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  1. Dragonmount could probably use a format revamp. What worked for major, long-form discussions on a huge variety of topics is not what you want for more Q&A and smaller nostalgic "what if" discussions. I don't really know what that would look like, just a thought.
  2. She would be afraid of what people will think, because they won't understand. They weren't there, and their perspective of worldly things is very small. It shows how much she cares about that them that she can't face their fear, scorn, or disappointment, even if she knows those feelings would be based on ignorance. "If it proved necessary"? As in to save the world? Then yes I completely agree with that, she probably could and would. That's what makes her bad ass.
  3. Mat. Ham-fistedly written by both authors. Then Nynaeve for the same reason, but Jordan's version of her was worse.
  4. Egwene, obviously. The greatest character there ever was. was asking the original poster. The answer is the same. Randsc has good taste, if nothing else.
  5. Egwene, obviously. The greatest character there ever was.
  6. Nope. Still in mourning. So dumb.
  7. When I first started on this site, shortly after KoD, there was still at least one person who was still denying Taim was a Darkfriend. The guy even had an explanation for Taim's use of "let the Lord of Chaos rule" at the end of KoD. Is this what you were referring to Mr Ares? Well he does say "Let the Lord of Chaos rule again", so that does seem pretty suspicious...But I suppose he could be a nice guy, if we don't count his followers who laugh with evil laughs, and his breaking of the Black Tower. But I suppose that Elaida broke the White Tower and she wasn't a darkfriend...so maybe...just maybe... Exactly, there's plenty of bad/selfish/power-glory hungry dudes who don't have to be friends of the dark. Maybe he hears shit from DF associates. Or maybe he's Verin-ish, where he's technically part of the association, but doesn't see himself that way. Would make the "let the lord of chaos rule thing" be more like a sarcastic, "meh, guess I'm inline with them for now" Foolish me, thinking there could of been ONE wildcard character in the whole series who didn't fall neatly into light or dark. Someone who would try to sit on the fence, play both sides for his own purposes. I still believe he should have had more complex motivations than he turned out to have. I think Brandon just wrote him off as another thug and so wrote him that way. His actions and POV in AMOL were pitiful. I will point out my original quote in that sequence where I agree he likely is just another darkfriend, but I was disappointed by that fact. Then someone claimed if he wasn't dark he therefore had to be light, "a nice guy". Which is what I was actually taking offense to. I wasn't REALLY arguing against the evidence. So-called Aiel is much easier to refute. I still think it's silly to think he picked it up from his mentor. It's cause he's from the far NW corner of Randland and he had never seen an Aiel, only heard crazy stories. Which brings me back around to my on-topic comment that Taim was recruited late. Probably offered things in order for performing certain tasks without even knowing who was offering for awhile. I like that thought, cause then I can blame Sanderson for writting him off as an interesting character.
  8. Mhmm I really don't get the entire mini-plot with Faile. Mat walks up to Egwene. Without saying a word a small gateway, about the size of a doggie door opens beside her. She reaches her arm in and pulls out THoV and hands it to Mat. Mat notices there's ash/snow/whatever on her sleeve to suggest it was hidden somewhere weird/remote/inhospitable. Done and done.
  9. Honestly, I have seen much worse dancing around in these forums with ideas that seem to be taken seriously.. Where words and quotes are really picked apart to its smallest threads to try to get ideas across. Especially so when it comes to the prophecy-discussions.. You linked a quote where Jordan say the Creator is completly off the chart as far as influencing events goes. I linked one where it was hinted that maybe the Creator is not completly abascent. Then you link a few qoutes about how the Creator will not help Randland win the Last Battle in an attempt by RJ to show that he wont just be using the Creator as a sudden "solve every problem"-thing. I dont see how that is dancing around to make things fit. I think he got you there Suttree ;) Wouldn't it be funny if the Ceator were just wandering around checking things out and HAPPENED to bump into Ahvi. And he really doesn't care about the Aiel per say, he was just shooting the shit in the way "The Creator" would. Hilarious. Don't buy it, but hilarious.
  10. Bravo. Actually I'm not sure I'd drag stereotypical geographic or religious matters into it, but the rest is all completely true, for whatever reasons, right down to the love/hate.
  11. Right, that's because we were misled (like Moridin) until the end of the books. That's kinda what that whole post is about. Thanks for catching up. You need both. End of story. Literally. "We were mislead until the end of the books" is another way of saying "Brandon's decision is inconsistent with the rest of the books" which is my point, so thanks for rephrasing it as if it's a new contribution to the discussion. We weren't mislead, however. RJ didn't come up with the new definition of the DO, Brandon did (see Raleigh signing thread). And Brandon didn't worry about how it fit into the world RJ built. jjp If you are right, then that means that Team Jordan and the editor of all of the WOT books, Harriet, also mislead the readers in the final three books concerning the nature of the Dark One. Therefore, who should a reader think is correct about the definition of the Dark One? We were misled by the characters. The only interpretations we can get in these books are from the Character's PoVs. We learnt what they understood the nature of the DO to be. Just as Moridin was wrong, so was Rand and the whole side of the Light. At least until the very end. I don't understand how that doesn't make sense. It makes perfect sense. The entire series is narrated by limited 3rd person unreliable focus characters. That's why we get to come here and argue about whats true and whats false.
  12. Mazrim Taim. That story arc started big, died and stayed dead to the end with no real conclusion to justify the original build. Though I'm confused as to how this relates to Androl. Androl was a terrible late comer who just stole too much screen time and chalked up too much epic-ness that should have been spread throughout the Asham'man as a whole. But he wasn't DXM. Barely not. We know talents exist, we know then can exist for just about anything. And I know that as soon as I heard he has a traveling talent, I assumed we'd see all the stuff that we saw him do. It's the same stuff we've speculated about on these websites. So how can that be DXM when unexpected and unpredictable are kind of key to being DXM. Though it might be one of those things scholars would argue about for years because it might be kind of gray... maybe. I just fall on the NO side -- just bad uninspired writing.
  13. Right, that's because we were misled (like Moridin) until the end of the books. That's kinda what that whole post is about. Thanks for catching up. You need both. End of story. Literally.
  14. Yes, you clearly state that every time anyone says RJ's influence is in anything. At the rate your going, I'm starting to think there are no notes at all, or that the shoe box was full of blank paper. You cannot take that quote and apply anytime anyone suggests anything. There was SOMETHING said on SOME of the notes. Unless you have a copy, how can you know what that stuff was or was not? "I'm going to have the ashaman save elayne" fits perfectly into the level of detail described in the BS quote but you brush that away as an impossibility too...? If you don't agree, say you don't agree, don't try to fit the facts into your narrative.
  15. Sure it does. You just don't want to see it. You're caught up on the DO having to touch the world for there to be evil. "Well he's locked away so how can he influence". Think of it more like this: now that he's "locked away" again, the wheel, somehow, utilizes his essence in order to give people the choice to do bad things. If that essence wasn't there, they can't. Is there a quote for that? No. Is that the exact way it happens? Probably not. But that's along the lines of how you need to think for it to work. It doesn't break anything we had established before, and it makes sense.
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