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  1. Not good news in my opinion. I felt like the incessant changing of POVs really screwed up ToM (in addition to the unncessary amount of time devoted to Perrin's plot line). It really made the book feel fragmented and scatter brained. It's hard to follow plot lines when they are broken up into 30 different pieces and scattered throughout the book.
  2. I'd recommend ebay for the hardcovers. I got most of the hardcovers for like $5-$10 each, including shipping. Very cheap. I accidentally bought a BCE of The Fires of Heaven on the first go-around, and I thought the build quality was inferior. The text is noticeably smaller and more cramped too.
  3. I've been curious for many many books about what the Ogiers' ultimate role in all this is going to be...so I picked the Great Stump.
  4. What's up with the totally stupid dancing pose Rand is in? Ruins the cover for me. Wasn't expecting to say this, but I think the Sweet cover would have been better.
  5. I must be one of the few people who don't like it. Rand's stupid dancing pose ruins it.
  6. Lord Davies wasn't so bad. I thought the worst name in that passage was Morear...I know Brandon admits he isn't as good at picking names, but Morear made me cringe as a I read it. It was either "mo' rear" or "more-ear" in my head and both sounded silly.
  7. I'd like to see Whelan draw his interpretation of DKS's draft so that there is some degree of consistency between AMoL's cover and all the others. Otherwise it's going to stick out like a sore thumb.
  8. Just wanted to say that after my initial, disappointed reaction, I've since read Brandon's blog post on the issue, and after a few days I've become totally OK with the release date decision. After all these years, I'm not going to let a few extra months get me down. And a better, more polished book as a result? I'm sold.
  9. "I will not always be with you." Moiraine to Rand in tFoH.
  10. Lol, is this some kind of early April's Fools joke? Brandon is almost done with his 2nd revision but the book won't come out for 11 more months yet? I thought Brandon estimated the revisions would take about 6 months. Now it's a full year?? *Grumble*
  11. I think chapter 20 of tFoH, "Jangai Pass", confirmed my theory. Moiraine informed Rand that Elaida had become the Amyrlin Seat, but "oath to obey or no, she would not tell him how she knew that".
  12. An AS who swears an oath of obedience (or any oath, outside of those sworn on an oath rod) is at least as bound to them as anyone else would be. Conceivably more so, if breaking that oath was in turn a violation of the 3 Oaths. I hardly think it's a loophole - anyone with any sense of honour or honesty will think twice at the very least before breaking such a strong oath - and going back on your word when you've given your word so strongly could destroy any trust you've built up. Moiraine has no easy out for giving such a strong oath. Moiraine's easy way out was the fact that she knew wha
  13. I'm just re-reading tFoH and I'm pretty sure the original plan was to simply have Avi spy on Rand for them. They specifically said something along the lines that most men would trust a pretty face. After they realized that wouldn't work, they just wanted Avi to be around Rand to gather information about what he does, and to have him taught about Aiel customs. And then, I suspect that one of the Dreamwalkers saw Rand dreaming of Avi, in a way that made it clear that he was, subconsciously at least, becoming attracted to her. That is when the Wise Ones started talking about having her sh
  14. If anything, surely you're just proving the point that they exist within a flawed system. It's not always easy to see the flaws from the inside - and not always easy to fix those flaws if you do see them. Yes, many of them are prejudiced against wilders. However, throughout history, a great many people have been prejudiced against other races, seeing them as inferior. Should we take from that that most people throughout history are not decent, or should we take from that decent does not mean perfect? Even decent people can have flaws. They're not monsters, merely people. They have no more need
  15. Anyway, the reason I brought this subject up was because it immediately sprung to mind when I recently re-read the chapter in tFoH where Moiraine swears to follow Rand and not try to manipulate him. Instead of simply saying, "I will not guide or manipulate you" she swears one of the strongest oaths possible. Rand is shocked and is certain that under a such a strong oath, he can trust Moiraine now. But if what I think is true, instead it was a clever subversion of Three Oaths that binds Moiraine to nothing. But, more importantly, I think this subject could have significant consequences for
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