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  1. Dragonmount could probably use a format revamp. What worked for major, long-form discussions on a huge variety of topics is not what you want for more Q&A and smaller nostalgic "what if" discussions. I don't really know what that would look like, just a thought.
  2. She would be afraid of what people will think, because they won't understand. They weren't there, and their perspective of worldly things is very small. It shows how much she cares about that them that she can't face their fear, scorn, or disappointment, even if she knows those feelings would be based on ignorance. "If it proved necessary"? As in to save the world? Then yes I completely agree with that, she probably could and would. That's what makes her bad ass.
  3. Mat. Ham-fistedly written by both authors. Then Nynaeve for the same reason, but Jordan's version of her was worse.
  4. Egwene, obviously. The greatest character there ever was. was asking the original poster. The answer is the same. Randsc has good taste, if nothing else.
  5. Egwene, obviously. The greatest character there ever was.
  6. Nope. Still in mourning. So dumb.
  7. When I first started on this site, shortly after KoD, there was still at least one person who was still denying Taim was a Darkfriend. The guy even had an explanation for Taim's use of "let the Lord of Chaos rule" at the end of KoD. Is this what you were referring to Mr Ares? Well he does say "Let the Lord of Chaos rule again", so that does seem pretty suspicious...But I suppose he could be a nice guy, if we don't count his followers who laugh with evil laughs, and his breaking of the Black Tower. But I suppose that Elaida broke the White Tower and she wasn't a darkfriend...so ma
  8. Mhmm I really don't get the entire mini-plot with Faile. Mat walks up to Egwene. Without saying a word a small gateway, about the size of a doggie door opens beside her. She reaches her arm in and pulls out THoV and hands it to Mat. Mat notices there's ash/snow/whatever on her sleeve to suggest it was hidden somewhere weird/remote/inhospitable. Done and done.
  9. Honestly, I have seen much worse dancing around in these forums with ideas that seem to be taken seriously.. Where words and quotes are really picked apart to its smallest threads to try to get ideas across. Especially so when it comes to the prophecy-discussions.. You linked a quote where Jordan say the Creator is completly off the chart as far as influencing events goes. I linked one where it was hinted that maybe the Creator is not completly abascent. Then you link a few qoutes about how the Creator will not help Randland win the Last Battle in an attempt by RJ to show that he wont just b
  10. Bravo. Actually I'm not sure I'd drag stereotypical geographic or religious matters into it, but the rest is all completely true, for whatever reasons, right down to the love/hate.
  11. Right, that's because we were misled (like Moridin) until the end of the books. That's kinda what that whole post is about. Thanks for catching up. You need both. End of story. Literally. "We were mislead until the end of the books" is another way of saying "Brandon's decision is inconsistent with the rest of the books" which is my point, so thanks for rephrasing it as if it's a new contribution to the discussion. We weren't mislead, however. RJ didn't come up with the new definition of the DO, Brandon did (see Raleigh signing thread). And Brandon didn't worry about how it fit int
  12. Mazrim Taim. That story arc started big, died and stayed dead to the end with no real conclusion to justify the original build. Though I'm confused as to how this relates to Androl. Androl was a terrible late comer who just stole too much screen time and chalked up too much epic-ness that should have been spread throughout the Asham'man as a whole. But he wasn't DXM. Barely not. We know talents exist, we know then can exist for just about anything. And I know that as soon as I heard he has a traveling talent, I assumed we'd see all the stuff that we saw him do. It's the same stuff we
  13. Right, that's because we were misled (like Moridin) until the end of the books. That's kinda what that whole post is about. Thanks for catching up. You need both. End of story. Literally.
  14. Yes, you clearly state that every time anyone says RJ's influence is in anything. At the rate your going, I'm starting to think there are no notes at all, or that the shoe box was full of blank paper. You cannot take that quote and apply anytime anyone suggests anything. There was SOMETHING said on SOME of the notes. Unless you have a copy, how can you know what that stuff was or was not? "I'm going to have the ashaman save elayne" fits perfectly into the level of detail described in the BS quote but you brush that away as an impossibility too...? If you don't agree, say you don't
  15. Sure it does. You just don't want to see it. You're caught up on the DO having to touch the world for there to be evil. "Well he's locked away so how can he influence". Think of it more like this: now that he's "locked away" again, the wheel, somehow, utilizes his essence in order to give people the choice to do bad things. If that essence wasn't there, they can't. Is there a quote for that? No. Is that the exact way it happens? Probably not. But that's along the lines of how you need to think for it to work. It doesn't break anything we had established before, and it makes sense.
  16. I liked tGS, was ok with ToM, and hated aMoL? Am I an exception?!
  17. ^ This. I suspect this would be the most likely route to a grey tower. Though I'm also not going to throw out 3rd tower too quickly either. I think the WT would have come down hard on an upstart in the past. But given the Dragon's Peace, and there already two "towers", what could they really do to a third tower if it started? Get some Land donated to you (or buy it I guess), sign the Dragon's Peace, then the go to the Aiel and tells them the WT is trying to wipe you out.
  18. @jjp If a blatant explanation were in the books to give you, then I wouldn't have to explain it to you in the first place. There is no quote that explains how the DO's existence works to give people free will. We just know it does because Rand created a world without the DO and people didn't have free will. That is the proof... You seem to insist on not accepting the explanation, and that's your own call, but it makes perfect sense to most of us.
  19. Uhh, Rand would have been screwed if A) the white tower were split, or B) the white tower was a bunch of untrained crying Damane who couldn't do much of anything until they were broken by Sul'dam. Both of which were averted by Egwene. Not to mention "Wait for the light". But then no matter what I say she did, you'll just say "well anyone could have done that". Yeah, but you can say that for just about anything in the entire book. Except Rand you say? Well maybe even for him! We know the CotL has been converted to the shadow int he past, and yet the Light still avoided losing in those turnings.
  20. Here's the thing. Obviously the DO is part of the mechanism of the wheel. He's there as an option, a temptress, giving people the ability to make "dark" decisions. That's not at all the same as touching the pattern, skewing things his way, and manipulating people more directly. Had Rand killed the DO, he would have eliminated the option for evil. And without the option of evil there's no good. I'm not saying there has to BE evil, but there does have to be the ability to choose it. In the future that Rand crafted, they couldn't lie cheat or steal if they wanted to. And they never want
  21. Demandred just throwing rocks at people is just part of the same symptom of terrible bad guys from basically book 3... maybe even 2. "They have the knowledge of the AOL!" but we never see anything totally revolutionary. I've always thought the 2nd age channeling to 3rd age channeling should be like ye ol' english to english. They seem to use similar words but often you just can't quite make out wtf they're saying.
  22. Well they're just hard metal. Which is kinda weird cause I'm sure swords need to be maintained way more than spears. So despite the logic of "we can make more spears than swords". Having more swords that never have to be sharpened is probably still better. Or at least Halberd blades for the trolloc fighters. At least Perrin got his Hammer, so it never needs to be sharpened and won't rust... cause that's important.
  23. I don't think the books would have lost anything had Gawyn and Galad scenes not ever happened. Have Gawyn die to being retarded and just reaching the end of his rings while he kills a bajillion guys on the front line in a cool death spasm. Egwene's story continues as per normal. Have Galad go around wtfpwning channelers, maybe Gawyn goes crazy or something and there's a short scene where Galad has to fend him off if you really want to prove galad is better than Gawyn with 3 ter'angreal (which I think is the whole ridiculous point of the Demandred shit). Or better yet, have Gawyn accidently run
  24. Even if Brandon wanted to leave the details open, it'd be nice to know if she would BELIEVE it was actually him, or if she'd rationalize him away by saying he's no longer really HER Hawkwing and she speaks for those wishes. Just needed a reaction shot of them first seeing each other really. Then Brandon could have closed the door. Religionus fervor can make some people quite willfully blind even to the most obvious things. I actually suspect she did not take it well and probably didn't let it change her opinion. Which makes Tuon the worst female character IMO. The whole Omens stuff and stubbor
  25. Cenn Buie ceases to exist, only minor details of himself are part of his soul and those are preserved to be spun out as a new person. Heroes are different. Their souls preserve much more self and that is probably why the wheel uses tel'aran'riod as a storage facility. Regular souls might be there too, they just don't have enough form to them to manifest in any real way.
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