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  1. I know they stand next to no chance, but I had to pick them anyway. Scotland. I had the privilege to attend the Test match last fall at Murrayfield against New Zealand. And even though Scotland didn't win, it was really fun to watch. So I picked them. Razen - Accepted.
  2. Razen - Accepted I would probably have to be a Warder due to the current setup within the books, but if it changed after TG, then I'd choose Aes Sedai. If I was a Warder, I would hope my Aes Sedai was from the White Ajah, so I could hone both my intelligence and my sword skills during training. If I was an Aes Sedai from the books, I would probably be a Brown due to my love of knowledge.
  3. Razen - Accepted Dogs. Absolutely, positively dogs. I've got three Yorkies at home, and they are the most adorable little dogs ever.
  4. I hope that these are good. I don't know what you all are expecting from these, so I just tried my best to answer the questions. Declaration of Self: I don’t even remember when I first started reading WoT, because it feels like it was such a long time ago. I remember that I was in the public library in my hometown, browsing through the shelves, looking for something interesting to read. At the time, all the books in the library that weren’t kids books were in the same section of shelving, meaning that you had to look everywhere to find interesting books to read. I was browsing the shelves when I noticed what had to be the largest books on the shelves at the time. Intrigued, I picked them off of the shelves and started paging through. They looked interesting enough, so I checked the Eye of the World out, and the rest is history. I loved the story, enough that I quickly finished it and went back to the library and got the next books as quickly as I could. I found DM when I was searching for when A Memory of Light was coming out, as I had heard a crazy rumor that it was supposed to be sometime this summer. Alas, that didn’t turn out to be the case, but I was intrigued at the site with all of the discussions of the books and all the theories that were being thrown around out there. I didn’t jump into the discussions at all – it made me realize just how long its been since I’ve read the books, so I committed to doing a reread. I started at New Spring in about February-March, and I’m currently on The Dragon Reborn. Then I got sucked into playing Mafia. Red’s trademarked WoT’s, Ishy’s Drunk Mafia, all the shenanigans that got posted around, I realized that I had found a home here. And I found out that I looove playing the mafiaz. Declaration of Commitment: I feel like my time as a Novice has gone rather quickly. I was in the raising class of March, it’s now May, and I’m already being raised to Accepted! I could have done so much more in my time as a novice, as I only get to experience it once. But I wouldn’t trade that time for anything in the world. Playing in the Blue Ajah’s Fictionary game and creating a great number of laughs, starting the Brown Ajah Book Challenge (I promise I’m still participating – just haven’t had much time to read lately!), and all in all meeting just so many different amazing people. And leading my thread for Shakespeare Week. That was an event in and of itself. I picked up my Shakespeare book and read The Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night in that week to get myself into the Shakespearean mood. And then I realized how difficult it is to put an event thread like that together. It was a rewarding experience, so even if I could have done it better, it was something that helped me grow personally. Declaraction of Intent: As an Accepted, I hope that I can make up for some lost time as a Novice. I want to kick back and hop into the spammy threads and spam it up with people and I want to get more into the serious discussions that go on. I’ve seen so many and I’ve wanted to jump in, only for real life or something else distracting me from my train of thought. I’ve given some consideration as to which Ajahs I would consider and where I would fit in, but I’ve committed to nothing definitive so far. And I haven’t gotten to know them all yet, so I would like to do that first before deciding on where I’d like to find a home. So my future goal is to be more active around the WT and getting to know more of the brothers, sisters, and Warders that call the Tower home.
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