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  1. Oh, I'm jealous. I never see the hardbacks anywhere, much less selling for a dollar.
  2. Yeah, I was really hoping to see the Randland Ogier react to the Seanchan Ogier. That could have gotten interesting. When I first read about those fighting Ogier, I was hopiong that seeing them would make the Randland Ogier a little more willing to fight, but we never got to see them meet.
  3. Hahahahha it really does seem a lot like it. And to think that some people said that nobody in real life would ever act that childish. They do it in politics all the time.
  4. Those are some pretty good ideas, Quin. I don't know why they went with what they went with. It seems odd.
  5. I always assumed that Sanderson was just trying not to give away the extent or nature of the merge, or reveal it to anyone who hadn't guessed it already, since they could probably make more guesses about the ending if that were totally confirmed.
  6. That's pretty much what I thought. He could pull the TP through Moridin's link because he and Moridin were merging together. What is your interpretation of this answer if you don't mind my asking? He does not say no outright. I think it could mean a few things: 1. Rand doesn't have the DO's permission at that moment, but gains it later because the DO is trying to manipulate him. 2. Brandon states "no one may" not "no one can" implying perhaps that it is not impossible, only not permitted, but would anger the DO and draw his attention. 3. Since he does not say outright that R
  7. Also there was apparently a twitter chat where BS said something about this. I don't have the transcript, but from: http://www.tor.com/blogs/2013/01/brandon-sandersons-wheel-of-time-answers-from-torchat "Rand’s third question to the Aelfinn involved Rand asking how to kill the Dark One. More detail on these will most likely be put in the Encyclopedia." OK. I know this is the official word, but wasn't there some kind of a rule or warning against asking questions that pertain to the Shadow?
  8. None of the ASOIF books is even close to being as slow as CoT. Or even PoD or WH. Doesn't make one better than the other, of course, but it has to eb said.that's just the way it is. Oh yeah, those books aren't actually as slow as CoT, at least not on the first read, but on my second/third read (because I gave up once and decided to try again), I found them to be much slower. Without surprises waiting around every corner, AFFC and ADWD just get really slow (and even parts of ASOS). On the first read, of course, with most of ASOIAF I was on the edge of my seat, having a blast. So I thoug
  9. When I first started reading GOT, it was very exciting and seemed like it would be one of those that I read 100 times, but... I actually just tried to re-read it not long ago and kept getting bored. All my favorite people are either dead or don't seem to show up anymore, and I agree with BenevolentCow about the story not getting to the point soon enough. It has slowed down soooooo bad. I mean, yeah, RJ had some slow books in there, but damnit, he made it further before he hit that snag or whatever. The first seven, at least, were awesome, and then the slower ones were not as agonizingly sl
  10. That's kind of weird. I wonder if they will put it out with the other cover or what? It doesn't seem very likely. You might be stuck with this one, or one of the older ones.
  11. This just gave me an odd thought... What if Min does stay with the Seanchan and eventually has a Moriden/Rand child? Then, the Dragon would have descendants (in influential positions at that!) in each of three most powerful nations in the world. Otherwise, as pertaining to this topic, yes. Min is the one I always envisioned ending up with Rand in the long run. The others have their strengths, but don't strike me as a good match for his personality. In other words: I foresee fewer tense situations in Rand's household with Min at his side, than any of the other girls. T
  12. I've been mulling this over since the last time I read this thread, and I think I've got something. Even when he isn't so delusional that he thinks he is the DO himself, Moridin seems to think of himself as the supreme leader of the Shadow. When playing sha'rah, he doesn't think of the game as being between the DO and the Creator, the DO and the Pattern, or the DO and Rand. He thinks he is running both sides of the board, and is therefore guaranteed to win. Also, if you look at when this scene happens, it's not long after he's had that balefire run-in with Rand, and apparently it's right a
  13. I never really got the impression that Emond's field became a real city. I thought it was just a small, bustling town. Like the old Emond's Field, only with some more places sort of added in, and more people, of course.
  14. That's pretty much what I thought. He could pull the TP through Moridin's link because he and Moridin were merging together. I enjoyed the little references to the effects that the bond was having on Rand, like how he suddenly started favoring the colors black and red. Yeah, and then they started developing some of the same mannerisms, like Moridin standing with his hand behind his back. Even other characters noticed the changes, and remarked on the similarities, if I remember right.
  15. That's pretty much what I thought. He could pull the TP through Moridin's link because he and Moridin were merging together.
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