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  1. RJ retconned Alrics death, saying that he did not die immidiatly, so Siuan did not notice anything. As for using inverted weaves, surely someone would have noticed that someone was using a weave that noone in the room could even see. Sounds more like RJ made a mistake. The main reason to suspect Danelle of being up to no good (and later when RJ mentioned we had seen Mesaana, make that connection which at least some here did quite early :) ) is her involvment with the masons. And in a longer perspective, her being a key player in the coup, only to fade away onto obscurity quite soon after.
  2. The way you worded this, you make it sound like the Dragon kneeling prophecy is in the Essanik cycle. It isn't. It's in the Seanchan version of the Karaethon Cycle. We don't have any evidence within the books that the Essanik Cycle has been tampered with. Our evidence that the Karaethon Cycle has been tampered with is that one or more of its' prophecies is different than the Randland version. (Namely the one you mentioned about binding the nine moons vs. Rand kneeling). I could have phrased it better, true. But, the key point remains - We can not with the information available know with
  3. The Essanik cycle is unique for the Seanchan, as it is made from Damane Foretellings. Parts of it are corrupted, but we do not know which parts. I am one of those who elieves the part about Rand kneeling to Tuon is something ishy changed, but there is no way of knowing for certain. Especially since even if that part is fake, it can still happen, if Tuon insists, and Rand decides he needs the Seanchan enough. Aside from the Essanik Cycle, the Seanchan also has a version of the Karaethon Cycle. No way of knowing how much that one differs from the original, Ishamael might have been playing aroun
  4. They don't have internet, so they have very few people who disagree for the sake of disagreeing. :)
  5. Mat has spent a fairly large part of the books trying to avoid that kind of action. How has that turned out for him? :)
  6. Tuon is their empress now, not just the empress of the return. Provide me a quote that says otherwise. @Maj - Okay I forgot about Seanchan already being at war, my bad. But to say Fain hasn't thought about Mat is not accurate. He has thought about all 3 ta'veren, just that he has mostly been focused on Rand. I mean, when Rand was out of his reach at the time, he jumped with the whitecloaks to the TR, killed all but one of the Aybaras, and captured all the Cauthons. That hardly suggests he had forgotten about either of them, they are just not at the top of his list. But what about aft
  7. How do ya think? There needs to be someone to pose a threat to their plans. Someone to sew seeds of discord into their ranks. Who better than Fain/Mordeth? Seanchan has been all about leashing channelers for ages, then all of a sudden their new empress comes back possibly with marath'damane Aes Sedai at her side, not all of them, perhaps very few of them, will accept this right away and some who want to hold on to the old ways will be against it, but not wholly ready to rebel against their empress. Fain could be just the push they need, poisoning their minds and such, to send them into a
  8. The outriggers were supposed to be about Mat and Tuon going back to Seanchan. Not really any place, much less need for Fain there.
  9. My favourite theory is that Gitara just had to get rid of Luc before she could send Tigraine to the waste. Otherwise, had Luc been around, he would have followed Tigraine and brought her back, meaning Rand never gets born. Pretty huge impact on TG...
  10. He channelled on Spray, swinging the boom to knock a trolloc off the boat. The reaction comes four days later. Rands channeling and reactions in TEOTW: Restoring Bela - Going crazy in Baerlon Swinging a boom on Spray - His incident on the same boat Lightning to get away from darkfriends - Rand gets sick shortly after TEOTW - Rand gets sick almost immidiatly.
  11. Partial does not count, and next total eclipse here is in 2126 :)
  12. Randlanders must have experienced solar eclipses before; they're fairly common occurrences, occurring 2-5 times a year throughout the world, total and partial. Total ones are rather less common, at about once every 18 months somewhere in the world; here in the UK we saw two such last century, 1927 and 1999. (I missed the latter because of cloud - Grrrrr!!) So a simple eclipse probably wouldn't worry anyone. However, they tend to be short. Totality never exceeds 7.5 minutes, so if the darkness went on for longer than that it would be a bit alarming! And usually when an eclipse happe
  13. Nyn and Moiraine are simply the two available female channelers Rand trusts the most. He probably trusts Avi and Elayne just as much, and a case could be made for Egwene as well, but all of them are quite distracted by other stuff. Wheras Nyn and Moiraine both has are fully dedicated to see Rand succeed. And there is of course the amusing aspect of the relationship between Nynaeve and Moiraine - Nyn initially being all about getting revenge on Moiraine, and now they will stand side by side.
  14. I would not care one bit if Matt died. Mat on the other hand, that would be a different case...
  15. I kinda like King. Many of his books are based on a really good idea, and he is quite good at building tension so the reader is kept a bit worried for the characters. My main problem with his books is that he writes too fast. Many books have chunks that are quite sloppy, the editing could be a lot better in most of them. that said, there are no books I flat out dislike (though I have not read much of his new books since the mid 90s), there are very few I like so much I go back and reread them. Most books fall in the category inbetween, I enjoyed them, had a good read, but will not pick t
  16. Harriet owns the nots, and she seems extremely determined to not allow anything that in her view would go against RJs wishes. I would not be surprised if she went so far as to destroy all notes once she has finished the encyclopedia (but more likely she will lock them away somewhere onle she has acess to). Keep in mind that Harriet is perhaps the strongest opponent to have the outriggers and the remaining prequels being written, books RJ had actually planned to write. So i am not very worried she would allow someone doing a Herbert with the notes.
  17. Min, Avi and Elayne has a huge advantage with their bond to Rand. no matter what happens, they will know if he is alive and (fairly) well. And Rand gets the same benefit, though for him it can also become a huge disadvantage if any of the women dies. Same goes for Nyn and Lan. (I could add Egwene, Siuan and Moiraine to that list, but as they are bonded to people not on the list, I chose to interpret this hypothetical situation as they have a much higher risk of feeling the bond snap. Especially Egwene, who is bonded to a complete moron who would get himself killed within the hour if sh
  18. I have always found the idea that the ring of tamyrlin would be this other superstrong sa'angreal quite absurd. Because Why would an object that is the symbol for an office that can be held by two genders at the same time be an object that can only be used by one of those? If there indeed was anything special about this ring, at the most it should have been a ter'angreal that could be used by both men and women.
  19. Wasn't this referring to the incident where Lanfear teleports Rand, Loial, and Hurin to the mirror world via the portal stone? That is how he went off Fain's radar (I think). That particular incident, yes. But as we see in this quote, Rand had started to vanish when he was in Fal Dara. I have no evidence to back this up, but my gut tells me Rands "vanishing" happens when he uses the flame and the void. Channeling can be rules out, as he has not started to channel other than by accident yet, but he uses the flame whenever he spars with Lan.
  20. I found that interesting as well. Almost as if the act of creating something helped push the DO's effect back to some extent. "Belief and order give strength"? Hands off, that is my old theory! Granted, i kinda hit the wall with it when I tried to incorporate Leyas comment in TDR, "It is with the strength of our belief that we fight the Shadow". A very typical tinker-thing to say, but how to make it work together with the rest (since we know there has to be an awful lot of violence during TG).
  21. Far as I know, there are no hints to why they have their special standing, just that they have one. But I think it would be a very good guess that them not suffering from the Longing at least plays a part, since that means they can interact with the Seanchan society much easier than the Randland ogier. For example, serving as Gardeners for long periods. There is also the possibility that Luthair played a part here. We know that the Ogier are very respected in Randland, at least by the people who know who the Ogier are. Could have been Luthair bringing this attitude to the Seanchan, And with n
  22. Not only does Avi have the talent to read Ter'angreal but she also has the talent to read weave residues and recreate them, sometimes days after, that's why Elayne did what she did. They couldn't take the chance that one of the damane chasing them also had such a talent. Picking the weave apart leaves no residue. Without that talent, you need to see the actual weaving to learn it. Give Elayne's PoV in tPoD chapter 2 a quick scan. It's reasonable to assume that none of Joline, Teslyn or Edesina have that talent and that Verin wove the gateway outside of their viewing. Thanks for th
  23. It is rather a reference to the very special position Ogier holds in the Seanchan society.
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