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  1. I'm hardly an expert on trailers but I do know you should never put too much faith in them when it comes to accurately representing the story they're gonna tell. I imagine the point of this trailer is to sell the story and draw people in and hopefully it does a good job at that. Rand is at the heart of the story. Its impossible to tell Robert Jordan's story without him being front and center. I have to believe that Rafe understands that. And yes as the Aes Sedai are not a bit presence in the first book really but the 1st season isn't just the 1st book, and tv isn't literature so some amount of adaptation is natural. As long as the story isn't too warped from what it was it isn't gonna bother me much.
  2. I never quite understood what agelessness was supposed to look like either. I recall some character, maybe Egwene, saying that it felt like saying oaths felt like something was tightening across her skin in some way? I forget the exact quote. I though maybe it was supposed to look almost robotic in an uncanny valley kinda way? I don't know its hard to picture really.
  3. She does look older but realistically it would be a serious pain for them to have to cast literally only 25ish year old actresses to play most aes sedai. Honestly I think this is just one of the limitations of adapting from book to tv which is inevitable without an insane budget.
  4. Could be its not the ogier grove and just a very green area. Could be they messed up and didn't realize it. Either way the location of the ogier grove has no impact to the story so its whatever really.
  5. Rand is only ever in the same room as 2 of them at a time like twice in the books? Bonding + fields of merillor? Hard to make it harem like in those conditions.
  6. Don't really see how you can remove Faile from the show entirely. She's far too central to Perrin's entire storyline.
  7. “I genuinely think we are cutting less than most people think. When I see people ask questions like, ‘are you cutting Min?’ It blows my mind. I don’t know how you do an adaptation without some of these characters. I think it’ll be more of the smaller stories you’ll miss. We can’t have Rand and May travel to many many inns on their travels across the countryside for instance. It’s just not producible. So that will be more of what you miss I think, and the books always exist to read for that :).”
  8. The crossing of arms under breasts and sniffing should remove yet another.
  9. I mean Nyneave isn’t exactly super dark skinned, but she’s quite clearly of a different ethnicity than Mat. As for Rand he’s basically white as snow so regardless of Kari, it needs to be at least plausible that Tam is his real father, like Jennifer said.
  10. Seems like the show is actually going with a very diverse Two Rivers rather, considering Mat (and presumably Tam), so there’s no reason he couldn’t be playing someone from there.
  11. Rand is not lanky. Mat is lanky. Rand is never described like that. He’s broad shouldered and got a quite a built physique, he’s just a little more slender than Perrin.
  12. That or Slayer needed to exist to be an adversary for Perrin so he would become strong enough in the dream to do everything he needed to do, including killing Lanfear at the end.
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