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  1. I personally don't see these changes as any different or inherently more political than others. Why do we see casting racially diverse actors, or giving increased focus to the female characters in the beginning, as more political than, say, giving Logain a more prominent role early on or condensing the plot of books 7-10? They're all choices being made to tell a compelling story that will work well on a visual medium, that will be accessible to modern, non-book-reader audiences, and that will address some of the (gasp!) issues in the source material. Why is one type of change instinctively being chalked up to a political agenda while the other is considered neutral? I feel there are assumptions underlying this distinction. In my opinion, the distinction doesn't have to be there. We can see all of these changes as artistic license on the part of the show, and consider them purely on their practical merits and what they actually achieve, rather than on the intent we assume motivates them. In my mind, all that matters is: Do these changes make the adaptation work for TV? Do they help bring in a new audience? Do they take away from the quality of the storytelling? That's what matters in the end, to me at least.
  2. Not sure if this has been discussed before, but I was thinking about Kerene's death and how it might tie in to the events of the books. In the books, Kerene is murdered by the Black Ajah but passed off as an accident. In the show, it seems her death will tied to Logain, probably in that scene from the trailer where he breaks his shield. I wonder if it'll still be caused by the Black Ajah somehow. For example, could one of the Aes Sedai holding Logain (Liandrin?) help Logain escape by messing with his shield? It would fit with some of the leaked audition tapes where Liandrin is arguing that Logain should be gentled on the spot. If she's been unsuccessful at convincing the other sisters, she could arrange for Logain's escape to prove that he's too dangerous to hold and force their hand in gentling him. Kerene's death could be a side bonus, or maybe it was part of her plan all along.
  3. Bonus points if the Nokia still works because those things are indestructible. Of course they'd survive the Breaking.
  4. http://hawaiiantimemachine.blogspot.com/2012/08/ehu-people-redheads-of-polynesia.html?m=1 For the most striking example. However there are also redheads in North Africa, the Middle-East/West Asia, and East Asia (famously, Ismail I of Persia was a redhead and while there's debate around it, it seems Genghis Khan was too). See also: the blonde recessive gene that's unique to the Hmong population and is a completely different gene from the one that gives Europeans blonde hair: https://hmongthrills.tumblr.com/post/88435065682/every-other-year-hmong-children-are-born-with Genetics are wild.
  5. I really liked that too! That and the opening voiceover sequence were my favorites because of the symbolism and the way they tell a story by juxtaposing specific words and images to convey the epic feel of the story and hint at what's to come (plus Easter eggs for book readers)
  6. But yeah, more like this than actual aphantasia too, probably.
  7. I also don't picture faces/etc when reading (or writing. Which is such a pain.) I will remember things that are repeatedly described/important to the plot, like Nynaeve's braid or Rand's red hair or how we're very clearly told Tuon is Black. But more in a vague awareness kind of way than in actual clear images.
  8. With the Moiraine focus they're marketing, I have a feeling it'll be her or Lan (they'll definitely sense their presence first). But I'm assuming we don't get the Al'Thor farm at all which I could be wrong about.
  9. I mean, yeah, I know we can't get a full arc in a trailer or even a season, but we can get enough to promise that. The image of Egwene emerging from the water with the paint on her face while Moiraine talks about becoming a legend does that for me. I think they can do some clever juxtapositions in the next trailer to evoke similar ideas.
  10. After watching it 30+ times I can confirm this is my favorite part of the trailer as well. The editing of that whole sequence with the images of EF and the EF5, then the warder crying over the ring, then Egwene emerging from the water, all synced with the voiceover... is just a masterpiece. That's an entire journey there in the span of a few seconds.
  11. I think the best things about the series are the characters and their arcs and the prophecies they grow to fulfill so I hope the trailer leans into that.
  12. It means the character is killed off for the sole reason of providing motivation for another character's arc. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/StuffedIntoTheFridge
  13. You probably already know this but just in case: in the audible app you can speed up the audiobook if it's too slow for you. It's been a while since I listened to the WoT audiobooks so I can't remember if I was speeding them up, but for other books I've listened to recently I usually listen on 1.25x to 1.75x speed (different narrators will narrate at different speeds, I've noticed).
  14. As for my thoughts on the trailer, I was originally kind of disappointed because it showed very little of the plot and characters and instead seemed very focused on showcasing the magic and battles and world-ending stakes, almost like any generic fantasy trailer. But I realize it's a teaser trailer and it's meant to signal to a wider audience "hey, this is epic fantasy, this is the kind of ride you're on." So, fine. I will wait for the extended trailer and hope there are more character moments and more of the plot showcased there. In the meantime, I definitely find myself liking the trailer more every time I rewatch it and catch more details, which is probably a good sign.
  15. A town doesn't need to be an international hub to have a range of physical appearance within its population. It only needs to be descended from multiple ethnic groups somewhere in its past, which is definitely the case for EF (Manetheren was a major geopolitical hub and center of trade, and before that, the Breaking pretty much tossed everyone around). Even if the population has been fairly isolated for several generations, the gene pool would be diverse enough to create a range of phenotypes just from genetic lottery alone. You can absolutely get people with medium-to-dark brown skin and coily/coarse hair alongside people with lighter skintones and thinner/straighter hair in a population like this. This happens in real life, sometimes within a single family. All it takes is a diverse gene pool, which is the result of ethnic mixing sometime in the past, to create different combinations.
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