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  1. I'll concede that there may be more logic in the script than I originally gave credit for. The gut reaction to draw your weapon to kill your sisters child still seems incredibly unbecoming of the world's saviour and dedicating 30-40 minutes of the film to Finn and Rose going to casino-island which serves no real purpose beyond screwing the good guys is just a very strange choice of writing. What I DO want to see in the next film, if I get round to seeing it, is some explanation of what on earth the First Order even is. Do they have an agenda or a philosophy? What are their key bases? I'm stumped on how the whole of TFA ends in destroying some jumbo death star (that we're led to believe is supposed to be a crippling blow to the FO) leads to their being like a few hundred rebels left at the beginning of TLJ. I feel like in order to save this film series there really needs to be some sort of *purpose* beyond "this is an inherently good thing to do" and "this is an inherently bad thing to do". In the previous films you had a notion of these philosophies which came from the concept of the Force. In these latest films it feels like the writers seem to have just decided that the Force and magic are literally the same thing.
  2. irt the last part, I feel like there was at least 3 separate occasions where suicide bombing was the answer. 1. opening scene where she drops the bombs and destroys her own ship. 2. commander going to suicide into the imperial ship to save the remainder of the fleet after they'd run out of gas. 3. finn trying to blow up the battering ram.
  3. It's kind of surprising. The majority of people I know liked this film. The reception seems to be all over the place and depending on who you're friends with, you're going to hear quite different things.
  4. I didn't really like the Force Awakens at all but at least it had some enjoyment as an action film. The story here was so bad that I couldn't even enjoy the action because the scenes leading to the action were so mind boggling ridiculous. I hate this film.
  5. I honestly don't agree with Tiink being obvious. I mean, I haven't played with him more than maybe 2-3 times total (I think), but I really liked him this game. If he pulled the wool over my head, gg to him and well done. But I don't think he was obvious anything, actually. Cheers! I actually purposefully tried to analyze the lynch train in the exact same way I used it to deduce LZM/Shad in the Gilmore Girls game, which I thought was very pro-town but no one seemed to pick up on it. Also I feel like last year/two years ago you would've been speed lynched for trying to no lynch D1.
  6. Honestly, a great teammate. My activity since I've gotten back in (i.e. this game and Gilmore Girls) hasn't been great but it's just been a busy time but I've been itching to play. I don't think it's been too terrible, but I think I'll hold off playing until I can have a quieter week.
  7. Lol Did I make a huge mistake it believing your analysis of EOD? It was a good analysis. It's the fact that he subsequently ignored 100% of his conclusions that was glaring. That was part of my catchup, so if I missed that then it is on me. Well, I missed it too apparently.
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