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  1. I haven't played in years, but I gotta be part of the club at least.
  2. I'd rather have more delays and a more perfected book.
  3. Wow. DKS pulled through, shame we didn't get the last one.
  4. You belong to the Gray Ajah! The Gray Ajah seeks to end conflicts by mediation and reaching consensus. They have a strong sense of justice and are knowledgeable about laws and rules. Being skilled negotiators, they understand the value of compromise, and are experts at reaching agreements. It is said that members of this Ajah believe that any problem can be solved by talking long enough about it. This is your result in its entirety: Gray Ajah: 6 Brown Ajah: 4 Yellow Ajah: 4 Blue Ajah: 4 Green Ajah: 4 White Ajah: 3 Red Ajah: 0
  5. This is been a pretty cool service. Helps me stay organized:Manage your bills with @Manilla - a free service: http://t.co/7NlEieXf

  6. I won't play without my Shepard. Fix Mass Effect 3 http://t.co/MPWWlzaZ

  7. Fun free site that encourages you to save and pay off debt. http://t.co/XLqIMWxY

  8. Starting to give up hope @BrandSanderson will draw my name for #AMOL #WOT :( Oh well... *sigh*

  9. This guy is cooler than me in every single way. http://t.co/ozTXaSSB

  10. This guy is cooler than me in every single way. http://t.co/ANUaz4b5

  11. SOPA and PIPA summarized: Here is a summary of why there is so much backlash against SOPA & PIPA in case you wer... http://t.co/wSzAT1gy

  12. New Blog Post: SOPA and PIPA summarized http://ow.ly/1gY4ED

  13. The awkward moment when you break the law you proposed #StopSOPA http://t.co/oqwnYNf9 via @twitpic

    1. mmeeshal


      Bahahahaha! =D

  14. Tell Congress: Don’t censor the web! http://t.co/VydCgZxM

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