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  1. I know they stand next to no chance, but I had to pick them anyway. Scotland. I had the privilege to attend the Test match last fall at Murrayfield against New Zealand. And even though Scotland didn't win, it was really fun to watch. So I picked them. Razen - Accepted.
  2. Razen - Accepted I would probably have to be a Warder due to the current setup within the books, but if it changed after TG, then I'd choose Aes Sedai. If I was a Warder, I would hope my Aes Sedai was from the White Ajah, so I could hone both my intelligence and my sword skills during training. If I was an Aes Sedai from the books, I would probably be a Brown due to my love of knowledge.
  3. Razen - Accepted Dogs. Absolutely, positively dogs. I've got three Yorkies at home, and they are the most adorable little dogs ever.
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