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  1. I haven't played in years, but I gotta be part of the club at least.
  2. @Wombat --- "Directly linked to HOW MANY posts there are" - The follow up insinuates even spam posts get points but if they see people spamming just to up the points, Ithi be angry.
  3. One time in high school my friend and I were bored in Calculus class so we figured out how to graph Middle C in our calculator.
  4. I've used math a lot, like I said, math doesn't lie. Depending on the crowd it goes over well, or not. Some people just have an innate ebby-jeebies to math for some reason even though it is what makes art and music possible really.
  5. Depends... when did you purchase it? If it falls between the 1430 and 737 time frames it is an important piece of the puzzle.
  6. Anyway, I find it odd frankly that Turin was more than happy to use the points to FoS Mish yesterday, but when it comes back on him Turin goes all DPR on me about how the points show nothing.
  7. I'm telling you that looking into it, that's why I think you are lying. It is an estimate, but I put a lot of time into trying to figure it out first during the night because it doesn't add up. If my numbers are wrong, then, I've errored on having too many studs because I over estimated. Which means it would still be impossible to have 900 points spent. That means that either you or Mish is lying about the purchase still. I used Expelliarmus and it appears I successfully blocked Turin despite Turin claiming it shouldn't have worked. That's the truth.
  8. In any case, it was enough for me to think Turin was lying. I kind of expected him to come out being vague about it, but he must have tried something last night I successfully Expelliarmused. He says that wouldn't work on him. That's what I used though.
  9. @Turin, this is why I went through all the trouble of trying to figure out how many points per post. To try and figure out how many points were added between the two counts. I'm not claiming that Turin must have bought the PJ potion, I'm just saying somebody must have. 875 total of points spent in my estimation PJ potion, it happened, no dying it by the numbers else it would be impossible to spend in a 75 increment. 875-175= 700 remaining After turin 700-600=100 Impossible to spend 100, but spent they were. Therefore, lying turin. I will admit that my theory doesn't account for the 2-3 random extra points since the total was actually 878 total spent. But that in and of itself is an anomaly that just so happens occurs in this same time frame.
  10. Yeah, I noticed too the 33 posts too, but looking further in I noticed that mods rarely if ever added points on the same page as the point count. Which led me to believe that the page in which the point count happens on isn't counted till the next one. Would make it easier to keep track for mods I think if they could count them up by page rather than wherever they post. Prevents ninja posts not counting towards the total from being an issue as well.
  11. What's nice about math is it doesn't lie. Except statistics, you can make them say whatever you want. Yeah we can always check your math etc. but I'm really not in the mood for that right now lol. It would be great if a brave individual would go over your math and discover any potential flaws. Statistics are evil though. It is known. But seriously I don't think it's wise to start building cases on someone just because of the stud count which we don't know the mechanics about. Well, I don't see it that way. I think it proves that Turin must have been lying and someone had to have bought a PJ potion during that time. There is no other way I can see.
  12. What's nice about math is it doesn't lie. Except statistics, you can make them say whatever you want.
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