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  1. I think you really hit the nail on the head there in a lot of ways. I didn't mean to give the impression that I was speaking for all depressed people but just to remark on the fact that there were often those who seemed aware and yet uncaring and how that differed from the aware and fulfilling spiritual journey of a monk that sometimes seems so attractive to those going through something in their lives. I really appreciate you taking the time to write that out because it's not often that you get to hear it expressed with such clarity. This thread is really interesting. Hearing how differently
  2. I hope I'm not intruding on anything here or overstepping boundaries since I don't normally post here but I just wanted to talk about that last part you said about detachment. Because as someone who has been around a lot of people who have suffered from depression and anxiety disorders it seems like this sense of detachment is something that's common in them as well and the difference between someone who is depressed and someone who is "spiritually enlightened" is actually a pretty interesting question. Most people naturally consider themselves to be the centres of their own world. A depr
  3. Their coming to terms with the rest of the world felt a bit weak. It was just such an obvious revelation, and to have it be their final say.. I'm probably not giving the authors enough credit but there was too much of a build up and I was sorely disappointed. EDIT: Perhaps the revelation wasn't as "obvious" as I'm making it out to be, but the way it was written sure made it feel that way.
  4. Where the heck was the reunion between Math, Rand and Perrin?
  5. So many things I'd change but in the end it's not exactly my story to tell. I'm satisfied with the way it ended.
  6. Forget this. What was I thinking?? Went and read it anyways.
  7. Should I just close the book now and try and preserve the story in my head? I could let my imagination run wild and hold on to the story. Or I could finish the book and move on. What to do?
  8. Well, I didn't get particularly screwed but I'm also sad cause I ordered my copy way back and it'll take another week to get here. Thanks for sharing though, I feel loads better now :D
  9. The whole chapter didn't seem very convincing to me. Maybe it's because I haven't read the series since TofM but the characters seem a bit weak. I'll just wait for the rest of it.
  10. I feel like the concept of the sword and sword fighting are going to be more present in the form of a philosophy instead of him having to resort to using his blade skill during the LB.
  11. PETER HAMILTON - The Reality Dysfunction trilogy. Give this damn sci-fi book a shot cuz it's amazing. Star trek? What's star trek? Peter Hamilton.
  12. The Tinkers! I want to know what happens with the Tinkers..
  13. I'll be crestfallen if this doesn't pan out. Why have I never seen this? Damn.. sh*t just got serious.
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