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What's your favourite scene in the entire WoT?


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Simple enough question - what's your favourite moment in the books? The bit you get all happy about when it's coming up in your re-reads?


Mine is the Quarterstaff v Swords fight with Mat, Gawain and Galad. I loved the way he, a weak and far from hearty farmboy, gave the two smug kids an absolute spanking.


Every time I read it I want to jump up and down with glee for him.



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Random scenes that come to mind...


TEOTW: Maybe when the pack meets the Green Man at first? Hard. I take everything cool in this book for granted.

TGH: Alternate lives at the Portal Stone. When the Horn sounds and calls Hawkwing and co. for Falme a close second. Creepy sequences with Selene a close third.

TDR: Egwene in the arches with the alternate futures.

TSR: The Aiel history flashback sequence. Easy.

TFoH: Moiraine v. Lanfear. Drama.

LoC: Demandred at Shayol Ghul.


That's as far as I've gotten in my re-read.


TGS: Rand balefires Semirhage with the True Power. Wow. Set the book down and think about it for a minute.

ToM: Virtually every scene with Zen Rand, but saving Maradon is probably the best.

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the prologue in the eye of the world. has blown my mind even more after each book has come out over the years and more background details are revealed.


i have lots of other favorites, but that is the one that just sticks in my mind every time i think about twot.

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Hmmm, I like the prologue to EoTW....


Dumai's Wells, the first time they go into The Ways, Nyn vs. Mog, Falme, when Tuon finds out that Mat is a friend of the DR (can't wait til she finds out that he blew the Horn of Valere), some of the things they do in Ebou Dar, the prologue to tPoD- where Moridin is playing sha'rah, a lot of the prophetic Dreams and visions, when Moiraine tackles Lanfear through the twisted doorframe ter'angreal, when Rand channels the TP, Veins of Gold, Verin's epic moment............


I could go on, but those are the first to come to mind...

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It's impossible to pick one, but I've always loved Rand and Nyneave's talk in tGS, chapter 33 "A Conversation with the Dragon".


EoTW prologue is great as well. Only time we ever saw a truly sane Lews Therin Telamon, once Ishamael "healed" him that is. And in only that short time you could tell how amazing he was. I doubt anybody else can claim to have frightened Ishamael just by looking at him.

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Too many to name, of course! So I'll give a list in no particular order:


Dumai's Wells, the cleansing of saidin, Aviendha's future visions from ToM, Rand in Rhuidean going through the crystal columns, Lan's whole arc in ToM, Rand vs Egwene and Elayne in the "Playing With Fire" chapter of TSR, Rand using Deathgates, Blossoms of Fire, and other AoL tricks in KoD...


Some smaller scenes which are still really cool: Rand about to smash the seal Taim gives him in an LTT fit of rage, Fain crucifying a Fade.


And of course, any scene involving Perrin looking for Faile, and thinking how she's more important than anything. Oh wait, scratch the last one.

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The entirety of the time when Rand Loial and Hurin are in the Mirror world. The possibilities of what might have went wrong in that world still warp my mind. I love the monument to the triumph of the Shadow where "our" Hawkwing had prevailed. And that damn...streak...in the sky. I think we all still want to know what that was. Also the wierd "painbrush-like" trails of mass destruction.

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Pretty much every scene featuring the points of views of Graendal, Semirhage, Lanfear, Mesaana, and Moghedien


Verin revealing that she's BA to Egwene


The climax of Egwene vs. Elaida at the WT in which Egwene in which Elaida loses her temper and uses the OP


The cleansing of Saidin


Nynaeve <3


Seanchan attack of the WT


Egwene + WT vs. Mesaana + BA

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My two favorite at the moment are both from tPoD.


First is the Seanchan campaign, the battle is awesome but we also have Rand in ultra arrogant mode, Saidin acting nuts, Rand & LTT's dialogue with epic sly digs like,


"I mean to drive the Seanchan into the sea!" Rand snapped. Light, he had to finish them now, when he had the chance! He could not fight the Seanchan and the Forsaken and the Light alone knew who or what else, all at the same time! "I did it before, and I will again!"

Do you have the Horn of Valere hidden in your pocket this time?Lews Therin asked slyly. Rand snarled at him silently.


The whole section is just classic.



"Nobody stands nose-to-nose with the Dragon Reborn," Rand growled. "The Forsaken could tell him that, whoever he is. Right, Flinn? Dashiva?" Flinn nodded uncertainly. Dashiva flinched. "You think I can’t surprise him, Bashere? Watch!" Pulling the long bundle loose, he stripped away the cloth covering, and Rand heard gasps as raindrops glistened on a sword seemingly made of crystal. The Sword That Is Not a Sword. "Let’s see if he’s surprised by Callandorin the hands of the Dragon Reborn, Bashere...... "I am the storm," he whispered – a shout in his ears, a roar – and he channeled."


Second is "A Cup of Sleep", that gets my vote for the most touching moment in the series. This was the moment that the reality of the sacrifice they make and what it means to be an Ashaman hit home for me.


He actually backed to the small table to pick up the silver cup sitting among the lamps. Min’s breath caught.

"The Wisdom in my village could cure anything," Rand said as he knelt beside Fedwin. Somehow, he managed to smile at the boy without taking his eyes from Taim. Fedwin smiled back happily and tried to take the cup, but Rand held it for him to drink. "She knows more about herbs than anybody I’ve ever met. I learned a little from her, which are safe, which not." Fedwin sighed as Rand took the cup away and held the boy to his chest. "Sleep, Fedwin," Rand murmured.

It did seem that the boy was going to sleep. His eyes closed. His chest rose and fell more slowly. Slower. Until it stopped. The smile never left his lips.

"A little something in the wine," Rand said softly as he laid Fedwin down. Min’s eyes burned, but she would not cry. She would not!

"You are harder than I thought," Taim muttered.

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So many to choose from like others have said. Some that others have not mentioned:


1. Perrin having the wolves burried at the begining of TDR

2. Any time a wolf says "We come Youngbull" or some veriant there of.

3. The "unicorn"

4. Anytime anyone is knitting. (I knit)

5. We don't see this, but hear about it, Loil defending the women and children at the Stone durring the trolloc attack and him getting all those flowers.

6. The Trolloc attack on Edmond Field and the women shorting themselves on food and then coming to help, and the tinkers with babies strapped to them to run away to save as many as they can. That entire section makes me cry.

7. Nyneave dropping Lan off at in the Boardelands, then heading strait to a tavern and announcing what is going on.

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My favourite is A Storm Of Light (Rand at Maradon). However, Rand Sedai is always my favourite to read. The scene from "A Cup Of Sleep" is also a good one.


And... Did really NO ONE mention VoG yet?????


I did! That was such a great moment!


After that, I'm wondering how the Shadow can even put up a good fight anymore.

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The first time I read Rand say "kneel Aes Sedai" at the end of TLoC sent a chill down my spine, made me grin like an idiot and left me staring into space playing the scene in my head for about 15 mins afterwards.

There's many scenes through out the books that have provoked similar reactions, tEoTW prologue, hawkwing calling rand the Dragon, Egwene giving Elaida a piece of her mind and saying the DO would be embarrassed to have her.(Golden), the cleansing of saidin, Rand making it rain in the waste. I could go on and on, got to say though my worst scene in the series is hands down Avi's visions in ToM nearly ruined the whole book for me. Just my opinion.

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I probably have a favorite scene every five chapters in the first six books, but a couple that always stand out are Rand's last step through the glass columns, and the "six stories" fight scene. I've also always liked the mirror worlds/lives that were mentioned already.


Picking one scene would be hard, but my favorite part of the series is the first few chapters of TGS for nostalgic reasons. It is the last time in the entire series where all the Emmond's Fielders are in the same place at the same time. And just about all the other familiar faces are there too. Thom, Moiraine and Lan, Elayne and Avi, Faile and Berelain, Loial, Gaul, Rhuarc, Jualin, even the Wise Ones make an appearance via TAR with Egwene. All it needs is for Min to show up on a boat captained by Bayle Domon, and they could have fought the last battle right there for all of me.


In this series of chapters you get


-the first bubbles of evil, increasingly cool through each POV

-"the stone stands" battle scene

-Mat's first trip to finnland

-Rand acting as the Dragon Reborn, the start of his political career

-Rand and Elayne

-Nyneave and Lan, finally

-Perrin vs Faile round 2

-Faile vs Berelain round 1

-Thom and Moiraine, if you didn't see them coming before now, you certainly should have from this point on


In a nutshell, Mat and Thom are having fun with the staff, Perrin and Faile are fighting, Rand has women throwing themselves at him and is a little confused, but still badass with the nobles, Loial is a hero, and Moiraine and the wondergirls are going all over serious with Aes Sedai stuff. Business as usual, it's pretty classic WOT. Another great thing that starts to happen here is the farm folk finally beginning to come into their own and stand up for themselves more.


At the end of the day though, even with all the cool things that happen in these chapters, the reason they are my favorite is just having all the characters together, interacting with each other. I've been wanting that big reunion scene ever since. And even if it never happens, I will always read those chapters with the same smile on my face that I get looking at pictures of old friends and good times. :)

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Maybe not my favourite scene but the one that got to me the most was from KoD Chptr 20 "The Golden Crane" Nynaeve's meeting with Weilin Aldragoran.


Favourite scene...hmmmm...prolly have to say the entirety of chapter 55 LoC "Dumai's Wells".

Just had it all and on a grand scale.

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I agree with the general sentiment that there are way too many great scenes for any to truly be considered the finest. However, for me, the one that really sticks out. the one that is my favorite is when Mat rides down that hillside to save the Tairens and Cairhenen from being wiped out by the Aiel. That scene has always stuck with me because it might well be the only time in the entire series where Jordan had a character make a decision that affected literally everything. Not only did Mat's choice set his feet on the path to becoming the Prince Of Ravens/leader of the Band/ the Light's greatest general, but it also ensured that Rand had a chance to defeat the Dark One..If Mat had decided to rdie away, he would have side stepped his fate and would have been lost (I think the Aelfinn actually said something like to him) Rand would have failed and everything would have been lost. Now Rand may still be defeated, but after that ride down the hill his chances of success are much, much greater and all because Mat's conscience couldn't let those men die...


I guess the reason the scene sticks with me is because it is so quintessentially Mat..always grumbling about doing the right thing and then doing it anyway..I think that quality is why Mat is such a favorite...



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Epilogue of The Eye of the World.


Nynaeve using Balefire against Fades in TDR.


Rand telling Cadsuane about her paralis-net and that he is entitled to the 'Sedai' honorific.


Egwene leading the novices in a circle against the Seanchan.


Egwene telling Nynaeve that the 100 weaves for testing are hard, after Nynaeve easily memorized them.


Nynaeve's test for the shawl and threatening Lan's bond out of Myrelle.


Every feat of Nynaeve's. (Healing severing, reading and removing compulsion, capturing Moghedien, healing madness, linking with Rand to cleanse saidin)


Who else has linked with Rand? I can't think of anyone else.

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