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  1. That is Mads Mikkelsen. He played Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the TV show Hannibal. While there are other good choices, Mads just has those hard planes to his face, and he can be considered by many women, but not all women, to be handsome. He really looks batshit dangerous and that's what Lan is! I do like Lan having ice blue eyes. How important is that to you guys though? Can they change his eye color with contacts or cgi?
  2. I have just finished the last book in this series that I have read since I was in high school, through the military, all the way until now. The need to find out what happened in this last book made me read as fast as I ever have. I feel a loss now that the series is over, and the thought of no more Wheel of Time books saddens me. However, it is nice to know the ending. Lan defeating Demandred was epic. Nynaeve has always been my favorite character and so I am more than mildly disappointed that she was left out of most of the book. When I started this last book, I looked forward to reading more
  3. Egwene is wonderful as an underdog (in TGS). Egwene is repulsive when she has power (in ToM). Not to mention she is Aes Sedai by Tower Law alone. I'd have more respect for her if she went through the test for the shawl like every other real Aes Sedai.
  4. Epilogue of The Eye of the World. Nynaeve using Balefire against Fades in TDR. Rand telling Cadsuane about her paralis-net and that he is entitled to the 'Sedai' honorific. Egwene leading the novices in a circle against the Seanchan. Egwene telling Nynaeve that the 100 weaves for testing are hard, after Nynaeve easily memorized them. Nynaeve's test for the shawl and threatening Lan's bond out of Myrelle. Every feat of Nynaeve's. (Healing severing, reading and removing compulsion, capturing Moghedien, healing madness, linking with Rand to cleanse saidin) Who else has
  5. I'm an avid Forgotten Realms reader, the books are short and sweet. I have a big collection of Forgotten Realms books that I haven't read yet, but with A Memory of Light approaching, I'm debating whether to reread WoT or start working on the books I haven't read. I recently finished ToM for the first time, and re-read TEotW. But I'm not sure if I have time before AMoL is done to read from TGH to at least TPoD, with a school semester approaching. What would you do?!
  6. Do you really think that Moridin would put up with Aes Sedai badgering him and wanting to bond his men who can channel?
  7. After Mat finds out that Rand can channel, Mat says, "No offense, Rand, but I think I will just sleep as far away from you as I can. I heard about a fellow who could channel, once. Before the Red Ajah found him, he woke one morning, and his whole village was smashed flat. All the houses, all the people, everything but the bed he was sleeping in." Perrin responds, "In that case, Mat, you should sleep cheek by jowl with him." Birgitte sitting on the Sun Throne was one of the funniest scenes. It was also funny trying to imagine what the Cairhienin nobles were thinking about it. Uno tryin
  8. It was mentioned on Facebook that even though Sanderson is finished, his work is still going to be edited and possibly dozens revisions will be made. According to Sanderson, the release date may not be until Fall 2012.
  9. It is unlikely that Mazrim Taim is one of the Forsaken in disguise. It is more likely that Taim is a Dreadlord and Demandred is one of the new "very powerful" Dedicated that have been raised at the Black Tower in ToM, as mentioned in Chapter 46: Working Leather from the PoV of Androl. Moridin is in too powerful a position among the Forsaken to be dealing directly with the Black Tower, and the task is probably delegated to Demandred. It is apparent that Taim is at least a Darkfriend and, being a channeler, that makes him a Dreadlord. If Mazrim Taim is not working for the Shadow at all, then it
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