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  1. That or Slayer needed to exist to be an adversary for Perrin so he would become strong enough in the dream to do everything he needed to do, including killing Lanfear at the end.
  2. Yep totally Sanderson’s fault Well paper is probably enough to figure it Rand isn’t from there 😛. As for the native Two River people, I agree the enormous majority of people wouldn’t be able to mark them down as from there based on looks alone. Although a tendency towards wool clothing and braid would suggest so 😂. But there are definitely people who you could be almost 100% certain are not from there. I mean yes you could consider it that way, but personally I think that variation is probably too wide. Mat is definitely too light, and I have a hard time believing someone who is suppose to be pale as snow naturally could tan enough to have significantly darker skin than Egwene’s actress. (Since she is supposed to tan enough to be able to almost pass as one of them). That just doesn’t make much logical sense to me. But it is being a little pedantic since I doubt they would go that far just to get the skin tone perfectly right in a series where skin tone amounts to literally nothing bar one specific exemple. For my part I imagine something between Egwene and Mat’s actors as the baseline for the Two Rivers with them two being the absolute extremes. What will be interesting is to see how the rest of the people from the Two Rivers are gonna be portrayed. I just hope they stick to more or less what these actors look like and don’t make it look NYC because that will Ben very bizarre considering the Two Rivers history. See yeah I could see them being a little vague as to how populated the Two Rivers is to make it less jarring that there is greater variation in the people living there. Enough that if you squint real hard and don’t focus on the few thousand years of little happening there it won’t bother you. Although let’s be honest the viewers who haven’t read the book aren’t going to be fazed at all, and hopefully this show brings in a ton of new fans so in that sense it really doesn’t matter. Except to us dummies who love to argue about if Moraines’ eyebrows curve at exaaaaaaactly the right angle, or whether there are enough hairs in Perrin’s beard. 😏 And yes people can be told apart culturally by more than just their skin color. The Cairhien hair style, the Illianier speech pattern, the Tairen beard, Arafel and their bells, and so on. Ah I see thanks 😉.
  3. Isn’t there a mention at some point of Morgase visiting the Two Rivers at some point in her youth, or is my memory playing tricks on me?
  4. Well just because Elaida or Moraine haven’t gone there doesn’t mean there aren’t report and studies concerning the Two Rivers area. Gawyn for exemple knows enough about to know their main export and ressources. Like you said there haven’t been tax collectors or guards in the last 7/8 generations, but that’s not really that much. And if any place would be a repository of knowledge for this kind of stuff it would be the White Tower. Also I don’t think everyone in the Two rivers looks exactly alike, just that there’s a typical look to the area, with a certain degree of variation. I think it’s also worth mentioning that there’s no direct 1 to 1 comparison with our world that’s possible. You’re talking about a world that went through the age of legends, followed by the breaking, followed by 2 to 4 thousand years of pretty serious insulation. Enough that the people there are similar enough looking to each other for it to be worthy of mention. So these people aren’t so much southern European, or Latino or North African or whatever else, so much as they are a mix of a bunch of races that has ended with them generally looking like..... well whatever you think it is they do look like. Personally all I need to make up my mind is what’s in the books which is: Darker than pale white Aiel skin tone (as per Elaida in book 1 about Rand) yet lighter than very tanned Aiel (as per Rand’s assessment of Egwene in book 5).
  5. Eh I think it’s more the fact that it’s stated many times that Two River people clearly have a look to them. Elaida wouldn’t have made those comments about Rand if Two River people didn’t tend to all look pretty similar. There could be exemptions of course, Rand is one after all, just like his mother. But I would wager those are quite a small minority. Taren Ferry is all specifically mentioned as having intermingled with “outsiders” which would seemingly mean that the rest of the Two Rivers usually didn’t.
  6. I mean while I’m not bothered by the castings themselves, I am more annoyed by what is likely the reason for the cast being more diverse: Amazon believing that they need to inject that diversity into the main characters (and I find it hard to believe that the people behind this choice are completely unaware of the how the main characters are portrayed in the near totality of illustrations). However I’d be cynical no matter what, because I always am for adaptations, knowing that sacrifices are inevitably going to happen. Usually I hope that these are done for the benefit of the story itself, and not out of a belief that the show needs to do some pandering to succeed. As long as they don’t make actually consequential changes to the story, like for exemple making Egwene the dragon as someone mentioned (or even having Rand and Egwene share the role), then I’m not too bothered. Skin color and even sexuality for a lot of the characters isn’t too important. For exemple it makes no difference to me if the make Galad bisexual, or Dobraine gay or whatever else that doesn’t actually interfere with the story being told as it was in the books. Yeah my first impression of Egwene and Perrin was that skin tone aside, they definitely gave the characters look and are totally believable as those characters. Nyneave I wasn’t convinced about but other pictures I’ve seen make me think it should work.
  7. Not really just take the saangreal away from Egwene somehow. Egwene is the one who’s more likely to need help anyway, without the saangreal that is.
  8. To be fair you could argue that the reason Robert Jordan doesn’t really specify clearly their skin color is because he himself fell into the trap of not describing people of the same appearance as he as thoroughly as people of different skin color. Personally I think that’s the most likely “explanation”. Regardless like I said above skin color has no impact whatsoever on the story so I think Robert Jordan would be mostly annoyed that people are focusing so hard on this point.
  9. Honestly I don’t know why they’re bothering to justify themselves. Just point out that skin color has literally zero importance in the scheme of he story and move on. Personally I think that careful reading of the books (particularly comparisons with other characters) suffices to deduce that they’re meant to be white, but it’s largely irrelevant. And I say that as someone who tends to be a bit of a purist who dislikes unnecessary changes from the source material. Skin color changes nothing to the characters color, their motivations, their flaws, and so on. If these actors nail the characterization then who cares. In fact I think it’s a shame she’s saying she (Maria) got anything wrong. That was merely her impression of the characters from her reading of the books. That the series is going with character of a different skin color doesn’t mean she got it wrong, simply that their adaptation is going with something different.
  10. Agreed it’s like imagining fellowship of the ring without the black rider appearing when the hobbits are picking mushrooms by the side of the road. That sequence is deeply unsettling and machin sin should be similar.
  11. Except that kinda takes away the huge moment for Lan that sums up his character so nicely. Besides I think Egwene defeating Demandred in a battle of the power is a bit far fetched... I do agree though that it would be nice if the Ashaman would have a bigger part even though I think Logain’s story arc there was nicely done (turning his back on power, overcoming his fears to do the right thing and achieve the recognition for himself and the Ashaman that he’d been seeking).
  12. So admittedly I don’t think the actors appearance is really faithful to what Robert Jordan describes (for exemple it’s mentioned that after spending considerable time amongst the Aiel, Egwene’s skin has tanned enough that she looks similar to them), and in that sense it isn’t entirely faithful to the source material. To me this isn’t really an issue since skin color is generally speaking pretty unimportant in the wheel of time. The only thing I find problematic is that Mat, Perrin, Egwene, and Nyneave don’t all look like they’re from the same secluded little area, the people of whom all look similar enough that Rand himself sticks out like a sore thumb. That part I find a bit frustrating to be honest. However it’s not a huge issue all things considered even though I tend to prefer adaptations to be as faithful as possible to the source material as possible (and skin color is after all hardly something that needs to be changed for ease of filming). But like I said it’s a minor quibble and a foreseeable one at that (in other words I would have been very surprised if they had made all the main characters of the 1st season white even though that’s fairly obviously what the author wrote them as). More important is that these actors are able to portray these characters well, and for what it’s worth I think Mat, Perrin, and Egwene are excellent. Rand is pretty good but it was always gonna be hard to portray him perfectly. For Nyneave, I’m not gonna lie that picture isn’t at all what I pictured her as but it could be just that particular image so I’m not hugely worried.
  13. Yeah I don't think it would happen for a long time. And if it does I don't think it would be a full merge, more of an agreement to strengthen ties between them.
  14. It's pretty unlikely the Ashaman would consider moving after everything they've done to reclaim the Black Tower from Taim. If Elayne is smart she'll try to get benefits out of having the Ashaman in Andor rather than antagonizing them or trying to gain control over them, not that she could really. For exemple Caemlyn could use some rebuilding I believe and having bunch of channellers would really help out in that regard. So offer them official sovereignty over the lands the Black Tower is on and forge strong ties with them. In this way Andor will have strong ties with both the Black and White towers, and avoid a pointless and unwinnable confrontation with the Ashaman. The land the Black Tower is on isn't worth anything anyway.
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