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  1. Hi Cross, if you like Perrin you'll really enjoy the next book, in tDR you start to see Mat in a better light from this book he goes on in leaps and bounds in his development. From a moany little whinger in the first two books to my fav in the series, until Sanderson get a hold of him at least, but thats another story. Anyway hope you enjoy the Wot, if you liked the first two books then your in for a treat. Im a little envious! btw the Dresden files are awesome, love jim butcher, have you tried his furies series yet?
  2. Thanks for that Werthead, cant wait to read this book. I read memory,sorrow and thorn years ago when i was in my mid-teens and on the strengh of that read most of williams' books since. Dont think any of them were as good as that series, surprised its took him so long to go back there but glad he has.
  3. Yeah i agree Mat didnt do much to gain his skill in battle, walking through a magic door way and coming out a general without peer is a bit, meh. But he was hung and was only saved by Rand at the last minute, he was inches from death. Also it shouldnt come as a surprise he did so well, if anyone was built up in the series as a great general its mat. Even straight after Rhuidean, hes looking at hills and thinking of how they can be defended, then after beating Caulduin to breaking out of Altara with the whole of the seanchan army on his tail he is being built as the lights general. Indeed one o
  4. I dont think mat was that much better, he won the battle but it was close, and even mat acknowledges how good demanded is. Lets not forget that but for dem thinking he had to be LTT, he would have just travelled to the command centre and fried him. And who knows what would have happened if Lan hadn't of killed dem, most of the slaughter of the shadows forces near the end was down to them being leaderless, he was winning when he died, i doubt the stunt with the dragons in the cave would have been so effective with dem about.
  5. Im currently listening to the chronicles of amber on audio, i read the books years ago. They are awesome.
  6. didnt the foretelling spoken to Rands mum say, something about when the Aiel got to Tar Valon?
  7. Yeah i think its because of a old LoC? Cover were hes depicted with maybe strawberry blond hair, more blond than strawberry anyway and that image stuck.
  8. The opposite than Kermit for me, i picture Rand tanned with blond hair, though i know he has red hair it takes a conscious effect to picture him with it.
  9. The little fat man? I cant think of any reference to it being anything more than a average angreal.
  10. I think it was pretty clear to all the foresaken that once Rand started the cleansing he would be pretty much out of the game in the battle.And we know the foresakens powers are exaggerated in the series, but not that much, anyone should be able to defeat 3 average third agers even if linked, remember linking doesnt double or triple the power you can use, its entirely possible that Demandred was still stronger on his own and with his deeper knowledge of the power should of made short work of them.
  11. I think Emperor has a point. I except that Demandred' heart wasnt in the fight and can remember some comment along the lines of a general shouldn't get his hands dirty, but, going of how powerful Rand is at the end and since he and Dem are nearly the same in strength and knowledge ( though even dem admits that LTT was more skilled) i think Dem should of been able to destroy the circle of three without breaking a sweat and it shouldn't of been a exuse to drive him off, plus dont forget though he wasnt that interested in being there he did have a desire to get his hands on Rand, who had previou
  12. The magic system wasnt a big problem for me, the only trouble i had with it, is when the main characters can obviously just destroy the threat, what ever it is, but dont because of the lamest reason. But i know what you mean, i know a lot of people like clear magic systems, but i really dont mind if its not that clear as long if its consistent.
  13. The biggest problem with Feist is he has no problem with changing his entire mythology willy nilly, he can toss away everything you thought you knew with a "i lied". The Empire Trilogy with Janny Wurts is one of my all time favorite fantasy works.
  14. It's probably the best self contained book that I've read in high fantasy, emphasis on stand alone. The series, for me, goes downhill very, very quickly. So Wheel of Time as a series is better, but you couldn't read it as a stand alone book. I also really like his Faerie Tale stand alone - a modern fantasy/horror cross over Yes i agree with this, though i still think Riftwar and Demonwar worth a read.
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