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  1. I disagree. Yes, the Seanchan system of controlling channellers will eventually fall apart, but not because the Sul'dam leave the Seanchan lands to become channellers of their own initiative. The sul'dam regard channelling as a crime. They really believe that. I'm pretty sure the solution will be provided by Seta and Bethamin. Mat send them to the WT with the command to find a way for channellers to live openly and freely in the empire without destroying it and they'll succeed. I'd say RJ planned for them to come back in the outriggers.
  2. My points of criticism are pretty much the same as those of most here I think. The inexplicable absence of a majority of channellers especially WO and Asha'man, whatever genius possessed Egwene and the Hall from commanding a thousand beginning channellers from helping on the battlefield. The disappearance of about 200k Aiel who should have been far more effective than all the armies of the Westlands other than the Seanchan combined. The tactics which were really all over the place. Graendal's immortality cheat- I mean really how many times did she barely escape from
  3. Let's see: Mat remains ta'veren much to his sorrow and spends the next decades retaking Seanchan and convincing Fortuona to change the Seanchan culture of social darwinism. The damane problem gets solved by Seta and Bethamin. They take a binder back to Seanchan and establish two new oaths for all Seanchan channellers. The first oath is to serve the empire faithfully without breaking laws and the second is to never release the first oath. Perrin is named Wolfking and spends his time rebuilding Saldaea, the Two Rivers and Ghealdan and transforming them into one of the strongest al
  4. Egwene shouldn't have married Gawyn. When I read that oneliner telling us that the two of them had married I just knew they would both. XD Gawyn was a given since like all the other Trakands he's pathologically suicidal and thus was always living on borrowed time. That said Egwene totally died the death of a Sue. As I read I was running out of fingers for all the indicators. As someone who never liked Egwene this didn't bother me all that much, but I think all of you who truly liked her character have reason to be disappointed. Other than that, yeah Egwene was all over the place
  5. He really said there are "wolfsisters"? Curious. I always thought that the wolfbrothers were the balance for the all female dreamwalkers.
  6. Unlike Caemlyn, Tar Valon's army has unprecedented mobility. If the Seanchan come in via Gateway, all the Tower needs is 13 sisters to make a humongous Gateway that can concentrate their troops far, far better than the Seanchan can. Which doesn't mean the Waygate shouldn't be destroyed right away, though. That only works if their army is prepared to fight immediately. If not it'll take hours to get the army organized while the Seanchan destroy pretty much to their liking. With Travelling the attacker has a huge advantage because unless the defender is ready exactly when the att
  7. You missunderstand what the nine moons are. Daughter of the Nine Moons is the title of the female heir of the empress. The court in Seandar was also called the court of the nine moons meaning that the nine moons are a metaphor for the empire and the empress in particular. Therefore binding the nine moons to him still means that Rand has to come to some sort of accord with empire and empress.
  8. Calling it unexpected isn't a sign of being an Egwene hater. All it means is that one didn't expect that sort of introspection from Egwene. That's neither an insult nor an accusation.
  9. I don't think you could get Tuon to swear an oath on the Oath Rod by her free will. For her to be forced to do such a thing would be the greatest insult anyone could give her. Tuon keeps her word she doesn't need any oaths. I really don't have any idea what will convince Tuon to give up the practice of damane. She is already aware that she can learn to channel and if she is careful how she spreads that knowledge she could even continue with the practice. Her rationale that while she can learn to channel that she chooses not to just like she chooses not to become a criminal might be enough
  10. I think Tam will do no such thing. The purpose of a sparring match is to simulate and prepare for actual combat. Rand has to overcome his handicap and he won't be able to do that if his partner handicaps himself as well. In all likelihood whenever Rand will have to fight with his sword he'll face an opponent who can use both hands. If Tam only uses one hand it can't be considered sparring it's just playing around. Rand won't learn from the experience.
  11. I always considered the Whites a dumping ground for those Aes Sedai unsuited to the rigours of the outside world. There will be always such in a group as large and diverse as the Aes Sedai.
  12. I just don't want things to happen too easily. Human beings are really stubborn about things like this, for the most we tend to fight change even when it's inevitable. The Aes Sedai have 3,000 years of ingrained discrimination against men in their system to overcome. That isn't meant as an insult, I'm not saying every Aes Sedai is sexist, but their system has a clear bias in this direction. Aes Sedai are trained to think they are better than everyone around them. That's what all this serenity nonsense is all about, they learn to think that they stand beyond the concerns of regular people
  13. Let's hope that surprise will be a good one. The Asha'man simply knuckling under Egwene and joining them in Tar Valon would be a disappointment, the Seanchan empire having an epiphany and ending the practice of damane within a couple of days or weeks would be a disappointment. By rights those changes should take years.
  14. It's hard to say who because there are mixed signals. For one there is no emotion shown with the question. If it was Nynaeve, Egwene or Elayne I'm sure there would be some exclamation of shock or surprise because it'd be the first thing they asked once they saw him. Nynaeve in particular wouldn't be so calm about it. Rand and Perrin are the ones most likely imo to be able to ask that question without any sign of surprise since they are likely to see Mat in their visions. But I don't think Mat would deflect the question with either of them. With Rand and Perrin I'd say Mat would actually tell t
  15. Teslyn's problem is that from what we've seen she still is suffering from the trauma of having been leashed. With time I'm sure she can overcome this, but I don't think there's enough time in AMOL for that. She will have trouble facing the Seanchan. Becoming Tuon's Truthspeaker would be too much for her I'd say.
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