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  1. “I genuinely think we are cutting less than most people think. When I see people ask questions like, ‘are you cutting Min?’ It blows my mind. I don’t know how you do an adaptation without some of these characters. I think it’ll be more of the smaller stories you’ll miss. We can’t have Rand and May travel to many many inns on their travels across the countryside for instance. It’s just not producible. So that will be more of what you miss I think, and the books always exist to read for that :).”
  2. The crossing of arms under breasts and sniffing should remove yet another.
  3. I mean Nyneave isn’t exactly super dark skinned, but she’s quite clearly of a different ethnicity than Mat. As for Rand he’s basically white as snow so regardless of Kari, it needs to be at least plausible that Tam is his real father, like Jennifer said.
  4. Seems like the show is actually going with a very diverse Two Rivers rather, considering Mat (and presumably Tam), so there’s no reason he couldn’t be playing someone from there.
  5. Rand is not lanky. Mat is lanky. Rand is never described like that. He’s broad shouldered and got a quite a built physique, he’s just a little more slender than Perrin.
  6. That or Slayer needed to exist to be an adversary for Perrin so he would become strong enough in the dream to do everything he needed to do, including killing Lanfear at the end.
  7. Yep totally Sanderson’s fault Well paper is probably enough to figure it Rand isn’t from there ?. As for the native Two River people, I agree the enormous majority of people wouldn’t be able to mark them down as from there based on looks alone. Although a tendency towards wool clothing and braid would suggest so ?. But there are definitely people who you could be almost 100% certain are not from there. I mean yes you could consider it that way, but personally I think that variation is probably too wide. Mat is def
  8. Isn’t there a mention at some point of Morgase visiting the Two Rivers at some point in her youth, or is my memory playing tricks on me?
  9. Well just because Elaida or Moraine haven’t gone there doesn’t mean there aren’t report and studies concerning the Two Rivers area. Gawyn for exemple knows enough about to know their main export and ressources. Like you said there haven’t been tax collectors or guards in the last 7/8 generations, but that’s not really that much. And if any place would be a repository of knowledge for this kind of stuff it would be the White Tower. Also I don’t think everyone in the Two rivers looks exactly alike, just that there’s a typical look to the area, with a certain degree of variation.
  10. Eh I think it’s more the fact that it’s stated many times that Two River people clearly have a look to them. Elaida wouldn’t have made those comments about Rand if Two River people didn’t tend to all look pretty similar. There could be exemptions of course, Rand is one after all, just like his mother. But I would wager those are quite a small minority. Taren Ferry is all specifically mentioned as having intermingled with “outsiders” which would seemingly mean that the rest of the Two Rivers usually didn’t.
  11. I mean while I’m not bothered by the castings themselves, I am more annoyed by what is likely the reason for the cast being more diverse: Amazon believing that they need to inject that diversity into the main characters (and I find it hard to believe that the people behind this choice are completely unaware of the how the main characters are portrayed in the near totality of illustrations). However I’d be cynical no matter what, because I always am for adaptations, knowing that sacrifices are inevitably going to happen. Usually I hope that these are done for the benefit of the stor
  12. Not really just take the saangreal away from Egwene somehow. Egwene is the one who’s more likely to need help anyway, without the saangreal that is.
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