is not a normal game to be basing things off of. But I haven't seen the whole "FoS as many people as he can" thing. He pushed Dice hard, and now seems to be on the defensive over his "Sooh town" post that everyone keeps hammering. He posted a list a couple pages back with a couple people in yellow, but no real explanations as to why. Is that typical? You're getting very hung up on this point. It surprises me that you don't see where people are coming from. Basically a number of people have used "clearing" Sooh and "town reading" Sooh interchangeably, and in a casual sense I think that's fine. You could come in and spell out the difference as you see it. Something like "listen, I take 'clear' to mean I'm pretty solidly convinced that someone is town, and I don't feel that way about Sooh. I feel that she's trending town so far but has a lot left to prove before I'd 'clear' her." That's kind of what I think you're saying at least. But if you just keep denying that you've 'cleared' her without defining what you mean, people will keep coming back with the post where you called her town. I'm not sure what this business of getting defensive but not really trying to resolve the issue means for you. I think most scum would seek clarity to pull themselves out of the spotlight. Eh, I need to check your Usual Suspects game again. You were pretty convincingly town there imo so I didn't pay much attention to you. In a game where we were ALL scum of some sort - so I'm not sure the bold is completely accurate. I like the way you articulate your thoughts about the "Sooh town" point. It's pretty much the same conclusion I was reaching a while back when I did my thing on Dice, and I don't like how people are constantly hammering that home again, and again.
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