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  1. By the way, my guess on the growing songs is that the Ogier have now figured out what's up. They sang growing songs during their battle. Rand sang some growing songs when other people (for example, Mat) were around. It wouldn't be too hard to piece it together. It won't be like the Age of Legends growing songs, though, because those also included the Nym, and there are none of those left. Nonetheless, presumably the Tinkers and the Ogier will hang out and figure out some songs early in the Fourth Age, based on the above.
  2. I was pretty much okay with most of the unanswered questions, except Nakomi. I guess it was RJ's judgment not to reveal anything about her, but that doesn't make it a good decision. There just doesn't seem to be enough information to eliminate enough possibilities. I'm okay with a lot of the ambiguity in the prophecies, but the lack of a boat when Rand dies/body switches? Is there something like a boat in that scene? I missed it altogether, if so. Maybe it's a metaphorical boat? It's sort of unfortunate that we won't get the outriggers, as I've mentioned in another topic, because it's
  3. My first reaction was, "That's it? Nothing about the future? It just ends when the battle ends?" Upon further reflection, I came to two things. I now get why Robert Jordan planned to do outrigger novels focusing on Mat and the Seanchan. At the time that I first heard about this, I thought, "Um, really? Count me out." But now, after reading the ending, I get it. The major things that remain unresolved center on the Seanchan. The damane, the relationship with the Aiel, their status in the Dragon's Peace, a bunch of the major characters (not only Mat and Tuon, but also Min, Moghedien, and oth
  4. Yeah, I wonder about this. I haven't tracked the dreamspike stuff terribly well... I wonder if the dreamspike might just stay put during the battle, really. They might just step outside its influence when they need to leave to go to TG. Good catch! Rand sends Naeff in TOM 51. Interestingly, Naeff was the one who had his madness cured by Nynaeve... I suspect that Androl will get the same service eventually. We don't know a ton more about Naeff, other than that he's been doing odd jobs for Rand for a bit. There's also the issue, as discussed in another topic, of the Aes Sedai hanging o
  5. Aha. That makes a lot of sense.
  6. This is deeply unlikely. This doesn't seem like a prophetic dream. He's in T'A'R: he sees Hopper and gets blasted by Rand such that he has real wounds afterwards. When he sees future things in T'A'R, they appear in the sky or seem ethereal somehow. This is much more like Rand getting attacked in his dreams, as Rand discusses at the end of TDR 32. It's not altogether clear to me why Rand is in T'A'R (he Travels there, but he doesn't normally Dream his way there that we know of), but it looks as though he is actually there when Perrin sees him. He's not just a vision. In that case, there is no r
  7. In this range (TDR 30-40), we are introduced to the following things that I think AREN'T good candidates: * Mat's luck (TDR 30 and TDR 37) * Gaul (TDR 33-34) * Faile (TDR 33 and TDR 35) * Aviendha (TDR 37-38) * female channelers feeling affinity for each other (TDR 38) * Bain and Chiad (TDR 38) * the Aiel rationale for the Aiel War (TDR 38) * balefire (TDR 39, though it was used before in TDR 9) * Rhuarc (TDR 39) * Aludra (TDR 40, though we saw her before in TGH 27) Basically none of these things seem unresolved (a gun not fired) in the way that a Chekhov's Gun has to be; Mat'
  8. We know, from what we have of Chapters 2-3, that we're going to see a fair bit of the Black Tower catching up to the present in the beginning of AMOL. (Right now, it's several days behind the rest of the storyline.) I've lost track of where we are, so in this post, I figure out what has just recently happened and how this might bear on what we're going to see in the early going of AMOL. I hope it will make the chapters a little more fun to read, because they'll be easier to understand. (A lot of this stuff has been happening in individual chapters and subplots for several books now, but it's b
  9. This discussion reminds me of Stephen King's speech on the relationship between "literary fiction" and "popular fiction" (starts about halfway down). I'll just repeat something I said a bit earlier: The reason I like the Sanderson WoT books is that I never much liked RJ's writing in the first place. It was fine. I wasn't offended. But that wasn't what I was reading for. I like the story and the world and the characters, not the writing style. So if we've got the same story and world and characters within the original plan of the series, but a different writing style, I'm happy as long as t
  10. Oh, I expect her to have an important role. I just don't think she'll become interesting in the way that her story allows. As RJ wrote the story, Lanfear was never all that into the Dark One; he was just the most convenient route to power, especially after she (unknowingly?) drilled the Bore. I mean, Beidomon ended in disgrace and suicide. Lanfear was never going to accept that, so she turned to the Shadow, because she was virtually rejected by the Light. This torment — being driven to evil, not seeking it out — seems like fertile ground for interesting stuff. But RJ's comments show that h
  11. I guess that's a fundamental difference here. I don't think Rand deserved to be treated the way that Cadsuane treated him. I'm just at the beginning of the Mat-Tylin sequence, and the thing that I keep thinking — it's what I thought when I first read it — is that if the genders were reversed, the man would be reprehensible. Consider an older man, a king, who finds a young girl visiting his palace, attempts to starve her to get her affections, then breaks into her room, holds a knife to her, and forces her to have sex with him. That's about the clearest-cut case of rape I can imagine, and t
  12. Maybe this is why I like TGS and TOM so much. Things are happening that we want to happen, without a lot of fluff. At this point in the series, I don't want Cadsuane to not at all be a dumb bully but then get called one by Tam, then have Tam later realize that he's wrong and apologize, but Cadsuane exact some sort of revenge by which she gets him to do something stupid, setting off another chain of interminable events. Cadsuane needed to get slammed down, and she got slammed down. End of scene. On to the next. It doesn't hurt that Sanderson has interpreted the characters more or less in th
  13. Lanfear's character is so utterly ripe for complication. She could struggle with her inner demons and become a really compelling character illustrating the power of redemption in the Light. But RJ has pretty much foreclosed the possibility; she's one-dimensional, lusting for power (and as a secondary corollary, satisfaction), and really doesn't have that much else to her except her backstory. She's probably a vehicle for some sort of character development on Rand's part (he finally becomes okay with killing women? or something?) but won't ever do anything as interesting as attempting to turn f
  14. I'm more or less ignoring the ongoing argument, but my general thoughts.... BS doesn't have quite the same writing style as RJ, but frankly, RJ's writing style was not why I was reading the books. RJ's style was only passably readable anyway. It wasn't that he had a way with words; he had a way with storylines and world-building. Brandon is finishing out those storylines within that world, and he's doing so in a way that's also at least passably readable. So I like it a lot. My top 3 books in the series would probably be TSR, TOM, and TGS, in that order. The only character I noticed so
  15. There's no indication that this sentence is meant metaphorically. And I'm not sure that I follow you why you want it to be metaphorical. Yes, he feels lonely, but that's not really what the sentence says, right? It's true that Darkfriends aren't Shadowspawn. That's why Aes Sedai can't detect them. But it's equally true that Rand is rather more than the average channeler. Fain shows that it's possible; that's all. And the Aes Sedai detecting Shadowspawn shows that a "detect" ability is not all that strange, since plenty of people can detect something or other related to the Shadow.
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