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  1. Rose

    Verin is:

    Now that the DO is sealed, does he still have the power to torment souls? Maybe winning the Last Battle was what it took to save her.
  2. What do you mean by "if it's going to be a straight series order or going through an initial pilot stage"? 2-3 years was my initial feeling as well, so I'm glad to see it confirmed by someone with more experience. That also means whoever is cast as the main characters can't already be in their 20s today, otherwise they'll end up being too old, so it can't be anyone we already know. Too bad for fan casting ;)
  3. I just started listening to the EotW audio book, and I got to the part where Nynaeve tells Rand about Kari Al'Thor arriving in the Two Rivers with him as an infant, and that there was no doubt that he was her child. Which got me to thinking: How did she feed him? Nowadays, when a baby is adopted, there is the option of baby formula since the mother is rarely able to breastfeed. It would surprise me if baby formula existed in Randland. I would assume wetnurses would be the alternative solution if the mother died in childbirth or was somehow unable to breastfeed. So, what happened with Rand?
  4. Hello :) it's been a while since I last hung out around here! I just started my third (and first since AMoL) re-read, and as we see our heroes leaving the Two Rivers in EotW, I was suddenly struck by the thought that almost none of them actually makes it back. In fact, does any of them besides Perrin ever set foot in the TR again? I couldn't remember for sure, but I'm sure folks around here know the answer!
  5. A few questions: - Do we ever find out what happened to Alanna? Besides the fact that she was kidnapped (how? by who?) and then resurfaced in Shayol Ghul at the worst possible time? - Can each of Rand's women release his bond separately, or do they have to do it all together? And if they can, why didn't Aviendha sever the bond when she thought she was going to die? She knew her death would doom him. - What was the point of Alivia? I was hoping to understand why she's such a special damane that she could turn on the Seanchan after 400 years of captivity, but I guess it's never expla
  6. There's no catch. When you subscribe you get a credit every month, and the first month is a free trial, so you get a credit for free. You then use that credit to buy AMOL. I did this just a couple of days ago. I didn't pay anything and the audiobook is on my pre-orders list, to become available on Jan. 8th. You just have to remember to unsubscribe on time. edit: I don't know about the bonus extra audiobook though.
  7. Yes, there's an android app you can download and then you can buy audiobooks directly on there even if you want.
  8. Yeah, you need a credit card to sign up for it, unfortunately. I think you might be able to go through amazon as well, if you have an account there... Not sure. You should know, though, that you won't be able to download it in mp3 format. It's a special format that's compatible with certain types of devices, but not others (you can look them up here).
  9. Min dying would seem a bit redundant to me. She already almost died once, after all.
  10. Hahaha, a scheme a 12 year old would think so.However Elayne thinks it is a great master plan!! No, the author thinks it's a great plan. It's not that Elayne is stupid, it's that she's badly written. Despite the issues, I liked the Androl/Pevara scene. The Aviendha/Elayne one made me cringe from beginning to end, though. I firmly think that a lot of this has to do with the chapters being released one by one in isolation. I think most people truly enjoyed TGS and TOM on first read, and only started noticing problems afterwards. Having time to dissect each little section like this
  11. I definitely disagree with that. Read the scene again. Rand's children didn't suggest that the Aiel should attack the Seanchan. They didn't call the meeting and they didn't bring it up. Padra had no clue this was even on the agenda. And there is not a single voice raised objecting to the decision. They all want to do it. every single person who speaks, speaks in favor of it. And they all speak before Padra and her siblings say anything. They are the last to voice their opinions. None of them changed anybody's point of view. I agree. Also, it seems to us that her descendants are there at ea
  12. Well, "actual invisibility" (as in, your body itself become invisible) doesn't exist, as far as I understand. Every time we have seen invisibility in the series, it was actually waves layered on top of someone/something to create an effet with the light that make it look like there is nothing behind. Kind of like an invisibility cloak, Harry Potter style, or a sort of screen. If you tie it off and then walk through it, you become visible again.
  13. Just because it doesn't have a deep philosophical meaning doesn't mean that the Wheel is a useless concept. It's central to the story; it drives the characters' motivations and lays the foundation for most of the themes running through the series. No, we shouldn't take it as a commentary on human life and morals. But this... ...I don't agree with.
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