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  1. "Mat slipped back and left them to it. The general who leads in the front of battle is a fool. That came from one of those old memories, a quote from somebody whose name was not part of the memory. A man could get killed in there. That was pure Mat Cauthon." LoC
  2. I think RJ's humor was at its best when subtle, and often tongue in cheek. A few of my faves... Perrin after meeting Faile: "Once again he considered tossing her over the side. Seriously, this time." TDR And a little later, "He lifted two onto his plate with the serving fork, and grinned at Zarine around a mouthful."..."Eat your nasty fish, falcon, he thought." TDR From Rand's POV I believe, not sure what book: "All women are Aes Sedai" Rand's first meeting with Berelain: "It left her smooth shoulders completely bare, and exposed a considerable expanse of pale bosom. He found himself wondering distantly what held it up." TSR "Part of him wanted to tell her to put on a cloak, too. A thick cloak. Part of him did." TSR Thom Merrilin on the majhere of the Stone: "Horrible woman, he thought. If we had turned her loose on the Trollocs, she'd have had them all sweeping and mopping." TSR Mat to Moiraine: "'I do read sometimes...Treasures. Dealings. Lots of things in books.' Luckily, she did not insist that he repeat the titles; he had not paid attention once Rand brought up books." TSR Rand's POV observation that he supposed Mat must have read a book sometime. Not sure where that one is found. Rand: "'I am not mad,' he said to the empty room." aCoS Setalle Anan to Nynaeve and Elayne: "'I doubt I've ever seen so much foolishness poured into just two dresses.'" aCoS Queen Tylin to Mat: "'If that is part of what being ta'veren means, you must be very popular.'" aCoS Perrin and Egwene: "'Advice! Nobody tells us how to be men. We just are.' 'That,' Egwene said, 'is probably why you make such a bad job of it.'" TEotW Nynaeve observing that Elayne always looking pretty no matter the circumstances was "a secret the Aes Sedai should investigate." Not sure what book maybe LoC There are so many more.
  3. Ya pretty much like getting into any criminal organization. It's not so much going to a secret house and saying the password. It's a gradual procession, and probably very natural for some. Watch Donnie Brasco for a fine example.
  4. Did Jordan ever reveal, or is there any definitive proof about her viewing of Thom's man juggling fire? I had forgot about that till a recent listen through the audiobooks and figured it was about Owen. But that would definitely not be future.
  5. I probably have a favorite scene every five chapters in the first six books, but a couple that always stand out are Rand's last step through the glass columns, and the "six stories" fight scene. I've also always liked the mirror worlds/lives that were mentioned already. Picking one scene would be hard, but my favorite part of the series is the first few chapters of TGS for nostalgic reasons. It is the last time in the entire series where all the Emmond's Fielders are in the same place at the same time. And just about all the other familiar faces are there too. Thom, Moiraine and Lan, Elayne and Avi, Faile and Berelain, Loial, Gaul, Rhuarc, Jualin, even the Wise Ones make an appearance via TAR with Egwene. All it needs is for Min to show up on a boat captained by Bayle Domon, and they could have fought the last battle right there for all of me. In this series of chapters you get -the first bubbles of evil, increasingly cool through each POV -"the stone stands" battle scene -Mat's first trip to finnland -Rand acting as the Dragon Reborn, the start of his political career -Rand and Elayne -Nyneave and Lan, finally -Perrin vs Faile round 2 -Faile vs Berelain round 1 -Thom and Moiraine, if you didn't see them coming before now, you certainly should have from this point on In a nutshell, Mat and Thom are having fun with the staff, Perrin and Faile are fighting, Rand has women throwing themselves at him and is a little confused, but still badass with the nobles, Loial is a hero, and Moiraine and the wondergirls are going all over serious with Aes Sedai stuff. Business as usual, it's pretty classic WOT. Another great thing that starts to happen here is the farm folk finally beginning to come into their own and stand up for themselves more. At the end of the day though, even with all the cool things that happen in these chapters, the reason they are my favorite is just having all the characters together, interacting with each other. I've been wanting that big reunion scene ever since. And even if it never happens, I will always read those chapters with the same smile on my face that I get looking at pictures of old friends and good times. :)
  6. I think one of RJ's greatest themes is balance, and I think we see a perfect illustration here in regards to ji'e'toh. Some people think it's great, others think it sucks. The reality is it does neither. It does nothing. It is what you make of it. It has good parts (taking responsibility) and bad parts (knee-jerk reactions aka killing someone because their tattoo offends you in some way). It was also a good balance lesson for Rand. If you make the rules, you have to enforce them. And also I don't see this scene as Rand being hard at all, far from it. He was pissed at Rhuarc and Berelain for not carrying out the sentence, because he really didn't want to order the death of someone he liked even though he knew it was just. If he was that hard he wouldn't have cared.
  7. I've had two pretty interesting path crossings with WOT fans. The first was when I was in jail a few years ago. A white, Muslim guy, in for dealing, asked me if he could borrow the books after I was done. Books are a big deal in jail, and I had the first five. I'll never forget how big he smiled and said, "I love fantasy man." He said he had read part of EOTW, but didn't get to finish it. He asked if it was the one where they "burn his dad's farm in the beginning?" I smiled and said yea. I let him borrow them till he got transferred then let other people borrow them. I ended up leaving them inside, hopefully they are still there making new fans and hopefully helping some guys out. The second was with a woman who responded to a post I made on a BDSM site about the series. We exchanged a few messages about the subtle and not so subtle dominant/submissive themes permeating the series. I've had one or two more random meetings with other fans, but those were the type that help you remember you never quite know where you might find them.
  8. Love the new hand theories, heh. It's funny to me because when I first read it I was of course wondering and theorizing as we all do. But I couldn't help smiling thinking RJ slipped a Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader reference in there among all the others :)
  9. Not sure why it didn't die right away. Perhaps the gateway needs to close first? But it is definitely shadowspawn. It is mentioned a few times that it, along with five others, were created by Aginor to be channeller assassins, and that even the forsaken were uncomfortable around them.
  10. Some of mine have been mentioned, Mat leaving Tar Valon, the portal stone various futures scene, the glass columns (Both Rand's and Avi's trips). So a few others... 1. Six Stories...mentioned already but I will expand. I believe it starts with some good Mat/Elayne humor along with newlywed Mandragorans, a little light conversation with Mat and Nalesean, and then goes into my favorite small scale fight scene in the series. When Mat simply says, "You can't have her"...one of the most heroic scenes in the series. 2. Not sure of the name and it may have been more than one chapter, but the rescue of Egwene and the horn from Falme before the big battle was great. Nyn and Min rescuing Egwene while Rand is fighting Torak, and ending with Ingtar's redemption. Awesome. 3. Two chapter sequences I've always liked were the Four Kings/Rand and Mat on the road alone part, and also the beginning of TSR which was the last time until ToM that we saw that many of our friends in the same place at the same time. Great character interaction (Faile/Berelain, Mat/Egwene, etc.) Also includes Mat's trip to Finnland and the "The stone stands!" battle scene. 4. Last, a real quick one that makes me laugh and includes some good action is Rand, Hurin, and Loial in Cairhein, with Rand playing the Great Game without even trying hehe.
  11. I had forgotten about the viewing of Carlinya, and now I am wondering if that wasn't something that was missed by Brandon and Co. The viewing is more specific than just Seanchan. Raven tatoos, if I remember correctly, are only specifically mentioned as being on Deathwatch Guards and Seekers. If Carlinya had any contact with either of those groups, it must have happened off camera. I love all the new found uses of TAR, Bair making herself part of the wallpaper especially comes to mind. It does kind of beg the question of why did it take them so long, but yea well. TAR seems to be a bit of a paradox...a dream world, but a real one too. There are rules, but they don't all seem set in stone. You can imagine things, and they happen, but within limits. Perrin could imagine Slayer dead, and it would happen except for Slayer's counter-imagining. But could Perrin try to kill Slayer by imagining all of Randland not existing? Well he could try, but it wouldn't work. Also, in Verin's initial explanation of TAR to Egwene she says something like TAR is all around or perhaps between all possible worlds. If that is so then why are certain places not accessible in TAR. I think the rules of TAR are somewhat scientific, but also contain intangibles which we will never be able to explain that way, or we don't have enough information to do so.
  12. This book was nothing BUT favorite scenes, so I'll pick a few by category, as some others have. Most emotionaly poignant- Avi's first step. I knew what was happening right away, and I was just like Oh no, no, not the Aiel. It was very humbling, and it was SO WoT. It said this could be you in 1000 years...this could be the repercussions of your actions right now...what are YOU going to do about it? I get teary at many parts in this massive series, from Ingtar's redemption on down. This scene was so sad I couldn't cry. It was too much, I just had to look away for a minute and say wow. Her trip as a whole was not as profound and epic as Rand's (that was RJ's masterpiece imo), but that little Aiel girl digging for scraps was the saddest scene in the series for me. I don't care who wrote it, it was brilliant. Loved her response of course :) Avi does not disappoint. Most it's about time- Rand Sedai You go "boy"!!! Love cumba ya Rand. Most hey man nice shot- Rodel surviving Maradon. If there was doubt before (none here) this guy is THE Great Captain. My money's on Rodel vs anyone but Rand and Mat. And I think he would give either a nice run. And yes, that does mean I think Rodel wins vs Dark One Most thank God- Hey Perrin! Where have you been for the last 9 books? Most cool new thing- Dreamspike Most epic- TAR fight with Perrin and Egwene Most fun- I always love Mat and Elayne on screen together...Rand and Egwene were great too...would like to see the cat for a hat line show up again heh Most badass- I'm going to go unconventional here and say Padra. Her pov brought the concept on channeling to a whole new level for me. Imagine someone who learns to channel the way they learn to walk...that's sick. Lanfear? piff. And Most innocent looking sentences that put the biggest smile on my face- By the time I got to page 707 I was already pretty certain that this book was going to bump LoC as my second fave in the series, and then I came across these two lines, "Perrin puffed on his own pipe. Only he, Thom, and Mat were in the room." I read that and actually put down the book for a second to absorb the surreal moment. I was all smiles as I started reading again, it didn't matter what they were going to talk about. Gotta love old friends and all the reunions in this book.
  13. I think being happy and sad is fitting for the series. I've also been reading WoT since the nineties and share that feeling of friendship with the characters that others have mentioned. And while I will be sad to see them go, I will be happy for them...that they can rest, and I know I can visit them anytime. The nice thing about a neverending, outlandishly long, epic series is that by the time you get to the end, you can start right back at the beginning. And it's been so long since you were there, it almost feels new again. I love noticing things I didn't before, or laughing out loud at comments by one character that I had totally forgotten about. I'd say I'm more sad that there will not be any more WoT novels than that this series is over. I would have loved to see RJ do the war of power and the breaking, but alas.
  14. I like to think this is a foreshadow of Logain taking credit for winning TG and/or becoming the most prominent male channeler of the next age since Rand will be dead (and alive) as far as most of the world knows. I've always thought that Rand post TG (whatever that means heh) would want to return to anonymity.
  15. I'd say you could easily be a hero without being ta'veren. Heroes do cool stuff, Ta'veren change the course of history (the pattern). Birgette and Gaidal may have gone on hundreds of adventures in one lifetime without really altering the course of events for the whole world. Indeed Birgette's reluctance to lead Elayne's troops, seems to back this up. If she was ta'veren in past lives, one would think she MUST have been a great leader at some point...yet she always sees herself as a regular gal who just happens to be able to shoot a bow very, very well. Ta'veren are movers and shakers of the pattern...it stands to reason then that at some point they must have been able to influence large groups of people, if not nations themselves, but we see no evidence of this in Birgette. And for Hawkwing...Who knows really? He called Mat hornsounder and Perrin bannerman, but who is he? He wasn't always Hawkwing so why do they refer to him so? Why do they call Rand Lews Therin? They both are very strong Ta'veren and have both been spun out countless times, so why do they refer to them based on their last known incarnation? Maybe that's all they know at the time...and maybe that's why Hawkwing doesn't refer to Mat and Perrin by name, but by position. Perhaps the last time Mat and Perrin were around was an age before Hawkwing. I think in this case if you want to make an argument about Mat and/or Perrin it should be important to keep in mind that this event happened in book 2. I know RJ had "The Ending" prepared from day 1, and I love the guy. But If you don't think he made some adjustments since than you need to reread the series. It may very well have been that he just hadn't fully figured out at that point how he was going to include the two of them.
  16. I think some people want Sorilea to be dark, because we all know this magnificent series is coming to a close, and we want some good surprises at the end. That's fine, but I doubt it in this case. I believe we have one and only one pov from Sorilea, and it is very brief. However, she seems genuinely concerned about Rand at this point. While we know the shadow may have conflicting orders at times, and certainly not all darkfriends know each other, it still seems odd that she would worry about where he (and Min) was, when we know he was in the custody of black sisters. Also her "Aiel heart" speech to Egwene seems genuine. True the best darkfriends hide in plain sight, and sometimes they do things that seem to help the Light...but an encouragement speech? Just seems un-darkfriend like to me. Put her (Egwene) in a position of power so she can be used (ala Sheriam) I can see that...bolstering her spirits though...not so much. As far as Elza and all that...I see no reason why she couldn't take down the three sisters by herself. They were concentrating on shielding Semi, and had no reason to suspect her. Why all the talk of nasty weaves and trying to shield someone who is channeling? What's wrong with poison or an unexpected fist of air to knock them unconscious? And SH can't get through a ward from Cadsuane?? They should send her to fight the DO at TG I guess. If SH can shut people off from the source, not shield them, but make it so they can't even sense it...why try to say what he can or can't do? He may not channel but he can obviously interact with the TS, and smell it. Lastly for any of Elza's actions post TP Rand (i.e. running) from the text she was obviously messed up from her compulsion being removed so there's no predicting her actions after that.
  17. Wow, so many. I'll try to be brief, but I don't get the chance to post much these days sooo... Pretty much all scenes with Mat mentioned so far, plus I think I have a couple not mentioned yet. 1. Mat swinging down from the hayloft to save Aludra, and the narrative reads something like he didn't realize he was moving till he was already swinging down Bloody Light! Vintage vintage vintage Mat. 2. The whole "Six stories" fight scene. My fave small scale fight scene of the series. Rand, Loial, and Hurin's trip to the other world. The boys' first encounter with Mordeth (Dunno if that's been mentioned) The first time Lan calls Nyn mashiara. Rand's episode with the invitations from Carhienin nobility lol. Loial's treesong for Someshta Perrin hiding out while Faile has to deal with village problems. Valan Luca "proposing" to Nyn lol...she tosses the wilted flowers, classic her. The subtle exchange between Dobraine and Faile about killing Colavere...and Perrin picking up on it slowly. Bain telling Faile to tell Gaul that Chiad is gaishan to a man with strong hands who's heart is fire. Romanda hiding her romance novel, oops! On a side note, small things like this add such big depth to characters and plot...makes them seem more real. Sulin and Nandera have at it. Birgitte's rescue of Elayne from the dark sisters. Thom tells Mat about the bootmaker's wife. Bair telling the story of ji'e'toh foolishness. Faile and co. pay respects to Rolan and co. Berelain disarms Faile easily, then Rhuarc watches her run away...appreciatively :) Jeez, so many more but I'll leave it there and add some quotes. Perrin- (thinking) Eat your nasty fish falcon :) Rand to Egwene- A hat for a cat or a cat for a hat Toun to Mat- I'm not in the mood Gaul to Perrin- Faile Bashere is out of short skirts Perrin to Egwene- Nobody teaches us how to be men, we just are. Egwene replies- That is probably why you are so bad at it Nyn to Mat- (shouting) I won't shout at you! Rand to empty room- (shouting) I'm not mad! Berelain- And I think I want...ornamental ironwork Lews Therin- I like him (speaking of Weirimon) Setalle to Nyn and Elayne- I don't think I've ever seen so much foolishness poured into two dresses LOLOL Laugh every time I read that one Taim to Aes Sedai- Kneel...or you will be knealt. He may be dark, but that one was priceless Mat to Nyn and Elayne after they apologize- It was nothing Dyelin to Birgette- Some women can catch a fish by crooking a finger. Others have to drag their bait all over the pond. Best jab in the entire series I think. Well I guess I should leave it there heh
  18. I believe Rand reasoned out the cleansing from the finn's riddle, with input from Fel (said it had sound principles in high and natural philosophy) and from hearing how his side was healed. I imagine the riddle was something about darkness feeding on darkness or some such with the theme being the same. I'd say whites as well for most underused. I don't count Alvi, not because she's black, but because I never saw her behaving as a white. Till Seaine I can't think of one white who did anything significant while behaving as a white.
  19. Let's face it. If you want someone rescued from a secure location, if you want to plan and execute a raid on a large army or an ambush on a small one, if you need to walk into a palace and hide in plain sight, while finding out the darkest secrets of it's dungeons... you call Mat and Co. Mat is Hannibal. The leader. The man with the plan. The guy with the smile. The (recently ;) ) retired ladykiller. Thom of course is Face. He's the man with the golden tongue. The guy who can infiltrate any social circle, read political faces like a book, and turn a friendly smile over a cup of wine into a tactical advantage for his team. Juilin is BA. He's the muscle, and kind of a grease-man too. He can walk into a tavern and rough somebody up, or break into a noble's house. He's the street man. The guy who knows how to locate and make use of the ..."local talent". Noal then, is Murdock. You don't know if he's crazy...but that's why he's so dangerous. He is sort of a grease-man too...a little eccentric, but with a wide array of obscure knowledge and skills. Completely disarming and harmless, and completely capable. And maybe crazy. And like the heroes of old (the 80's), they have a great cast of supporting/reoccurring characters... Consider Bayle Domon. The "wheel man". The guy who can move people or merchandise under the radar. A man who "knows how to get things". And has friends in low places. And his wife Egeanin, the "woman on the inside". Granted, her role on a clandestine level is gone now, but her knowledge of foreign military strategy is still invaluable. We have Aludra. The "woman with the wonderful toys". Every good special ops team has an explosives expert. She's the Q to Mat's James Bond. Or the Carlson to his Agent 86. There is Vanin. The "lookout". A guy who knows how to blend and keep a low profile...while noticing and recording everything. A handy thief, and great scout and tracker. Setalle Anan is "the mother". The wise woman, teacher and counselor. The one Mat learns from without realizing it. Mrs Miagi Valan Luca does a good job as "the producer". The guy who runs the "front" for Mat for a time. A guy who I'm sure is skilled in misdirection. Mat has plenty of friends in high places as well... -Beslan, Talmanes, and other nobles in Tear, Carhein, and presumably Altara. -Joline and Teslyn, among other White Tower connections -Rand Al'Thor ...always a good connection to have -And of course we must include his low profile marriage to Fortuona (most badass name ever btw), add another layer to his ability to "make it happen". A good match for him,and useful. She is powerful, high profile, and definitely can't be seen in public with him. Perfect setup for Mat. And last but not least is Olver. The X factor. The one who you don't know what he's going to do...you just know its going to be big ;) Just had to point out yet another historical mythology mined by the master ;) Can't wait to see Moiraine's rescue.
  20. Honestly, as many times as I've been through the series, my brain is so on autopilot through those parts that I don't even care.
  21. I can see Mat or Taim with some hip hop in the background. How bout a slow-mo entrance scene with all the Forsaken like in Kill Bill. And I think modern music could be used for some scenes, as long as it is done sparingly and tastefully. As far as the rest of a movie soundtrack, I'd say an original score of orchestral type music like LOtR or many other movies would be appropriate. But for fight scenes and the like, a little beat or electric guitar is ok. It didn't ruin 300 for me, nor the opening fight in Gangs of New York.
  22. Interesting topic. I don't know that I associate any certain music with WOT, but I like how people on You Tube take movie scenes and make their own music videos out of them. Along those lines I have lots of visualizations of things I would love to see (and hopefully make for myself one day) Like Mat fighting the gholam to the tune of "Welcome to the Jungle" by GNR. Or how bout some cool AOL scenes set to "Paradise City." I think it would be cool to see the Forsaken doing some cool, badass Forsaken stuff with "Black Betty" playing in the backround. Or maybe some Mat and Tylin scenes set to "Dirty Little Secret" by All American Rejects ;D I even like the Avril Lavigne "Keep Holding On" you tube that they have here at DM. There are all kinds of possibilities. Hopefully the films will be well done and we'll get to see and makes some of our own interpretations someday in the future.
  23. I found this out on Brandon Sanderson's blog and was saddened to hear it. I read Tolkien in early middle school, and liked the fantasy genre, but never really went out to look for more until a couple years later. I picked up Pawn of Prophecy and was hooked right back in. I very well may have never discovered WOT if it wasn't for The Belgariad. He made me laugh more than anyone I had ever read. The stories were fun, simple, and entertaining. Not earth-shattering, change the genre books, but I don't think that was what he was aiming at anyway and that's fine. They were solid and easy to read, and you need those kinds of books. And as an adolescent boy, who didn't enjoy reading about Garion and Ce'nedra? Thank you Mr. Eddings, you will be missed.
  24. Yes, I did imply that. That Taim ordering a hit makes him dark. Not anyone trying to kill Rand, Taim. Because in Taim's case it is outright treachery. The Nial comparison is apples and oranges, which is what I was pointing out. I wouldn't count the various High Lords who wanted him dead either, because I don't think Rand or we as readers were ever led to believe that they were ever really on his side. That being said, I agree. That is not enough to make Taim a darkfriend. I was being deliberately understated, trying to have a little fun with mb, because I noticed him expressing this view on other posts as well. And I respect someone who doesn't back down, but I was kind of like...dude, come on. I purposely didn't mention the ~fact that he uttered the Lord of Chaos line you mentioned ~fact that his palace is dressed in red and black ~fact that one of his assassins is a known darky ~fact that he knew "gateway"="traveling" without being told (that's from the podcast, don't know if its true) ~fact that he knows how to test men for channeling, seems a pretty obscure thing to come up with on your own ~fact that he shows up with a DO seal, lucky find for him, yes? One of 3 or 4 left at the time in the entire world. A gift that would immediately ingratiate him to Rand while at the same time making him seem trustworthy. Pretty convenient. ~fact that he kills the gray man (? or some assassin I don't remember) before Rand can question him ~fact that LTT has gone bonkers about him since day one There may be more, probably are. None of these is a smoking gun by itself, but as Siuan says, "When there are fish heads and blood in the water, you don't need to see the silverpike to know they are there." I'd say if Taim isn't dark, he's the biggest red herring in the entire series, and I'm not buying it.
  25. The more I've thought about this I think it is going to happen and it will be something along these lines. I can't think of one prophecy that has been fulfilled through a conscious attempt to do so. They always happen through some off the cuff action that is necessary at the time or through what seems like happenstance. There is never the "Behold!" moment, as we see Rand musing over at one point. It is exactly these type of events that become interpreted as prophecy fulfillment after the fact. Then as the story gets passed down through the generations the Behold! and lights from heaven, angels singing and all that get added in. I think he will kneel unintentionally in some way. Then he will get up and "bind the Nine Moons" to him.
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