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  1. I always thought that when the arrogance was correctly placed, it was called Confidence. Perhaps I'm wrong.
  2. He's the Gollum of this story. He has to die.
  3. Actually, Perrin doesn't know what Rand was doing until ToM. Grady finally tells him early in the book when he asks to go visit his family.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't think that would work, since the oaths can still be removed somehow. I can't remember, did we ever find out exactly how the BA had their oaths removed? Was it the same oath rod, a different one, or something entirely different? Edit: Talking, of course, on the conversation about Oaths
  5. Honestly, if this were true, I would be satisfied that. Perhaps the "Blank" In the Blight is a Portal Stone?
  6. I'd actually love to see a fight with Rand/Logain vs. Moridin/Taim, all four of them fighting each other.
  7. Mordeth feeds on hate, as did Mashadar, which was the embodiment of distrust, hate, and greed, among other things. If anything, being mixed with Mordeth should make his hate for Rand even more great.
  8. It would be interesting if they played a role in AMoL, but I think that the rocks are a red herring, the excuse for using them being to get the "Black" color of the Black Tower. And of course to let us know, if we didn't already, about Taim's alliegences.
  9. I forgot to mention that my situation is interchangable with Faile as well.
  10. To be honest, I'd love to see Elayne forced to fight an army that surrounds her on all sides, after being drugged with forkroot and seperated beyond all fathomable distance from anyone that would or could help her. If you catch my drift.
  11. I don't remember if Verin knew how to invert weaves, nor where Nokomi fits on the timeline relative to Verin's death, but is it not possible that Nokomi is Verin in a Mirror of Mists disguise?
  12. I don't know how "quiet" this scene actually was, but in TDR, when Mat meets the assassain... oh, what's-his-face... in Tear, plays with the loaded dice, wins, then kills him. I don't know why, but I've always liked this scene.
  13. Aren't Moridin/Taim's favorite colors Red and Black? Maybe they'll fight Galad/an Aiel/Slayer/whatever, and kill them.
  14. Is it not possible Moiraine already knows, thanks to her times in Rhuidean?
  15. Ingtar was a shocker to me, at the beginning. I think it'd be an insult to Verin's character to NOT have that scene in TOM. Sheriam, I was always suspicious of, but... meh. :x
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