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  1. While Mat was skilled with the staff, the passage makes it pretty clear that his luck played a role.
  2. 1. Again Cads was the single AS who swore to do what was best for Rand. She saved his life multiple times and backed him to the hilt at the cleansing(which saved the world as well and not inadvertently). That said your points about Min are spot on. Didn't mean to suggest otherwise. 2. Fair enough if you disagree and think she was the problem. Unfortunately it's not supported by much if anything in the text. what should she have done differently and why? I layed out my case above. Please do the same.
  3. This has been well documented in other threads but Cads approach was spot on. She had Rand's back harder than anyone in the series aside from Min perhaps. More so her angle was far away from how other AS were approaching things and it's rather telling that Sorilea and the WO's reached the exact same conclusion. Old post below: In fact we know she did a ton of research on Rand and tested his character and sanity in their first meeting. She fell on a course of action based on the results that the WOs advocated as well. Here decision on how to proceed was absolutely correct:
  4. mb...that picture from the BWB is of a flag/banner. I'm not sure what you're on about here.
  5. One can treat some of the negative impacts of a disease, while not curing the disease itself. Ishamael says as much himself.
  6. LTT did not have the taint removed. He was just granted a short period of sanity. Am I correct in recalling that Brandon wrote a scene which didn't make the cut which included the Ogier cleaning the ways?
  7. The Ashaman attack that resulted in Rand using Callandor would have ended with Rand losing if they hadn't retreated. They succeeded in delaying the Seanchan, not defeatingThe Damona Campaign? Rand had essentially won, it wasn't until he overreached towards the end and went all super ego ignoring Bashere's tactics that the Seanchan rallied.
  8. What theory and what men? We know for fact that the memories Mat gained from the Finns are not his past lives.
  9. @ Barid Well said mate, think that is spot on.
  10. I always thought it was Baerlon for some reason. Not sure where I picked that up though. We know one of the other people is Dannil. In the early going he was to have a larger part in the story.
  11. That is correct. There will be no new stories, that has been decided. Not to mention having even more authors play in RJ's sandbox runs entirely counter to his wishes(aside from being a terrible idea).
  12. Some more news on Tor today about the companion: Looking at a Nov 2015 release.
  13. Always fun when people get in to book rankings. I wouldn't say any critique of the series is exaggerated, both authors have their issues. It really comes down to preference and what one is looking for in their fantasy. Imo the quality of prose fell off quite markedly under Sanderson. One can point to numerous errors, mistakes and structural issues. ToM for instance was an absolute mess. All that is balanced with the plot gratification one gets from learning how the series ends and a continued uptick in pace that started in KoD. Even with all the problems it should be mentioned that Sanderson d
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