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  1. Calm down a little Anomandaris. No need to get agressive to make your point. As for that, Jordan stated directly that the Wheel is the same world as ours--it is our future and our past. Ah, i did not know that. I stand corrected. Thanks luckers. Apologies agitel. Though, i stand by the rest of it.
  2. First of all, what the hell are you fracking on agitel!? "The very point of The Wheel of Time is that it is the same world"!? Show me one DEFINITIVE example of this. Also, the dragon was only viewed as a creature of the shadow by the uneducated masses. He is believed to have been the cause of the breaking therefore, in their limited understanding, he is viewed as an instrument of shadow. Further more, OFCOURSE there are intended parallels! RJ borrowed heavily from religion and mythology. Just look at perrin(Slavic god Perun), and Mat(the Norse god Odin). Now, Manderson, you make a good distinction (literrary/literal) but then you detract from it with your follow up. Do you trully believe that a cataclism severe enough to destroy all vestige of past civilization save a few power wrought trinkets would allow for the survival of the worlds inhabitants?
  3. His eye was just a price. if you wish to assign deeper mening to it you can assume that the loss would cause a strong emotional responce and the snakes and foxes thrive on emotion. If you wish to go deeper still, you can look at the excange as mat trading sight for knowlege. He is, after all, an Odin figure.
  4. also, if you'll forgive a minor digression from the topic at hand: Do you guys even KNOW what a messiah is!? Not even an eschatological meaning just a general definitio? Cause i'm seeing "messianic" atributed to characters like prometheus and hercules. Okay for prometheus you can make a case. A small one, but at least its possible. hercules on the other hand.... Seriously?(Also, you do realize that in mythology herc is a demi-god and prometheus a titan? symilarities can be drawn but they are NOT the same character)Finaly, to state that rand is not a messianic character belies your understanding of the term.
  5. Seeing as the bible is one of the most prevailing works of the written word on the planet, literature is suffused with jeasus figures. Rand is obviously one of them. One of you touched on this by mentioning that he's fated to die and be reborn (but then you failed by going off on a tangent). Try looking at similarities yah? (1)He's a savior figure.(2)(An obvious one for anyone who's read the bible)(hell, anyone who'se decided to watch t.v. on easter!)He's been marked/wounded 3 times; herron on each hand, and ba'alzamons staff on his side.(remind you of anyone?)(3) He wears a crown of swords(not exactly thorns but prickly none the less). (4) his death is slated to be presided by three women. (5) the aforementioned death thing. obvious jesus figure. BUT NOT JESUS HIMSELF! so stop trying to go there all of you who've tried to rationalize it with the many lives of the horn of valere heroes. NOT THE SAME WORLD. Also, one of you likened him to lucifer: good catch - wrong context. Rand is not a devil figure. doesnt fit the guidlines for a devil figure in literature. the whole "lord of the morning" thing is a literary device connecting lews therin to lucifer in order to form a parallel thereby illustrating how far he falls from the grace of the age of legends. so, to recap, definite Jesus figure, not Jesus himself, definitely NOT devil figure.
  6. most of you people either fail to realize, or are ignoring Cadsuanes self appointed task in the books. Admittedly, she's an easily unlikable characte but her role in the story is a verry important one: she represents rands concsience. His Humanity (it's only a repeated theme in the books)... if Rand looses his humanity - his moral center - he cant win. Cadsuane - annoying as i may find her - keeps Rand grounded through his darkest moments. Furthermore, to those of you who keep referimg to Cadsuane as "top dog" and commenting on her "top dog" attitude, considder this: cadsuane just reemerged from her SELF IMPOSED exile. Until now, she had been living a life of WILLING obscurity. There is no pretention to Cadsuane. I end this with a final word to member Morsker - "I mostly decline to take Cadsuane seriously; I see her more as an expression of author bias than as a character in the story. Robert Jordan apparently liked hazing, bullying and other disrespect of young people. He associates maturity with cruelty. I find it offensive, and I won't take excuses for it" - in cadsuane, maturity is not associative to cruelty but to wisdom. and you speak of author bias when you your self are too biased toward Rand to realize Cadsuanes importance. I mean, i too, i dislike cadsuane as a character but at least i can distance myself enough to aknowledge her importance.
  7. Although the tone, as well as the similarities between Ba'alzamon and the songs Devil, are what first drew my attention, what stood out the most for me were things like the seeming parallels between Lews Therin's last moments(with the death of his people by his own hand) and the songs reference to the Bolshevik Revolution( the end of Russias royal line by their own people)where "Anastasia screamed in vain". ...also, a comparison can be made between Lews Therin and Pilate. (which is pretty trippy if you consider that Rand is such a Jesus figure.)
  8. Has anyone else noticed that Rands first Ba'alzamon meet ("Eye of The World") reads a bit like "Sympathy For The Devil"? Whas that on purpose? ...Cause i think it's pretty cool.
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