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  1. Mat's memories came after Rhuidean .... His Heart Guard memories were in TDR right after being healed. So Brigitte's comment doesn't apply to the Heart Guard memory. I think the Heart Guard memory is an indication of how "cleansed" he was after the healing. As if his old blood was amplified by the healing.
  2. Aemon and Ellisande (warder and Aes Sedai) was for a time considered foreshadowing to a Mat-Elayne bond; but I'm thinking that it is now considered a possibility that Mat would only agree to be a warder if Tuon (I'm not changing her name!) is the Aes Sedai. We know that Tuon ruled less than 2 decades after TG. She could have been killed; or maybe she was forced to go to Tar Valon. Regardless of evidence, I'd like to think that Mat eventually accompanies Tuon to Tar Valon where she would rise to Amyrlin Seat and make the city her capital (which was her wish in 'a hell in maderin' in KoD).
  3. Brigitte said that his Old Tongue speech was that of a High Lord of Manethern. And that companion piece of info is pretty conclusive :)
  4. That was Elayne's fault; Thom didn't encourage it. He just let her get over it. Glad Nynaeve was there to knock some sense into her; even though Elayne acted as if there was nothing; and berated Nynaeve for thinking that she was flirting with Thom.
  5. Tam is a great pick. Not just for raising Rand; but for how he dealt with Rand in the Stone of Tear and in the sword practice. He could sense what his son needed and give him the advice to help him make the right choice. Tam wasn't a simple farmer whose role was to raise Rand till Moiraine comes around to take him to the next stage. He was a father who was there for his son to the very end. Bashere was a good father. We don't see much of it on-screen. But his handling of the first meeting with Perrin in Caemlyn was epic. You could tell that he loved his daughter; and she loved him fiercely. She ran away, shirked her duties to her house; but he met her with a loving embrace; and wanted to make sure that she was happy. Morgase was a good mother; I love how she considered Galad her son; and how she truly loved him and cared for him. She loved her children; and cared for them despite the duties of monarchy. Thom is a wonderful stepfather. He truly cared for Elayne; and went out of his way to keep her safe; and to give her whatever mentoring he could to help her become a (slightly) better person ;)
  6. Gawyn Trakand. I would hate to be that stupid not that I'd notice. But this is an outside perspective
  7. Rand sealed the DO away from the Pattern. So, I'm thinking that the DO cannot touch souls as strongly now. But I don't know how that works with Rand's vision where killing the DO ruined humankind. Rand's eventual actions preserved humans' ability to make a choice between good and evil, if I remember correctly.
  8. In my opinion, it has to do with Aiel Wise Ones' baby weaves that take care of mother and unborn child; the ones Monelle (sp) and Sumiko used on Elayne "caressing the child." And these weaves have been used by the Aiel for thousands of years. Janduin's genes were probably very, very top-notch.
  9. Too bad Egwene's brain cells froze when Verin was alive (even if unconscious). She should have shouted for the Red sister at the door to heal Verin, who had a few minutes where her thread of life was there.
  10. I'm guessing the DO could locate the seals. We had DF's chasing Domon Bayle out of Saldea from book 1; and the Seal in Tanchico was Moghedian's till Nynaeve beat her. And I'm also speculating that the DO wanted Rand to batch the seals; not reforge the prison; hence stealing them (and killing Fel the Phil) who was pointing Rand towards the right direction.
  11. Cannot help but think of Ghengis Khan and Mat together. Fast Cavalry, efficient tactics, military domination.
  12. He took Cadsuane as his adviser after the bond; and his mistrust was based on AS tendency to manipulate more than advise. Rand's issue with trusting ppl goes beyond Alanna's rape bonding. The positives of the Warder Bond on Rand were not listed specifically; but they were there and may have helped him survive the numerous ordeals and near - death situations he was in. More stamina, quicker healing, need less rest, etc ....
  13. True! That's Rand's below rock bottom moment. To me, Nynaeve's nadir is her decision to go to the WT to seek vengeance against Moiraine. Pretty petty! From there she kept moving upward with a few road bumps along the way. Mat's moment was in Book 2 when he tells Rand that he'll sleep as far away from him as possible. His awesomeness in AMoL is only surpassed by Rand's in importance. Rand fought the DO; and Mat took care of business. Perrin's low moment was So Harbor .... He denied help to suffering people when he could have afforded to give that help.
  14. Going back to Baerlon in TEotW, Min's viewing about the gang's importance included the 3 ta'veren, Egwene, Moiraine, Lan, Thom, and Nynaeve. In the end, all survived except Egwene. And she had a monstrous ride with multiple imprisonments, severe torture, and a mountain of responsibility she shouldered with awesome courage and dedication. Her death stings the most, is the saddest, and one of the most awesome moments in AMoL. Pushing Leilwin through the gateway with her last instructions regarding the seals ... She truly embraced death and was a true Aiel heart.
  15. It was a raid, sabotage operation, against what the Seanchan presume to be the Dragon's most important ally. It was a stroke of military genius aided by the terrible internal situation of the WT. In damage, the raid was not the hardest blow the WT suffered before AMoL. The WT lost more AS in Toveine's mission against the BT (not killed; but lost their strength). "The unstained tower breaks and bends knee to the forgotten sign." The WT needed to be reforged after 3K years of near stagnation.
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