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  1. This is probably one of the most anticipated things left to see, yeah I know there are a bunch of others. But death realy comes down to what deffenition you are using. Our current world view of what death is, is very different from WoT view due to our medical know how. For example, Mat hanging from the tree. WoT view point you can argue he was, but our view point we know better. Is this how we are going to see Rand resurected? Where they think he is dead, but from our medical knowlege we know better any Nyneave heals him. Or will he be dead as a door nail and brought back. We have seen people brought back through balefire. Is that healing the dead? It will be very interesting to read what happens. I am sure there are lots of surprises left to be seen.
  2. I Love Moiraine. I think her character is spot on for her situation. As some have said, NS does flesh some things out. She has the most important "job" in the whole world, the best way to keep things secret is to say nothing to nobody. She also does not know who the Dragon Reborn is at the start, granted she has a good idea (and I hate they cut that line out from the NS from Legends, made for a nice laugh). But anyone of them could have been a DF that destroyed everything she worked for. But it is also a theame for the whole book, no one talks to each other about what they are going to do, or trust each other. Even though they showed they can trust them. But there is good reasons why, when you look at actions and who to trust, some people turn out interesting. (sorry if the last sentece dont make sence, don't want to creat spoilers. I was thinking of the dress color comment made later in the books and its revelation) Of all the AS, Moiraine holds to the spirit of what being an AS is the most. Yes, there are some others, but Moiraine is just well, awsome. She sees her duty clear and will do anything to see that the Light wins. On re-reads I am always struck by the line in EotW that she will destroy them to keep the DO from getting them.
  3. I am hopping that this is fullfulled in a way we don't see coming. That is why I like Jordan. He sets stuff up with rules, or there are 2 options, the BAM, there is a 3rd option. Like the Verin BA thing.
  4. For funniest for me it is when Moraine plays jokes in the WT and with Lan. It shows how human she is from the super serious side we see later on in her life.
  5. "to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man." - Polonius in Hamlet Act 1 Sceen 3 You cannot pass! I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun! Go back to the shadow. You shall not pass! - Gandalf Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. - Mark Twain My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes. - Ronald Reagan
  6. On my first reads of the book, I LOVED Cad. However, on re-reads not so much. I am not in the anti-Cad camp by any means, but I find some of her actions disturbing at times. But it all comes down to one major "flaw" with the characters in the books. They don't frikin talk to each other and keep so many frikin secrets. I know, you can make the case for some of that, and for good reason. But come one, you know a core people you can trust with your life, as it was proven over and over again but you don't let them in your your plans. The Last Battle is comeing. Then again, when you look at real life, the same frikin thing happens as well. But keep reading, Cad is AWSOME. There is a reason she is reguarded as a legend, and you find out some tricks of her's that are so simple, that people think she is "god-like", like the mirror, I always chuckle when I read that.
  7. So many to choose from like others have said. Some that others have not mentioned: 1. Perrin having the wolves burried at the begining of TDR 2. Any time a wolf says "We come Youngbull" or some veriant there of. 3. The "unicorn" 4. Anytime anyone is knitting. (I knit) 5. We don't see this, but hear about it, Loil defending the women and children at the Stone durring the trolloc attack and him getting all those flowers. 6. The Trolloc attack on Edmond Field and the women shorting themselves on food and then coming to help, and the tinkers with babies strapped to them to run away to save as many as they can. That entire section makes me cry. 7. Nyneave dropping Lan off at in the Boardelands, then heading strait to a tavern and announcing what is going on.
  8. I also get a little teary when I get to that part in the books. We are told about Aiel ways and see some of it, but to see an instance like this make me even more inpressed with them. What a far better world we would be in if people followed ji'e'toh.
  9. Moiraine went to the Jersey Shore. Moiraine is SNOOKI! Moiraine Damodred has a name number of 3. Using Snooki's real name, Nicole Polizzi, we also get the name number 3. Proof they are one and the same. Also, if we take the name number for Moiraine we get 8. Both her aliases, Alys and Mari also give the value of 8.
  10. Not enough detail on what people are knitting. I so want to knit what they are knitting.
  11. When all your PWs are WOT related so you can remember them.
  12. I re-looked at the prolog, and you are right RJ must have written it. There is a small break, only one blank line in my book between the ending and the next part wich is writen by an unknown author in the 4th age. For some reason I was thinking it was all together.
  13. Ok, I just finished my re-read of TEotW and have a few questions, thoughts. I checked several placed and could not find them addressed, then again I most probably missed them. The prolog- The prolog was written in the 4th age. How did the author manage so much detail? If they "made it up" we would need to take what is written there with a grain of salt. There are only two people there that know what happened. Could Rand have given the detail before his eventual death? I can see this happeneing if he survives, but if he does not then how was the info passed on? The way it is strucvtured I doubt that Elan Morin Tedronai gave the info. Also, when LT goes an makes Dragonmount, there are no people with in 100 leages. How did they, those in the 3rd age, know he made it? Tarwin's Gap- I looked at the map and several others and it seems to be in differnt places, NW, N, NE of Fal Dara. Where is it actually located? I say to the NE of Fal Dara based on the army leaving trhough the East Gate to get there. If it is directly north like on the mini-map then the heros would have been able to travel with them. The Green Man.- "The Green Man gave Rand an odd look, then shook his head "Avendesora is not here. I have not rested beneath its ungentle branches in two thousand years" The breaking was 3000 years ago. Is this a mistake? If not, then what tree did he rest under? If it is the one in Rhuidean then what was he doing there 1000 years after the breaking? If it is not, could this be a hint about the the "blank" in the Blight?
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    Well, I just started a re-read and wanted to talk about it and stuff. That is why I joined.
  15. Narg. I always get teary eyeed when I read his death. I mean here you have someone who is built for battle and some upstart woolheaded farm boy who never picked up a sword kills him. I imagin Mrs. Narg sitting at the fireplace knitting with little Narglets running around weeping at her husbands death.
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