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  1. westland great captain (i like luxury) would you rather play stones with loial, or play stones with thom.
  2. this thread is about characters you think are universally loved, so of course nobody will say cadsuane, we know allot of people don't like her.
  3. while unlikely, that would be hilarious. but i don't think anyone would complain, who doesn't love to see the frames off the editor's floor?
  4. Silviana? I can't really see that. She may have been a great Mistress of Novices to the Novices, but she was central in administering a lot of Elaida's unjust punishments. Beating Alviarin every morning (indefinitely), breaking Shemerin (the demoted Aes Sedai), trying to break Egwene. While she was doing it by command of the Amyrlin, she really should have taken a stand against it or something. she did take a stand against it, maybe it was a bit late, but she did stand up.
  5. +1 to this yes it does sound like loial, it even has some of the rambling quality that he has when he talks, along with his precise speech. it could be mat, but i agree with you, that must be loial.
  6. tam. lan, agelmar, moiraine, gaul, rhurarc, amys. i cannot be sure, but i think these are all universally liked characters not including rand. i would include min, but i think there are many people who dislike her for various reasons. there are likely more characters that are universally liked or loved (ingtar off the top of my head).
  7. the short answer: NO the long is a mess, but we can start with rand's return from maradon. he is exhausted and someone else had to open the gateway. that someone else would have noticed that he was holding on to the power if he had been at the time. i am saying that he has been around asha'man quite allot since vog, and they would have made quite a loud statement by now if this were the case. EDIT: but i do understand where you are coming from with the idea of avi's kids.
  8. i'll read the rest later, but i would have people keep in mind that within 3 generations of loial among the ogier the ways were passable, in inside 4 used regularly by the ogier, during the time of the trolloc wars they would have been passable if not regularly used. remember in tdr when they meet the last of the ogier to attempt the ways (other than loial) and he was 2 generations before loial, likely born not long after the if not during the war of 100 years.
  9. that is why even the shadow fears it.
  10. the original eye of the world prologue has gotten more and more emotionally jarring with each new book, so i must say that the day lews therin killed himself is the most emotionally jarring scene in the whole series for me.
  11. it has not been established that one can open a gateway right behind and in front of them. but if that is possible the result of even the most minimal balefire on yourself (if it can pass through a gateway) would result in the destruction of yourself, no loop. you would be destroyed even if it was before you opened the gateway. it has to do with the fact that people retain a memory of what has happened after a balefire event even if that event has been undone. edit: a person killed, or an object destroyed by balefire does not come back if someone balefires the cause. a burned thread is a burned thread.
  12. i would have to agree with this, it doesn't really matter the reality of the situation, the only question is did you enjoy it, and did you enjoy the series. the reality is pretty meaningless in light of that. there are lots of things to argue about currently in the series that are real questions, but the fact is that mat beat both gawyn and galad at the same time in practice combat with a quarterstaff while they used swords is a fact, and is not something to be argued. it happened, why it happened is a slight question, but it is not something to get a good answer, it happened, plain and simple.
  13. the forsaken will die painful (just a joke) oh, and on moggy, i think it would be interesting for egwene to encounter moghedien in tar. moghedien is the self proclaimed queen of tar, and is a little stronger in the power than egwene, but egwene is much stronger in tar than any of the dreamwalkers among the aiel, it could be an interesting matchup, although it should be one sided (moggy should beat the crap out of egwene) moggy is also very arrogant. so is egwene but she would never underestimate a forsaken.
  14. I think it's getting a bit late in the day, plotwise, for Mat to turn to the Shadow. It might also be a bit late for a betrayal; that would be a major event, nearly up there with Rand preparing to balefire the entire world. It would simply not get the treatment it needs at this late stage. i must ask, did my post say anything contrary to what you replied with? if so when you reply to someone's post disagree with it. or if you reply to a post you agree with, show agreement. don't just quote one person with an ambiguous comment, you can do that by yourself, just like i did with my comment that you quoted. so i must ask, why did you quote me?
  15. while i don't think that mat will betray rand myself, i think that people here should keep in mind that mat betraying rand, and turning to the shadow, could easily be two separate things. if mat does somehow betray rand, that does not mean that he has turned to the shadow. but as i said i don't think either betrayal is very likely to happen. although if it does it might be that much more interesting.
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