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  1. I thought you'd be the first to call BS on my alignmentless claim. You even are featured in my signature.
  2. I actually tried to consume Sooh the next night too, but submitted too late
  3. @Shad_ @Sooh permission to release the Chat?
  4. And then Shad brought SOOH back to life after I tried to consume her. Blargh.
  5. I had lots of fun convincing you all not to lynch me repeatedly. Hallia was definitely player of the game as far as power use went
  6. Was going to shoot DPR and Kat given the chance
  7. Yep. Was hoping to do a 2 for 1, better odds that way.
  8. I'd rather try to win with ya'll if that's OK with you.
  9. So we pretty happy with DPR as final scum then? Mind if you leave him to me tonight? I'd like to end the game with an alignment if we are right. I have one more shot in my arsenal.
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