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  1. Sounds great, but I've always been a little apprehensive about the whole alphabetical listing. I would have liked something more categorical. Hopefully there's a copious amount of "sees" and "see alsos". Tor.com did a cool article which contained a chronological list of all the Amyrlin Seats. I read it and thought of how cool it was, then was disappointed when I realized it was a list they had compiled themselves, and if I wanted to know about any of these little known historical characters, I'd have to already know their names so I could look it up alphabetically. Well, regardless, my co
  2. In Towers of Midnight, during one of Avi's future visions, I noticed the Aiel referring to the Wise Ones and the "Dragon Blooded". I don't remember much more than that reference, but it seemed to imply the Dragon Blooded were the male equivalent of Wise Ones. So, even with the future being changed, male channelers having an honored place in Aiel society is probably something that would still happen.
  3. That's because Sevanna has magnificent cans.
  4. So Bao is a reference to Beowulf? God, I hope that doesn't mean it's correctly pronounced "Bay-oh." It's bad enough I can't talk about Fain without thinking "Shazam!" No need for me to associate Demandred with Charles in Charge. I read Bao as "bow" (the verb, not what you tie on a Christmas present).
  5. Isn't the ability to channel determined by the soul? I suppose the body has something to do with it, since I seem to recall it was confirmed that whether you're a sparker or a learner isn't based on the soul but varies from rebirth to rebirth. Like maybe a certain gene or part of the brain or whatever. Either way it's irrelevant if Moridin has been confirmed to channel saidin.
  6. I'd like to find out who the Broken Wolf is, what was the deal with Carlinya's viewing, who wrote "Tell the Dragon Reborn" on the slaughtered Tinkers and who sent the fake Aiel to attack the Aes Sedai whose name I can't remember in LoC.
  7. For those asking about Chekov's Gun, I think that was the Turning by 13x13. Something hinted about early on that we didn't see in action until the end. Also, the Sharans could be considered a Chekov's Gun. We knew about them for a long time but didn't know if they'd be involved at the end. The only thing Lucas has "the stones for" is making money. I'd rather not see Wheel of Time sell out. I'd hate to see it become just another "campaign setting" with various authors having conflicting visions, like Forgotten Realms or Dragonlance (neither of those are near the same level as WoT, of c
  8. I think the generally accepted theory is that the sword he found was Justice, which once belonged to Artur Hawkwing. Probably not any kind of *angreal, though.
  9. Haha, I didn't really believe it was, I just really want it to be. Also, how did you know I'm not wearing pants?
  10. So Tor.com Facebooked and Tweeted this today: "Wheel of Time fans may want to stop by Tor.com tomorrow. Just sayin'." I can't lie, my initial reaction was hope that it would mean a change to an earlier release date. I came on here (and TL) hoping someone might have a reasonable guess about what the news could be, but it's still too early and there doesn't seem to be any posts about it (the Tor.com announcement was posted only a half an hour ago).
  11. I agree with your point, but I have to nitpick one thing. 1900 would be the last year of the 19th century, not the beginning. But man, that "absolute gem!" line made my brain hurt. Or my left stone.
  12. I have to agree with Terez. Who's to say the ring of Tamyrlin did anything special? The Amyrlin Seat's (chair, not person) only powers are to keep Egwene's ass from hitting the floor when she sits down.
  13. Was that a legitimate theory? If so, we need a Perrindred and Elaynedred theory too, since both of them were absent from books as well. Also, if someone seriously suggested a Matandred theory, I hope it was only during the time between A Crown of Swords and Winter's Heart, because once he's back in the picture with many POVs, it's kind of hard to take seriously. Well, I would have never taken it seriously anyway, but still.
  14. The audio books aren't without errors in pronounciation. The one that comes to mind immediately is Tar Vuh-lon vs Tar Vallin. I, too, wish there was some sort of standard besides the glossaries, which also contradict each other sometimes (I believe, could be wrong on that?). What's funny, for the person who mentioned Tear/Tairen, I always said Tear as Teer, and Tairen as Ty-ren. Another one I'm not sure about is Cairhienin. I know Cairhien is Ky-ree-en, but I always pronounce Cairhienin as ky-REE-ennin, because that's how the accent seems most natural to me when I read it. But it's pr
  15. Just to double clarify for Edynol, he was definitely remembering wrong. The Mili Skane incident takes place in Chapter 33 of The Eye of the World. Rand channels the lightning in Four Kings in the previous chapter.
  16. They should have just eaten something else. Like, I dunno, cake, or something.
  17. Awesome response, Thrasymachus, and I agree with it 100%. I get frustrated reading most threads about the Horn and Heroes, because there's just too much we don't know. I've heard 100 reasons why every character in the series is either already a Hero, or why they're going to become one soon.
  18. This. I didn't mean that specific plan, just her whole attitude in general. "Bodyguards? My kids will be FINE, Birgitte!"
  19. Elayne's ascension to the throne of Andor is undoubtedly my least favorite part of the series. It's also what led me to ultimately hate Elayne. I found it boring and totally lacking in any tension whatsoever. Since the moment we meet Elayne, we know she's going to become queen. Was anyone really wringing their hands because they thought Elayne wouldn't take the throne? Now, maybe that's not a fair argument. There's a lot of things we knew were going to happen beforehand, and sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. But when I think of Elayne in Andor, I think of the
  20. Could it be possible for souls to be tied to each other without being bound to the Wheel? Didn't RJ (or was it Brandon?) say that Rand and Moridin/Ishamael's soul are often tied together, and I certainly doubt Moridin is a Hero of the Horn.
  21. I think the people in ToM are under 13x13. We've seen people under Compulsion, and none of them had the weird dead eye effect of the people in the Black Tower. With the exception, maybe, of people who were so gone under Graendal that they were basically brain dead. If Compulsion was so easily recognized, it wouldn't be very effective. Rand also wouldn't have needed Nynaeve to Delve for it in Ramshalan.
  22. Except for the fact that we as readers really have absolutely no idea what it takes to constitute "doing enough" to become Heroes. That's why nearly every major character has been nominated by fans as possible reborn/new Heroes. Because you could take almost any of them and list a bunch of amazing feats they've accomplished. The reality is, we don't know, and have no reason to assume that any of the current characters are going to be added to the list of Heroes, or are Heroes already. I'm not saying it's wrong to speculate, but that's all it can ever be. We have very little precedent to d
  23. So you don't like realism? I mean every girl is perfectly rational all the time when it comes to boys right? Mmmhmm. Also, she WAS just having fun, it's not like she banged him, or was even necessarily interested. And she knows her own motivations, she can only guess at Rand's. And given his ultimate predicament of three girlfriends, I'm not sure she was far off the mark... Where did he say he didn't like realism? Just because Egwene does something realistic doesn't mean it can't count as a reason to dislike her. If that were true, we'd have to like everybody in the real world because
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