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  1. I don't know if it helps any, but Slayer would look similar to either Rand or Lan, depending on which form he's in (Luc or Isam). So they could be used as a starting point if you have anything for either of those? I tend to picture Lan as looking like a younger and more built version of Ken Watanabe's character in The Last Samurai, but that's just headcanon. For Perrin, being a blacksmith, you'll want to have huge, broad shoulders and very muscular arms as a starting point. I appreciate this probably isn't particularly helpful, tho.
  2. The thing that would count against Rand being the Creator for me (other than the fact I personally don't feel it would be narratively satisfying) is that the Creator speaks to him a couple of times. Oh, I guess you could go down the God/Jesus thing where they're the same but not the same, so to speak, but I think it's better that Rand is simply the Creator's Champion rather than the Creator Incarnate.
  3. I always felt that Fain had a sort of "Gollum" style ending in store, but with a twist. Bear with me here, but play along: Rand has the Dark One contained, using the three-powered 'fist' to hold him, but he's crippled with indecision. He knows he can't kill him, or the Twisted Victory happens, he thinks just resealing him will not be enough, and certainly can't let him go. Is he to be trapped there forever, holding the Dark One at bay but never able to 'win'? Is hope fading? He doesn't know what to do. He's stuck. But then, seemingly from nowhere, and fulfilling the original "desire" of Ardhol/SL to fight the Shadow, Mashadar/Fain (or whatever it decides to be called at that point) surges past him and strikes at the Dark One himself, landing a killing blow. Screaming about how al'Thor belongs to him. Getting Fain his revenge at the tortures the Dark One put him through, etc. Rand is horrified. The Dark One is dead, there is nothing now to create the contrast that allows people to *choose* to be good, rather than be forced to it. But wait, just as nature abhors a vacuum, the Pattern demands and needs a Dark One, and at that moment, Fain is sucked into the Dark One's prison as a substitute, and Rand then reforges the prison to contain him for all time. So Fain's huge build has a resolution, Rand gets to die/live as before, the day is won, and Fain is eliminated in (imho) a more satisfying manner than Mat simply stabbing him with the dagger. Ok, call me names now. :D
  4. "Just then, a wind rose high in the Mountains of Mist..."
  5. It's got to be: That had me howling with laughter first time I read it.
  6. For all there may well be thousands or tens of thousands of wolves, I'm sure I remember a line about how an entire pack will sacrifice itself to take down a darkhound. I reckon the Darkhounds will, unfortunately, decimate the wolves and take down about 10 wolves for every DH that falls easily.
  7. Yeah, I always pictured it as being like a projectile cattle-prod, so to speak.
  8. Simple enough question - what's your favourite moment in the books? The bit you get all happy about when it's coming up in your re-reads? Mine is the Quarterstaff v Swords fight with Mat, Gawain and Galad. I loved the way he, a weak and far from hearty farmboy, gave the two smug kids an absolute spanking. Every time I read it I want to jump up and down with glee for him.
  9. Does the animal-trainer Seanchan who travels with Luca's show for a while not pretend her 'Boar Horses' come from Shara at some point, too?
  10. I'm surprised no-one's mentioned Cadsuane yet, to be honest. Her reasons aren't entirely clear and she seems exactly the type to have other motivations (although I'm not thinking DF in her case). Dylin and Alanna are both great shouts, too. For another one, how about the King of Murandy? He's been suspiciously quiet since using the BotRH to cement his throne.
  11. Not necessarily. Potential example: Aes Sedai disguises herself using MOM as an important Lord/Lady and gives someone instruction. She is pretending to be said Lord/Lady and ergo lying, even if the instruction itself is not a 'lie' per say, but simply a request or command - as the recipient of her instruction will interpret it as having come from the Lady, which is, of course, not the case, it is a falsehood. So how do you reconcile that with the fact that Aes Sedai disguise themselves without the Mirror of Mists? They go by different names, etc, and thus clearly deceive those who visit them. Yet this doesn't break the oaths. I think a combination of keeping it vague "I will allow you to call me Billy-Bob" isn't saying "My name is Billy-Bob" technically. Presumably also when they need a straight lie told about who they are, or their purpose, they get their Warder to do it on their behalf. The Oaths and their treatment in the books are a little fuzzy at times anyway. As someone else said on the thread, exaggeration could be seen as speaking words which are not true. They also use whips of Air to punish, which to me skirts dangerously close to using the OP as a weapon...
  12. Fair enough. It's almost crazy how much wiggle-room they find in such a straightforward-seeming set of Oaths, hence why I got to thinking about this in the first place.
  13. Not necessarily. Potential example: Aes Sedai disguises herself using MOM as an important Lord/Lady and gives someone instruction. She is pretending to be said Lord/Lady and ergo lying, even if the instruction itself is not a 'lie' per say, but simply a request or command - as the recipient of her instruction will interpret it as having come from the Lady, which is, of course, not the case, it is a falsehood.
  14. But my point is that writing something down that isn't true isn't speaking either, but that's prevented by the Oath. See, that's the sort of answer I was looking for - and you're probably right. It's like the thing about how they can tell untruths if they believe them to be true and makes a lot of sense.
  15. Just wondering this today in an idle moment, thinking about how the Oath says: "To speak no word that is not true." Yet we've been told before that Aes Sedai can't write lies anymore than they can speak them - even though writing is not actually specified in the Oath. Following this logic, isn't using the Mirror of Mists - a weave which is bascially one big visual lie - contradictory to the Oaths? In spirit, I'd say certainly. Just trying to get a fun debate going
  16. Hahah, nice question. Hard to say for sure - there are a few candidates, and also different reasons. So, two choices: Because I really don't like them and they annoy the heck out of me choice: Bleric and Fen. As warders they were utterly useless at rescuing their AS from Seanchan leashes and they treat the one they should be bending over backward to thank like dirt. Because I think it would be a great moment in the story itself choice: Tam. On seeing Rand struggling, maybe being overcome by Fain or the like, Tam hurls himself into a suicidal attack designed to buy Rand enough time to recover/get away, etc. Big, epic, heart-wrenching noble sacrifice (a bit like Thom and the Whitebridge Myrdraal, except fatal) and a focal point for the characters to rally around.
  17. See, for me the "IF HE WILL" immediately rules out the Dark One. He's not the sort of entity to allow for choice in those who follow him. MY CHAMPION WILL DESTROY YOU would have been more his métier, surely?
  18. Owch, tough question - favourite character in the series? The easy answer would be Mat, but I think that's too easy - you're supposed to love the main heroes, after all. So, leaving aside the main characters, I'd probably go for Noal - I love the fact that there's a huge gap between who he was and who he is, and we're left to imagine and fill in the blanks ourselves. Everything about him - the broken knuckles, the way he wins people over effortlessly, but above all, that mystery. What happened to make him who he is and to bring him down so far. Compelling. Fave Forsaken - I'm going to cheat here and ask if I can have Shadar Haran instead. He's delightfully dark and evil without even the tiniest spark of humanity. It makes him heaps of fun!
  19. My thoughts on the bit in bold: For a woman to be channelling takes surrender, not struggle. It's probably no co-incidence that Nynaeve's innate talents came to the fore at times where she'd all but given up on her patients - she was probably surrendering to the inevitable without even realising it. As for Rand, maybe he wasn't channelling at all. For instance, the fact Bela was able to keep up with the other horses and stay fresh - he might not have been channelling, but rather bending the pattern to his will (as we saw in Darth Rand's confrontation with Cadsuane where he told her he could stop her heart just by willing it) - his sheer desire for Egwene to keep with them, coupled with his Ta'veren nature. Therefore, the struggle to hold the Source didn't apply. Oh, in terms of Avi's visions - it wasn't so much that they could channel without first touching it, more that they just never ever let it go.
  20. Actually, I always thought the Myrdraal had quite a few traits of vampires as well. Only if you associate the pale skin only with vmapires. That is the only thing even remotely vampire like about them. I would disagree with that, but it all depends on which vampire lore you use. For example, their linking with Trollocs - vampires are often said to be able to directly control lesser evil creatures. Also their look causing fear and their weakness in sunlight. You could also compare their ability to travel via shadows to be akin to turning into mist, etc. I'm not saying they are vampires, of course, but saying the only trait they have is pale skin doesn't ring true.
  21. Some people still try to deny that was the Creator in tEotW. I don't prescribe to that as it just happens to speak exactly RJ's thoughts that the Creator has on the matter. To me it was an early bookism before things were fully fleshed out. Don't believe we will be seeing it again. Who on earth do they claim it is, if not the Creator? The Spirit of Bela or something?
  22. I don't think that's the case for a couple of reasons: 1) I'm sure there's a line somewhere that states no man/person can be so deep in the shadow that they can't be turned to the light. Might have been mentioned more than once. 2) If Logain's been turned by force (seeing as he's missing, presumed Taimed, at the moment) then he'll need to be capable of being turned back in order to achieve the glory Min spoke of, surely? Possible maybe but very unlikely... As for Logain I don't think all that many people believe he has been turned. Hmm, I wonder what happens if a turned channeller is stilled. Does it break the connection/control and let them revert? I bet if anyone can do it, Nynaeve can
  23. It's the whiskers. I think for those of us of a certain vintage, Whiskers + Bard = Cacophonix. :) I always picture Lan as looking like he's walked straight out of a Kurosawa movie. Yojimbo, if memory serves... *goes to check* Yep! (You can just about see Nynaeve in the background there... ;) ) I can see where you're coming from tho. The rugby dude is more like a young version of my in-head Bashere, actually!
  24. As a bookend to the entire struggle, do you think the Creator will pop up and give us a wee victory speech of some sort? I'm thinking a God-about-Jesus style "THIS IS MY CHAMPION AND I AM WELL PLEASED" sort of thing. Or has the fact He spoke at all in EotW been a bit Retconned?
  25. Morgase didn't have to die for Elayne to become Queen. Bashere may decide he doesn't want to be king. Not everyone in the series is power-hungry (we've seen Ituralde turn down the chance to be king, remember) - perhaps Bashere will see it as better for Saldea in the long run to have a younger ruler, especially one with close ties to the Dragon (if he lives).
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